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Chapter 1

"5, 6, 7, 8," A young woman with deep brown hair called out to the class of dancer's ranging from the ages of 5-8. A simple leap combination was performed, as the teacher watched on, as each student danced gracefully across the floor. The hour quickly drew to a close, and the young woman clapped her hands getting the classes attention.

"Alright class, Ballet is over for today," a low rumble of aww's could be heard, "but have no fear, we will see each other on Wednesday."

The kids smiled and one raised her petite hand. "Madame Bella, what do you do on Tuesdays?"

The teacher smiled and answered her question, "I work with my other classes' Hun. Now hurry up and go meet your parents, they are waiting for you to strut your stuff."

The kids ran for their bags, and for the door, the petite girl, with shiny black hair, and bright green eyes, ran back for the teacher and hugged her around the legs. Bella smiled and hugged her back, a hint of a tear in her eye, as she watched the little girl run out of the room.

The room emptied quickly, Madame Bella left in the middle of the room. Reluctantly she looked up into the mirror, and saw a reflection that looked extremely foreign to her. Her dark brown hair, the curls falling out of her normally tight bun, chocolate eyes, deep with a hidden sadness, and her deep blue leotard, covered by a pair of black windbreaker pants, with pink ballet shoes on her feet. She pulled her hair out of the bun, and slipped her pants off her legs, choosing for a pair of cheer leading like shorts, and started the music on the stereo.

The words to "Down on Bended Knee," started to play on the loud system in the room. Bella began moving gracefully across the floor. Forcing all emotions that were within her body outside of her mind, she couldn't handle it anymore. She silently sobbed across the floor as she danced, her movements painful, and aggravated. She continued to dance until she could no longer hold back the sobs and collapsed to the floor, her pains of agony so heartfelt, it sent two others rushing into the room.

"Oh Bella, not again," A girl with the same pixie cut hair, and bright green eyes as the little girl cried, rushing to her friends side, grabbing her and holding on to her.

Bella could not speak, but merely grabbed onto her friend, crying even harder, as the other rushed into the room.

"Bella," She spoke, stealing her away from her pixie friend, and picked her up, while the more petite of the three ran to stop the music from the stereo.

"Call Emmett, I don't think she can walk this time. I have not seen her break down this bad since…" Alice spoke.

With that sentence, Bella started sobbing harder, clawing onto her friend. Rosalie quickly passed her onto Alice, who sunk to the ground holding onto Bella, whispering words of comfort into her ear, trying to ease the visible pain she was in.

"Momma," the petite girl called into the room, causing Alice to look up abruptly, staring into her exact miniature replica.

"Momma, what is wrong with aunt Bella?" The smaller girl asked, looking distraught.

"Rosalie," Alice spoke continuing to rock her friend, as Rosalie ran for the door and picked up the tiny girl, carrying her out the door, and closing it behind her.

"Why them Alice? Why? I wish it would have been me instead." Bella chanted, and caused Alice to look up, forcing Bella to meet her now aggravated gaze.

"Don't you ever say those words again Isabella Swan! Ever! Do you understand me?!" Alice growled at her, tears in her eyes, the struggle for emotional stability evident in her voice. Bella pushed away and stood up.

"How would you feel if the three most important people were taken from you, and you survived? How would you wake up every single damn day of your life and not want to fall back into death Alice. You know nothing of pain until that happens to you." Bella cried, running to the stereo and grabbing her stuff from the floor, and made a break for the door.

"Shit! I knew it was too early for her to come back," Alice growled.

"Rosalie." She cried out the door. Rosalie entered the room, making sure to close the door behind her.

"What happened? Where is Bella?" The gorgeous blonde asked the petite beauty next to her.

"She freaked, we really need to keep that song from her." Alice answered.

Rosalie looked on questioningly, and as if knowing what she wanted played the very song she was dancing to.

"Damn, that was her wedding song! I could kill Jake right now." Rosalie spoke, slinking down to sit by her friend. Alice was crying lightly, as Rosalie held her close, a few tears of her own being shed at the memory that was playing in their minds.

Bella was dressed in a white dress, it flowed gracefully down ever curve of her body. Her deep hair curled and flowed out behind her as she was led across the floor. The gentlemen being tall in stature, dark skinned and had dark hair. He smiled so lovingly at his bride as the song played for them. The first official dance as man and wife, Alice, Rosalie, Emmette, Jasper, and his and her family looking on to the happy couple.

"I love you Bella Black," her husband whispered into her ear.

"I love you too Jacob Black." Bella smiled, kissing his cheek as they silently glided across the floor.

The scene changed quickly, Bella was holding on to two beautiful children, twins, and her husband standing by her side. They were inside a hospital room.

"They are beautiful," Alice chanted, stealing the girl from her mother's arms.

"I have to agree," Bella's mom spoke, holding the other girl, "Who would have thought, twins." Bella and Jake smiled, he kissed her forehead tenderly, as she sighed in content.

"Perfect," Bella spoke out loud.

"We are my love. We really are." Jake smiled, as he kissed her sweetly.

The room was then empty; Bella was sitting in a chair, Alice & Rosalie by her side, Emmette and Jasper sitting by the door.

"Not my babies, not my babies!" Bella cried, holding her head in her hands.

Alice and Rosalie were sitting with her, whispering words of comfort and encouragement, while Jasper was on the phone with Bella's and Jake's parents. Bella had just received the call that there had been an accident, she was on her way out of teaching when her phone rang.

She called for Alice and Rosalie, who rushed her immediately to the hospital, where they were now sitting, waiting as if for never ending hours. Bella would not move from her chair in that room, until a doctor came into the room. His blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes gave him the looks of a movie star, but now he looked labored and tired.

"Mrs. Black." Instinctively Bella looked up, but the look in his eyes made her wish she wouldn't have.

"I'm sorry, we did all that we could…" the sounds went deaf to her ears.

Bella felt like she was having an outer body experience. Nothing made sense to her, they weren't dead, and they never could have been. She was having a dream. She will wake up to her babies jumping on her bed and her husband's growl at them waking him up early on a Saturday. It was not until he handed her Jake's belongings on his person, did she break down.

The gold ring from their wedding on a chain he wore, because he was known to lose things, was in a bag, and she opened it, all other materials falling out, but the ring, which was still warm. It was then she flew back into reality.

"No, no, no, no, no, no" she cried. "NO!" She screamed. A sound so blood curdling and filled with pain, every eye in the room quickly filled with tears at this young mother's pain.

Bella collapsed onto the doctor, who held her gently, while she sobbed. Alice clinging to Jasper, and Rosalie to Emmett, as they watched their friend lose all control. Bella did not stop crying in pain for two hours. The doctor did not let go of the woman who was in his arms until she had subsided enough for her to be able to speak.

"We have your children s' things at the desk. I'm gravely sorry for your loss." The doctor spoke letting her go and left the room. Alice and Rosalie ran to her as she collapsed onto the floor, crying, as the men in the room left to make the necessary arrangements, tears in their eyes for their friend.

The two women in the studio were now bawling, but had one more to keep them company.

"Momma, why are you crying?" The little angel asked Alice, who did not answer but held her closer, as Rosalie wrapped her arms around them both.

After a moment Alice wiped the tears from her eyes, and spoke, "We need to get to Bella. She is not exactly rational right now." Rosalie wiped her eyes as well, and walked with her friend to the door, hoping to calm Bella before she did something stupid.

They left the studio, frantically calling their friend on her cell phone, disappointed to get nothing but the voice mail. At a loss as to what to do they drove to their dear friends apartment, to wait for her to ultimately return home.

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