Ch. 21

Knock Knock

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( Slight lemon. )

Last time,

" Ugh! " Was the first thing out of Natalia's gagged mouth as she came to. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was in an old house covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, her arms were behind her back, her side hurt like hell and so did her head. She saw that she was laying down on her wounded side and a gas lantern was on and in the middle of the of the room, lighting it up and over on the other side was John. He was sitting there, looking at her with anger and hatred, the gun he used on her, was by his side and in his hand.

" I see that your awake sweetheart. " He said venomly as he saw her wake up and was trying to get crawl away, but couldn't get far with her wounded side. He got up and walked over to her and forcefully hanked her up, causing her to grunt in pain as he removed the gag from her mouth, which she took advantage of.

" You son-of-bitch! Let me go! " She shouted at him and tried to kick at his legs to knock him down, but he just smirked down at her moved a step away from her and slapped her across the face.

" Shut up! When your boyfriend gets here, I'm going shoot him and have him watch me kill you after I've had my ' fun ' with you. " He said evily as his blue eyes grew darker with the words that he spoke.

" Your going to eat those words when Ryan gets here. " She said back her eyebrows lowered as she angerly looked up at him and then her eyes widen as he slapped the other side of her face.

" I told you to shut up Bitch. "

Natalia was silent, she didn't want to anger him further. His anger reminded her of Nick. ' Ryan. Please hurry. ' She thought. But as she looked over at John as he walked back to the busted out window, she thought,

' Your going to be sorry when Ryan gets here, John. You really are. '


Outside of the house

Ryan slowed his running down as he came up to the house and reverted back to his human self, he would use his werewolf side when he needed to, but right now, he didn't want to run in there like he was. He quickly put on the jeans he had brought with him and ran up to the door and kicked it in.

With John and Natalia, again

John and Natalia turned their heads in the direction of the front door, Natalia smiled, she knew who was there, John smiled as well, but for a whole different reason. He smirked evilly as he quickly walked back to Natalia and gagged her mouth again, then he quickly hid behind the door leading into the room that they were in and waited for Ryan to show.

With Ryan

As the door landed on the floor, Ryan was crouched down on the broken door. His eyes were bright gold, his clawed hands and feet were embedded in the old wooden door as he looked around and smelled the air for Natalia or John, his ears were pointed and he listened for the sounds of heart beats. After 2 seconds, he caught Natalia's scent and it was coming from the top floor, he leaped from where he was on the door and landed upside down on the ceiling and then crawled up the part of the ceiling that was covering the stairs and then landed on all fours at the top of the stairs. ( this is what was covering the stairs looks like / but a bit more slainted. )

He looked from right to left until he saw the light at the far end of the hall-way as it turned to the left. Looking down, he saw the foot-prints left in the dust and dirt leading towards the corner, Ryan stood up and walked down the hall and turned his head slowly to the left and saw Natalia, her hands were behind her back, her mouth was gagged, her face had bruises and a cut on the side of her head, but what really ticked Ryan off more then anything was that she was bleeding and laying down on her wounded side, her face showing her pain.

He walked fastly and cautiously to her and into the room. He quickly looked around but didn't see John, he could smell him and hear his heart beat, but he wasn't sure if was his or Natalia's he was hearing and the smell was coming from her clothes. He quickly removed the gag as Natalia was squirmming around,

" Ryan look out behind you! " She yelled just as John came out from behind the door and aimed his gun at Ryan. Ryan turns to him and moves towards him and just as he's about to lunge at him, John fires his gun and hits Ryan right in his heart.

He stumbles a little and then falls down on his side with his fore-head on the floor-boards, the last thing Ryan hears is Natalia's screams as he hit the floor, unmoving. John watches the scene with no emotion as he walks back to Natalia, kicking Ryan in the gut as he did, he pulls Natalia back up and cuts the ropes behind her back, freeing her arms and hands, but she doesn't run. The shock of seeing her love gunned down, the gun-shot wound, and the blood loss was too much for her mind and body to handle.

John shoves her on the ground, facing away from Ryan's body and uses the knife he had used to cut the ropes and cuts her shirt and jeans off of her, she knows what he's going to do, but can't fight him off. But unknown to John and Natalia, Ryan was starting to wake up.

As his heart starts to beat again, the bullet is pushed out of his heart and body. He reaches up and catches the bullet before it hits the floor, he turns and sees John on top of a nearly naked Natalia and immediletly becomes angry. As he stands, he changes into his werewolf form once more and walks towards them, his padded feet, keeping him quiet.

" Look at me bitch. " John says, wanting to see her face as he was about to have his ' fun ' with her. Natalia turns her head to him and her brown eyes widen at what was behind John as he smiled that evil smile again, that is until he feels hot breathe on the back of his neck. His eyes widen almost as big as Natalia's eyes, but wider as he turned his head and sees a 7ft 6in. black wolf, it's muzzle a hares breathe away from his face, with it's teeth bared and it's bright golden eyes staring angerily at him as it growled deep in it's chest and throat as it raised it's clawed left hand, ready to strike him.

John came out of his shock and quickly jumped away from Ryan just as he swiped at him. His clawed hand missed John by an inch and struck the wall beside him, he pulls his hand out of the wall and lunges at John, who has the 9in. knife in front of him as Ryan lands on him, the knife goes into Ryan's stomach, but he's not fazed by it as he bends his head down in John's face and roars so loudly that Natalia flinches, all the birds, animals, and predators on land and in the water around or near the old house, run or fly away in terror.

John lays there in complete and utter terror as Ryan moves towards his throat, ready to rip it open. But before he could sink his teeth into his throat, Natalia stops him,

" Stop Ryan, don't kill him. Your not a killer, you kill him, then you'll be no better than him. " She says quietly as she tries to get up and walk towards him as he keeps John pinned to the ground.

Ryan looks between Natalia and John, then finally gets off of him and stands back up onto his feet and pulls the knife out of the left side of his stomach. Throwing it down on the ground and walks over to Natalia, gently turns her over and off of her wounded side and gently takes the bullet out of her side with his claws and then bent his head down and gently licked at the wound, healing it shut.

As Ryan was healing her wound, John got up and grabbed the knife again and ran at Ryan and jumped on him and stabbed him again, this time in the back and under the right side of his chest and then in the left side of his back, causing him to roar again and stand up as he reached over and grabbed John by his head and throw him across the room and through several walls of the house. He reached behind him again and pulled the knife out for the second time as he walked over to the first wall John went through and walked through the other 3 before he found John, up against the chimmey. He smelt the blood coming from him and saw it pool around his hands and rear, his head embedded in the corner of the chimmey, he was unconsious as Ryan came closer to him, he heard his faint heart beats, he was dying.

Ryan turned to leave, but he heard John wake up and Ryan turned to face him again, John was staring up at him, his cold heartless eyes, staring into Ryan's bright gold ones.

" Finish me...Come on! Finish me! It's what you want to do isn't it! " John shouted at him as he lay there in his own blood.

Ryan's ears flicked back and he shook his head. He turned away from John, but stopped when he heard the clicking of the gun again, Ryan knew what he going to do, but he didn't stop him as he heard the shot and then the thud as John's hand hit the floor. He was dead.

Ryan walked back to where Natalia was and got down on all fours once again and helped her up and she got onto his back, her arms wrapped around his neck as he walked out of the room. He headed to the stairs and jumped down to the floor, walked over the fallen door and leaped out and onto the ground. He took off the moment his feet hit the ground, he felt Natalia hold onto him tighter as he ran through the woods and back to his house, he heard her crying and saying how scared she was of losing him. He leaped over a fallen log and 3 seconds later, they were at his back door, he slowed down and walked to the door and stood back up on his feet, putting his right arm behind him and under Natalia to keep her from falling and opened the door.

He walked in and went back down on all fours and shut the door with his tail. He saw Rojo on the couch, asleep, he walked to the stairs and leaped over them and up to the top floor, he walked to his room and gently placed Natalia down on his bed as he went and got her clothes from her room. When he came back, she wasn't there and for a moment he panicked, until he picked up the sound of rushing water in the bathroom, he placed her clothes down on the bed and walked over to the door, changing back as he did.

He knocked and waited for her to say something. When she did, he opened the door and saw her running the shower, but she had yet to get in,

" You alright? " He asked as he came closer to her.

She looked at him for a moment and asked, " Are you? "

" I am now. " He answered as he gently wrapped his arms around her waist and held her to him.

" Then so am I. " She replied and reached up and placed a gentle kiss to his lips.

He kissed back with just as much gentlness as she did. They pulled back for a moment and stared deep into the others eyes and gently started to shred the other's clothes off and walk into the shower together, were they continued with what was started.


The sun came in through the window beside Ryan's bed as the couple that was laying there, arms wrapped tightly around the other, woke up to the sound of the birds and the alarm clock that was ringing in their ears. Ryan reached over and hit the snooze button, but succeeded in only destorying the clock,

" I think you should stop getting those things if all your going to do is smash them. " Natalia said as she snuggled closer to her lover.

" I was thinking about that after I smashed the 12th one. But decided against it. " He said in his usual playful tone as he nuzzled her neck, his stuble causing her to giggle.

" Stop it. " She said as she laughed and as he continued to nuzzle her neck and started to kiss around her neck once more.

Their teasing was rudely interrupted by her cell phone ringing, they heard the sound, but didn't want to stop their teasing. But the phone kept ringing and they finally stopped teasing as she sighed and got up out of the bed and picked up her phone off of the floor, Ryan watching her the whole time, a glint in his green/hazel eyes that were starting to turn gold as he got up and walked up behind her and wrap his strong tattoo covered arms around her flat stomach as she answered the phone.

" Hello? " She asked with a smile on her face as Ryan kissed her from under her ear and down to her bare shoulder.

" Ms. Boa Vista? Are you alright? "

" She's fine H. " Ryan replied from her other shoulder that he had moved to while kissing the back of her neck.

" I'm guessing Ryan found you then. "

" Yeah he did Horatio. " She answered as she tried not laugh out loud as Ryan kept trying to hit a sensitive spot on her belly with his claws, that he made to look like a demon's clawed hand instead of the longer nails he always has when he makes his hands change.

" What about John? "

" He shot himself after Ryan threw him off of him. " She answered as she remembered hearing the shot and seeing Ryan come out, she only guessed as to what had happened.

" Where's he at? "

Natalia gave the phone to Ryan and told him what Horatio had asked, since she was knocked out, she didn't know where the house was. When Ryan let go of her and took the phone away from her, she went to the bathroom and shut the door.

" He's in an abandoned house 10 miles away from my address H. " Ryan answered as he watched his lover walk into the bathroom, a slight smile on her lovely face.

" Alright then. I'll have Eric, Calleigh, and Alexx go there and get the body. And I want you and Ms. Boa Vista back in the lab. Next week. " Horatio said as he hung up.

Ryan pressed ' End ' and placed the phone on his dresser and walked to his bathroom door, opened it and walked in.

A week later

The team had finished up on another case and was now heading out.

" Hey, would anyone like to join any us gents and lasses in getting a beer and a burger? " Travis asked in his britsh accent as he and some of the other lab techs came into the locker room.

" Nope. I gotta get home. " Eric said as he opened his locker and put his gun and badge up.

" Nah. I've got a date tonight. " Ryan said as he stole a glance over at his girlfriend, while he put his gun and badge away, as she put up her gun and badge as well, she looked over at her boyfriend, her brown eyes shining, with a tinge of gold in them.

" May I ask why you don't want to join us Eric, since your just going home? " Trevor asked, but was quiet when Eric showed up his left hand, the gold ring around his ring finger said it all as Eric smiled and closed his locker back. He, Ryan, and Natalia left the locker after that and walked down to the garage, leaving the lab techs to scold Trevor for asking a dumb question like the one he did, knowing fully well that Eric always went home to his wife, Calleigh.

When Eric, Natalia, and Ryan got to their cars, even though Ryan would meet Natalia at her house later for their date, they said their good-byes,

" See ya tomorrow Eric and tell Calleigh I said hi and give her a hug for me too. " Natalia said as she got in her car, hearing Eric say he would through the glass as though the window was opened.

" Later Delko. And say hi to Calleigh for me too and to let us know when that baby is due. " Ryan said as he smiled at his friends shocked face.

" What are you talking about? " Eric asked in shock.

" Oh she didn't tell you? Well then forget I mentioned it. " Ryan said as he laughed at his friend's face as it went from shock to joy in an instant.

" Alexx was right. " He said as Natalia left the garage.

" About what? " Ryan asked, his eyebrow raised.

" That being a werewolf has it's advantages. " Eric answered as he opened his car door.

" Yeah, but there's still the down sides. " Ryan said with a smile as he opened his and got in and shook his head at what his friend said before he shut the door,

" See ya later, were-Wolfe. " And started up his car and drove off, Ryan right behind him. His eyes bright gold as he smiled at his friend.

As Natalia was driving home, she too was smiling, but unware that her dark brown eyes had turned a golden bronze color with a slit in the middle.

The End

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