Summary: A mysterious new stranger enters the HIVE Academy. His powers are hidden in a façade of shadow, and his actions trigger hostility as he stays in the school. Who is he? What is his reason for applying? And who or what is the voice in his head?

Set a couple of weeks after the start of the Titans and when the Headmistress was still in charge.

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[Author's POV]

HIVE Academy. A school for metahumans to be taught and trained to master their powers and use for their suited purposes. It is full of the latest in advanced technology and its teachers are extremely talented. It is most metahumans(preferably those who want to control their powers or use it in a way that will benefit them)'s dream to be in this school.

It is situated on a stretch of land close to the water. Its structure-though not reaching to the skies-was high and imposing.

So the only plausible reason for a medium-height cloaked stranger to be standing in the rain a few meters away from the academy would be to sign up, right?

Said figure was standing stock-still. The black cloak made him all but completely invisible in the dark rain so nobody noticed him. With slow hesitant steps, he walked the rest of the way onto the door of the academy. He reached out to the handles and his hand hovered tentatively over them. Then, with a surge of courage, he pushed it open.

It was already near midnight so the guard was surprised to find a hooded stranger, dripping wet on the entrance to the office entrance. He drew out an electric baton just in case questioned him. "What are you doing here kid?"

The stranger seemed to take a step back from the guard before regaining his fortitude and answering. "I came here to apply as a HIVE student. I was hoping to arrive sooner, but by the looks of things, I haven't had I?" He asked. The guard nodded grimly. "We can't give you a room so you'll have to sleep on the chairs." The guard gestured to the steel waiting chairs around the room. The stranger sighed. "Very well. It's my fault for being late anyway." With that said, he strode to a line of chairs and curled up on two of them, not removing his cloak.

After he was sure the boy was asleep, the guard went back to watching for intruders until another night-shift guard replaced his post. Through the night, the stranger slept peacefully until the morning.


The stranger awoke to see a black haired boy prodding him. "Stop poking me." He whined as he sat up to see that the room was filled with many people.

The HIVE Academy was famous, and many metahumans wanted to be in it. Sadly, considerably, only a few passed from the numbers that apply each year.

"You're alive. I though you were dead and had to be thrown in the dumpster. You know who I am? I'm Collin McCoy. MY power is lightning." Collin created a jolt of lightning around his fingertips to emphasize this point. "You think you'll pass? I'm sure I'll pass. After all-" Collin stopped abruptly as he noticed he was no longer listening and was already in line. "HEY! Don't ignore me!" He shouted. Some people got annoyed with him and told him to shut up. He looked wrecked when they did and shouted for his parents, making some possible students snicker and how spoilt he was.

The stranger was already at the front of the line and handed out his registration form. The man examined his carefully before giving it an okay. He jerked his thumb towards a door and the stranger gladly went in. The doorway opened into a tunnel that had light at the very end. He walked briskly, more on annoyance rather than the urge to see the end. When he steeped out, it opened into somekind of coliseum with the HIVE students that wanted to watch around the seats. There was a boy fighting in the middle of the coliseum and failing miserably. A robot managed to send him sprawling and a few laser shots and he was unconscious. "Pathetic. He doesn't even know how to fight properly, and he bragged about knowing how to fight. Come on guys, let's go." A pink-haired girl said to a large hulking figure with a mane of light brown hair and a small bald boy in a green jumpsuit.

The figure ignored them and walked towards another line where the applicants were before he was roughly pushed aside by Collin. "You should know your place, after all, I'm gonna be the star student, so give way!" He shouted. The figure gave an exasperated sigh before following after him. Collin seemed to busy bragging to notice how hard the fighting was for the ones that requested it. Those with non-offensive powers were asked to use their powers and talk about his or her reasons and other things. When it was finally his turn, he asked for the highest level. The man at the control panel snorted but did what he said. Giddy with excitement, Collin stepped on the platform and started practicing as he was lowered towards the octagon coliseum.

He got ready as robots shot out of the ground and hidden panels opened into lasers and missiles and bucksaw shooters. He paled as he realized what he was facing.

The stranger crossed his arms and watched with a hint of dark amusement as Collin lost his pride and dignity by screaming and begging for it to stop. They did and the Headmistress said a few colorful and harsh words about him before asking for the guards to haul him out. The figure walked up to the examinee and asked for the highest level. The examinee eyed him but complied, expecting another failure. Unfortunately, they didn't understand that he didn't pick the highest level to brag. He picked it because his powers reacted from the danger he was in. He didn't even take the platform and simply jumped down to the ground and landed without help.

The signal blared and the coliseum came into action.

[The Stranger's POV]

I scanned the surroundings. I couldn't use my powers unless the danger was enough. I lowered into a fighting stance and gestured for them to attack. They did. One robot got near me and threw a punch. For me, it looked like it was going in slow motion. I grabbed it just as it was about to hit me and used its momentum to make it slam to the ground with enough force to shatter its controls. The robot gave a few sparks before shutting down. The Headmistress raised an eyebrow before mouthing for me to continue.

I obliged and jumped onto one robot's back as a bucksaw shot at me. It hit the robot, slicing it in half neatly. I jumped from its hulking frame at the last instant and angled myself so that my body could pierce through it with a strong kick. I went through the chest of one and it instantly stopped working. Noticing some laser fire from the corner of my eye, I jumped away with a couple of pirouettes and cartwheels to boot. I landed on my feet and ran towards a robot. It stood in anticipation but was unprepared for what I did. I curled back my fist and drove it though its central circuiting, my hand going through to the other side. It sparked before losing power. I pulled out my arm as I assessed the situation.

I was surrounded on all sides and the panel weaponry was locking onto me. What should I do?

'Slaughter them all you imbecile.' A voice suggested in my head. I growled at it mentally. It was the source of my problems. The voice that drove me crazy with its suggestions of what to do during even only slightly bad situations. I could only use my powers when I agree with it, which was rare. I applied here to know how to better control it.

'You're surrounded. Even with all of your skills, you won't last long.' It told me. 'Oh shut up.' I declined.

'Listen to yourself, you're ma-.... ooh. What do we have here?' I couldn't help but ask what it meant before I noticed the robotic fist about to slug me. I ducked and it missed by a hair's width. I jumped around, trying to avoid getting hit and taking down robots whenever I could. I managed to last for a few minutes, though I wondered where the voice went to all the while. Pretty soon, I started to tire, and the other applicants started complaining about how long mine was taking. I gritted my teeth as I felt some bones bruise as I punched through another robot when the ground I was standing on got blown up by a missile. I felt myself fly before training kicked in and I landed in a roll. I examined by left arm. It was sore and a bit bloody from the shrapnel. Damn it.

I heard the voice chuckle darkly in my head. 'Well, what do you know? Looks like this place isn't so devoid after all.' It said. 'What the hell do you mean?' I thought. I had long since learned to speak to it mentally after the first embarrassing situation. 'Tell ya what, I'll leave you with my powers for a while but you have to give me an interesting show.' It suggested to me. 'I don't understand what you're saying.' I replied at the same time jumping to avoid a bucksaw. It laughed before answering. 'I'm gonna give ya control over my powers but you have to make sure your life will be interesting or I'll take back everything.' It explained. 'I like the deal, but how do I interest you?' I asked. 'Trust me kid, you ALWAYS interest me. I know you'll freak if I told you what I wanted.' I felt its presence fade as I managed to get a missile to hit a robot. By now, I was already at the end of my stamina and I was injured.

I wondered how to control my powers if he was telling the truth and tried it. The instant I did, a feeling of europhia came to me. I saw things all of a sudden that didn't make any sense. Images of death and destruction, carnage and wreckage, pain and torture, Apocalypse and Armageddon. I ignored these things as I visibly saw a dark aura cover me. I felt myself laugh madly despite the lack of anything funny, and the look on some students as my power shot into the air. The shadows formed into a disk shaped exactly like the octagon of the coliseum, paper thing but not see-through. I raised my arms-which had somehow healed altogether-and tried to control it. I felt IT laugh crazily as the disc stopped revolving. I smiled sadistically before lowering my hand quickly.

The disc fell from the sky, smashing into the ground and turning whatever it touched into nothing. It reached the ground, me passing through it as if I was a ghost, making sure I wasn't hurt. The sides of the coliseum were now smoothly bare, as if some giant had used sandpaper to smoothen it all. The ground was all black, the disc still existing. I snapped my finger and the shadows rushed into me. The ground wasn't littered by any metal, gears, or machinery. It was only a bare whitewashed floor. Any sign of the droids were gone. I felt the power recede and looked up to the Headmistress, glad of the fact that I was probably not smiling like a sociopath. She nodded. "You passed with flying colors mister...." She let the question hang.

"Please, it's Aldoe. Aldoe Steiner. But I'd rather be called..." I felt my eyes change as the Headmistress examined me closely. "Hellscream." I finished darkly as some students felt chills run down their spines while some females felt ecstasy, and some boys, jealousy. A ghost of a smile that was never mine appeared on my face, and I was happy that it was there....


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