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[Aldoe's POV]

Hello, name's Aldoe Steiner. I'm about 5'7 with slightly pale skin, black hair and green eyes. I'm sixteen, and I'm supposed to be a normal kid. Well, even if I AM a fourth degree black belt and an expert in Muai Thai, Aikido and Shotokan and I pretty much ace my tests with barely any effort, I was never truly a 'special' case. Like someone that would change the world. I was just a normal talented guy. Someone who might invent something or improve something, yadda yatta yadda.

So I guess it came as a surprise when someone broke into my house when me and my parents were eating dinner. My father dropped his fork when we heard the front door explode into a hundred splinters. My mom told me to wait for them as she took out her pistol. She was an air force pilot and was a talented marksman. Meanwhile, my father opened the vault that was in the kitchen and took out his shotgun. He was a scientist who was developing a new kind of energy that would provide for us cheaply and efficiently with low pollution. But he knew how to handle a gun. He had taken me out to hunting a lot of times after all.

They moved out of the room and positioned themselves in a proper place for an ambush as I heard more noises of breaking. There was no way the intruder wasn't hostile now. Of course, I just couldn't appease my curiosity and followed my parents, though I kept myself out of their sight. When they had positioned themselves and I had done the same, the impostor came into view. I didn't expect him to look like those cartoonish burglars with all black outfits, beanie hat and black paint on their faces. I was too mature for that. Yet, what came before us was a complete surprise.

He came dressed in an oversized tattered brown cloak. His face was not visible to us but a set of sulfur yellow eyes were evident. My parents got over the shock and shot at him. My mother aimed for his neck while my father went for his face. For some reason, most of the bullets bounced off on him and those that did fell off, not able to get a grip on whatever armor he was wearing. All of a sudden, he advanced, suddenly right on front of my mother. He ripped the pistol from her hands and snapped it in half. My mother kicked at his groin but he held her foot before it could connect. My father shot at him again, but it came with the same result as the previous shot.

The figure forcefully opened my mother's mouth and breathed in. At first, I thought he was going to kiss her, which was really gross when I think of it. As it turns out, he didn't even get close to her. His mouth just hung open and a white mist came out from her own. He seemingly ate the mist, and when he had swallowed everything, he dropped my mother's limp body on the ground. "MOM!" I screamed. My father stood shaking as the intruder neared him. He did the same to him and hung his mouth close to my father's. I managed to react in time. I ran to him and grabbed his shotgun. As another mist rose from my father, I shot the goddamned thing in the mouth.

Its outer covering may have been impervious, but its insides weren't. It screamed in pain. I dragged my father away and pointed the shotgun at him with trembling hands. At some part of my mind, I remembered the news where it spoke of continuous attacks on people. The victims weren't killed. Their mental and physical status was fine but it seemed as if they had lost whatever made them, well, them. They would move around purely by instinct and gain new memories and keep their old ones. But they would act as if their soul had been sucked right out of them.

I gulped as the figure approached me. Blood was leaking out from its fanged mouth and it looked at me with anger in its eyes. Unfortunately, it didn't give me any openings like before. It swiped the gun from my hands and broke it before slapping me away with a swing of its strong arms. I hit the wall, dazed, with stars flying around my head. I choked as I saw my father become delivered with the same fate as my mom. I ran upstairs, intent on reaching some of the weapons we kept. I opened the vault in my parents' room. It was a good thing they trusted me enough to give me the code. I took out a submachine gun and a few grenades and rushed downstairs.

Thankfully, the intruder wasn't in a rush and was only at the foot of the stairs. I emptied the whole magazine into his face. I smiled in grim satisfaction as the bullets hit his eyes. I should have thought of that. Eyes are pretty vulnerable after all. I threw the gun at him and took out the pins from the grenades and threw them at him. I ran away as fast as I could as a large explosion filled the air. I knew that my parents might as well have been dead with what that asshole had done, so I didn't mind their bodies getting blown up that much. I just hope it was enough to kill that monster.

I studied the wreckage. The part of the house I was in was pretty stable compared to the epicenter of the explosion. I was just thinking of a way on how to get down when a hand grabbed me. I looked into the red eyes of the monster that had entered my life with a boom. Its cloak was surprisingly intact, but the hood had fallen off. I shook uncontrollably as the human yet inhuman face glared at me. Its skin was tanned, almost orange, its hair was raven black, with pointed ears and fangs. It grasped my chin and turned my head to the left, then to the right, as if examining me. I tried to break away, but he held fast. Finally, he stopped and made me face him.

"You're perfect child." It said in a voice that sent shivers down my spine. Then, he turned into a red and black mist with a set of yellow lights in the middle and forced himself down my throat. I closed my mouth, but he just went through my nose and ears. As he entered me, blazing agony shot through my veins, searing heat that I never thought could exist exploded like a volcano inside me. The pain was too much, and I fainted...


When I woke up, I was being led into an ambulance on a stretcher. I didn't protest. I still felt as if I was on fire. They reached the hospital and the doctors started examining me. As it turns out, I didn't have any injuries. They couldn't explain how come I was so hot though. The thermometer said I was at least forty-three degrees Celsius. For a few weeks, I stayed there, being brought food regularly three times a day. By the fourth week, my temperature started to drop. By the fifth week, I was back to normal.

Just after I got out of the hospital (after they took payment from the money my parents had) I was called in by the police. They interrogated me, asking me for details on what happened. I knew that if I told them the truth, that the intruder sucked mist out of our mouths, they'd think I was crazy. The problem was; they had a lie detector. I didn't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. In the end, I told them the truth. They first started shouting about how I must be deranged before the lie detector told them I was telling the truth. After that, they stared at me like I was a mutant specimen.

Eventually, they accepted the truth and called for the help of the Justice League. Doctor Faith and Zatanna came down to examine everything. They weren't able to find out much. Only that whatever attacked me was ORIGINALLY extremely powerful, now though, it was just a minor threat (if you count a 'death' toll of forty seven as minor). Then, they left.

I was put in an orphanage, but after a few months, I ran away. I had started hearing HIS voice. He was always telling me about stuff, most of the time, bad things. No one could help me, unless... that school. They say that they've done wonders to originally sociopathic individuals right? Maybe they can help me...


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