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After landing on the rooftop, Leo adjusted his toboggan and pulled his coat tighter to his body. It was freezing out and April had said that Raph needed to meet him here. He was hoping that everything was OK.

He spotted his red clad brother at the ledge of the building looking at the city's skyline. He didn't even have a coat on...maybe that is what he forgot, Leo thought as he approached him.

"Hey Raph" Leo called out. "April said that you called the store and needed me to meet you here, is everything alright?"

Raph nodded, but he didn't turn around.

"Aren't you suppose to be with Casey at a hockey game?" Leo asked.

"I'm going to meet him there." Raph said over his shoulder.

"Did you forget something?" Leo asked as he stepped up behind his brother.

"No" Raph replied as he continued to stare into the distance. "I just needed to ask you something."

Leo snorted. "You called me all the way up here to ask me a question? Seriously, I have a phone too, you know."

Raph didn't reply.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Leo's tone was laced with aggravation.

"No" Raph glanced over his shoulder. "It's important."

"Important?" Leo crossed his arms. "Alright, what is it then?"

"Would you do anything for the family?"

Leo raised an eye ridge.


"I didn't stutter" Raph said as he turned to face his brother. "It's a simple question, Leonardo."

"Of course, Raphael. I would and you know that." Leo answered. "Just like I know that you would too."

Raph nodded and turned his back to Leo again.

"OK, you're starting to creep me out Raph. What is this about?"

Raph shrugged. "I just needed to know for sure. You would do anything, right?"



Leo sighed. "Yes, anything."

The spinning roundhouse kick sent Leo skidding across the rooftop. Before he could draw a breath in, a punch to the beak and a right hook to the temple left him dizzy and his mouth full of blood.

Raph had him pinned to the ground and he shifted his weight each time Leo tried to buck him off. Leo stopped struggling and blinked at his brother in confusion.

"Wha-y'doin'?" His voice gurgled from the blood filling his mouth.

Raph met his eyes for a second and then snapped his gaze to the approaching footsteps. Leo craned his head to get a better look at their company.

A black uniform.

Leo turned his head and spit the excess blood from his mouth. "Let me up, Raph" he growled.

Raph didn't respond.

"Well done kame." the soldier addressed Raphael.

"Our deal?" Raph ground out through clenched teeth.

"Master Shredder will honor the arrangement." the soldier replied as he crouched by the fallen turtle.

"Wha--Aaagh!" Leo winced when he felt a pinch and a burning sensation in his shoulder.

"The turtle, Leonardo, in exchange for your family's indefinite safety."

Raph nodded.

Leo tried to fight the drug that had just been entered into his system. With darkness nipping at the edge of his vision he continued to twist and turn under Raph's weight. He stopped struggling and locked eyes with his brother.

"R-Raph?" Leo gasped.

Raph leaned in close and touched foreheads with Leo. "For the family" he whispered as Leo lost the battle for consciousness


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