by: Panther

Pairing: Ryan&Natalia

Summary: Ryan & Natalia go into the cemetary to look for evidence that was left behind accidently and while looking, they hear growling in the distance and out of no were, a massive 'dog' comes running at them.

The cemetary,

" I can't believe we forgot evidence at a scene! " Ryan says in frustration and anger, as he and Natalia walk in the dark with just their flashlights and guns at their hips, carrying their kits.

" Well it was a piece of paper after all, the wind probably blew it away from the marker we had placed beside it. " Natalia responds as she moves her flashlight from side to side, looking for said paper.

As they were walking down the row of stones, they start hearing growling in the distance, Ryan turns around shining his flashlight in the direction of the sound,

" What was that? " He asked his friend as she too shines her light in the same direction.

" Probably just some dogs. " Natalia answers and turns back to looking for the evidence, she gets a few steps ahead of Ryan before she turns back to him, " Ryan? Are you coming or are you scared of the dark? " She teased.

Turning back to his friend, " Yeah, just making sure that those dogs stay over there. " He said as he walks up to her, flashlight pointing ahead again.

After 5 minutes of walking, Ryan puts his hand on Natalia's shoulder to stop her walking any further, " What's the matter now? " She asks him as she turns and faces her friend.

" Did you hear that? " He asks in return, hearing what sounded like a running horse.

Natalia listens and she turns her head in slow motion towards the sound, which is in front of them, Ryan turns his head in the same direction, pulling out his weapon and gets in front of Natalia, just as a massive dog runs at them and jumps at them, landing on Ryan, whose finger hit the trigger on his gun, causing him to let a shot out, hitting a near-by tree.

" RYAN!! " Natalia shouted as she pulls out her weapon and holding up her flashlight on the two, she can see that the dog attacking Ryan is very big and Ryan was holding it back with his right hand, while trying to get his gun with his left. The dog looked like it was trying to ripe his throat out, but Natalia couldn't get a clear shot at the dog, so she fired a round in the air to scare it off, which only caused the big dog to stop it's attack and look at her, and she saw that it's eyes were not the usual brown a dog would normaly have, they were as red as the blood that coursed through her and Ryan's veins and it's teeth were the size of a panther's.

Seeing his chance, Ryan moved for his gun again, grabbing the handle, he dragged it towards him, but his movement caught the big dog's attention and it bite down on Ryan's left shoulder, just as Ryan got his gun up and placed it to the big dog's head and fired off another round and this one found it's target.

The big dog fell down on top of him as it died from the round to the head, it's teeth still in Ryan's shoulder. " Ryan! Are you alright?! Say something! " Natalia shouted as she ran towards Ryan and the big dog, after calling in for a medic.

" Y-Yeah. Help me get this thing off of me. " Ryan said breathlessly from under the weight of the dead dog, not feeling the dog's teeth still in his shoulder, due to the adernaline still coursing through him from what just happened.

As Natalia started to move the dog off of him, Ryan felt the teeth in his left shoulder, " Stop! Stop! It's teeth are still in my shoulder! " He shouted in pain.

" Sorry! I'll try and open it's jaws. " She said as she gets up and goes around to were the dog had it's teeth sunk into Ryan's shoulder, when they hear the sirens of the ambulance and the sounds of foot steps running towards them and the medics stop Natalia from moving the dog's teeth from Ryan's shoulder.

" Ma'am, we need you to go over there. " One said as she and her partner work on getting the dog's jaws off of Ryan's shoulder and off him completely.

While Natalia is watching the scene, she hears more running and turns around and sees her boss and her other two friends, Eric and Calleigh coming towards them.

" What happened Natalia? " Eric asks as he reaches her, Horatio going over to where Ryan and the medics are. " I'm not really sure. It happened so fast. We were looking for the evidence that got left behind today, we stopped when we heard growling earlier and stopped again when Ryan asked if I heard something, before that big dog came out, running towards me, Ryan drew his gun and got in front of me, the dog jumped and landed on him, which caused him to shoot his gun and then I pulled out my gun and put my flashlight on them, Ryan had his right hand up against it's neck and his left was reaching for his gun, I fired a round into the air to scare it off, but it only stopped trying to ripe Ryan's throat out and looked at me. It's eyes were RED Eric, then I saw Ryan go for his gun again and he got it, but the dog bent down and bit him before he shot it in the head, killing it. I called in for the medics and tried to get the thing of him, but it's jaws are still clamped down on his shoulder. " Natalia answered as she looked at the scene, a releived sigh came out as she saw that the medics had gotten the dog off of Ryan and were now treating his shoulder.

" That's a pretty big dog Natalia. I've never seen one like it. " Eric said as he looked from his friend on the ground to the dog that had attacked him.

" That's because it's not a dog. It's a wolf. " Calleigh said as she too looked at the, now, big wolf.

" A wolf? What's a wolf doing down here in Florida? " Natalia asked as she watched the medics put Ryan on a strecher and start rolling him out of the cemetary, his friends following.

" I read in the paper last week that the circus had a rare wolf on display and it had gotten out, because the door to the cage wasn't shut or locked. They gave a discription of the wolf, but didn't show picture, and judging by the size of the wolf that Ryan shot, that was their wolf. " Calleigh explained.

" What makes it rare? " Eric asks as they watch the medics put Ryan in the ambulance.

" Because, " Calleigh starts as she, Eric, Natalia, and Horatio, go back to their Hummers, preparing to go and follow the ambulance, " They said it was said to be exinct around the time the werewolf stories ended. " She finished as she gets in one the of the three hummers with Eric in the passenger side, Horatio going to the middle one, Natalia going to the one she and Ryan arrived in and started up the hummer and all three Hummers followed after the ambulance.

Here's ch.1 Hope Ya'll like it:)