Chapter 6: A New Christmas Day

The morning cam and the Bell on Francine's clock went off in Francine's room and she quickly shot out of bed. And saw that the sun was rising.

Francine: I'm Alive? What Day is it?

Francine rushed over to the window and opened it looking to ask someone what day it was. She was glad to see That Junior was in his normal standing place in front of the emporium.

Francine: You There!

Junior looked around to see who called out. Then he saw it was Francine.

Junior: Me? Are you going to pour cold water on me like you did to the rescue team?

Francine: No! I just want to know, what day it is today?

Junior a little puzzled: You don't know it's Christmas?

Francine: Really? So I haven't missed it!

Francine started to turn to leave the window but another question popped into her mind to ask Junior: Hey, Junior where is your mom?

Junior: She wanted to get an early start by getting in line for the day after Christmas sales, on Christmas.

Francine closed the window and Started to get dressed to go outside.

Francine: I know what I'll do I'll lock up the shop and put up a note so that they'll leave, and then I'll surprise them at the hospital!!

Francine grabbed her coat and was about to leave when she saw the package that Polly left for her on the counter.

Francine picked it up and read the note attached to it: "Although it might not be much here is something that we all hope you'll like. From your friends, Speedy, Guido, and Polly."

Francine opened up the package and tears started to come to her eyes.

Francine: It's a case for my calculator! They must have spent a lot on it.

Francine quickly grabbed some stuff together and left the Parlor heading towards Holy Name Hospital.

A few moments afterward Speedy, Polly, and Guido, arrived at the entrance.

Speedy pulling on the door: What's going on here? I can't get in!

Guido: Let me try, Speedy.

Speedy moved aside and Guido tried to open the door, but he had no luck.

Speedy: I don't get it…Why is the place closed when Francine wanted us here early?

Guido: I wonder if she's okay…

Polly looked at the door and found a note on it.

Polly: Hey guys the note on this door says to come down to the hospital, quick.

Concerned for their friend they all rushed to the hospital to see what happened.

They arrived at the hospital to see that Francine was waiting in the lobby. She looked like she was upset.

Speedy, Polly, and Guido: Are you okay?

Francine in an angered tone: I'm fine. Guido, Take me to see your cousin. I have an announcement to make and I want him to here it.

Guido at first didn't know what to make of Francine but he led her up to where Timmy was.

Guido: he is Francine, what is this all about, anyways?

Francine ignored him and walked over to Timmy.

Timmy: Merry Christmas, lady!

Francine: Ba-hum bug!

Timmy: What's wrong with you lady?

Francine: The names Francine, and it's just that Santa came last night and dropped off this bag of presents for some kid that I don't even know.

Timmy: What's the kid's name?

Francine: Well when I looked at the all of the boxes they all where labeled to someone by the name of Timmy.

Timmy: My name is Timmy.

Francine tried to hide a smile but it wasn't working: Then these are for you then.

She reached into her bag and pulled out some gifts and gave them to Timmy.

Timmy quickly unwrapped the biggest present first, and let out a loud yell that could be heard though out the hospital. Mario and Sango quickly rushed into the room to see what was wrong.

Mario: Timmy? Are You Okay?

Timmy: YEAH I'm fine! Miss Francine said that Santa left some presents at her place and look! It's A Samurai Pizza Cat action set! Wow!

Sango: Francine?

Mario and Sango looked over and saw Francine sitting in one of the chairs still trying to keep a straight face.

Speedy: What's gotten into Fran?

Polly: Looks like she finally found the Christmas spirit!

Francine turned her attention towards Polly, Guido, Speedy, Mario, and Sango who where just staring at her.

Francine (stands up): Well, don't just stand their staring guys...(holds up bags) its time to open your presents. (Starts to laugh at their shocked faces) No, I haven't taken leave of my senses, I've COME to them. (Stops laughing and looks at them seriously) Guys...thank you for the gift. That...was one of the sweetest things anyone's ever done for me.

Speedy: Aw, that was nothing, really.

Polly: Yeah. Even though you can be a bit impossible to work with at times...we know how badly you wanted that. So we all chipped in and got it for you.

Fran: Thanks. And I want you all to know I'll try to be a better person. To all of you. Starting with a raise in your pay! (Speedy, Guido, and Polly look at each other, amazed. Fran turns to Guido) and Guido...I want to make sure that your cousin is well taken care of...if you'll let me.

Sango: Francine? Can you stay for dinner?

Francine: Well I'd love too!

Narrator: As this special day continued on everyone was in a good mood, and Even the Rescue team showed up to speed Christmas with everybody. Everyone enjoyed the dinner the cafeteria staff made, and afterward everyone sat in the lobby where there was music, and a big Christmas tree.

Speedy and Polly where dancing close together in front of the tree as the others sat down by a table near by.

Speedy: You know, Kitten I have one more gift to give you…

Speedy dashed off as Polly still stood by the tree.

Polly: What is Speedy up to now?

Speedy came back quickly with a small purple box in his hand.

Speedy stopped when he reached Polly and turned to address everyone else.

Speedy: Hey everybody! I have an announcement to make!

Speedy turned his attention back to Polly.

Speedy: Ms. Ester, you've made me the most happiest cat in all of Little Tokyo, and everyday I get to see you face only makes me happier!

Everybody watched as Speedy got down on one leg, and Polly started to blush.

Polly: Oh, Speedy…

Speedy opened up a box and took a ring out and proceeded to put the ring on her finger.

Speedy: Ms. Ester, would you do me the honor of being my wife?

Polly was taken back by the whole moment and stood there in front of Speedy looking at him.

Speedy: Polly?

Polly:…I…I would love to Speedy!

Everybody gave a cheer as they just witnessed the magical event occur.

Sango: This is without a doubt the best Christmas ever!

Guido: Congratulations! (Goes to hug them)

Francine (standing up with drink in her hand): A toast! To Speedy and Polly!

All (raising glasses): To Speedy and Polly! Merry Christmas, may you be happy!

Narrator: Uh...guys?

Guido: Yeah?

Narrator: Well, I haven't said a word for quite a while, and I was hoping…

Francine (giggling): Sure, you can finish it.

Narrator: Great! Ahem…(scene fades away and comes up on Fran walking down the street happily) and so it was said that Francine learned to keep Christmas well. She became as good a friend as the good old town ever knew. And for Timmy, who lived and got well again, she made sure he was well taken care of.

Timmy's voice: Francine!

Francine turns around to see Timmy running toward her on 2 legs, out of wheelchair, and Francine hugs him.

Narrator: And so as Timmy himself observed,

Timmy with a smile: God bless us, everyone.