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Chapter 9

Bella cussed under her breath as she realized the pair who had strode into their private VIP room.

"Edward, you're here, who is your friend?" Alice spoke, standing to greet the two as they walked in the room.

Edward was in an emerald green button up shirt, a pair of black slacks on his bottom-half, with black shoes. The color of the shirt, seem to compliment his deep green eyes and bronze shaded hair. His date was blonde haired and blue eyed, tall around 5'7", with long legs and tan skin. She wore a dress that was halter and black, gold ribbons going around the back, and panels in the front of the dress the split going up to just below the underwear line. She wore black platform heels, the mere fact she was wearing them meaning she would be hurting in the morning.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet…" Edward began, but was cut off by the voice of his date.

"Bella, what rock did you crawl out from under? Long time no see." Tanya spoke, looking at the petite brunette.

"Hello Tanya," Bella spoke, trying not to let her voice drip the hatred she had for the woman that was currently in front of her.

"Tanya." Edward finished, looking at Bella in front of him. He was a bit surprised at the change in the petite brunette, but ignored it, as he watched the interaction of Bella and Tanya.

Bella's arms rested crossed in front of her chest, her hip set to the side as she looked up at the tall blonde. A deep pout was on her lips, as she took in how she was dressed.

"Are you still teaching at that studio with Alice and Rosalie?" Tanya commented, smirking as she released her hold on Edward's arm.

"As a matter of fact I am." Bella answered, ready to retaliate at the sarcastic remark sure to come out of the woman's mouth.

"And we are doing quite well, but we are not here to compete are we. Edward why don't you and Tanya get a drink before the bar gets busy?" Alice jumped in, stepping in between the two, her short stature looking hilarious compared to the two side by side.

Edward and Tanya placed their jackets down and walked to the bar, Alice watching before turning around and facing a very angry Bella.

"What the fuck is she doing here? What the hell is he doing here?" Bella growled, looking murderously at her petite friend.

"Jasper invited Edward, but I had no clue Tanya was going to be here." Alice answered honestly, looking at Jasper for an explanation.

"I had nothing to do with her being here. Honest," Jasper commented, making a crossing sign in front of his chest.

Bella smirked, but was confused as she heard Emmett ask, "Can someone please tell me what is going on here? Who the hell is the hot bitch?"

Rosalie smacked Emmett in the back of the head, as Alice and Bella started to laugh.

Edward and Tanya walked back, and the laughter instantly ceased.

"What was so funny?" Edward asked, as he and Tanya took a seat on the empty couch next Rosalie and Emmet.

"Nothing man," Jasper answered, an easy smile on his features.

Bella was sitting next to Alice on the single chair, talking to the couple, when Bella heard her name called across from the room. She abruptly turned her head, only to wish she hadn't. Tanya was speaking to her.

"So Bella still single huh? Did that whole thing with Jake not work out," Tanya asked, her voice full of malice as she smirked at her, in her opinion weak dance competition.

Bella instantly tensed at the name of her passed husband, and she was about to retaliate as Jasper got up and grabbed her hand.

"Care to honor me with the first dance?" He questioned, pulling her to her feet.

Bella nodded, pushing the tears out of her eyes, as she took his hand and they left for the dance floor.

Rosalie and Alice waited until Bella was out of ear shot before they responded to her question.

"Mention Jake again, and we will personally take your fake Jimmy Choos and shove them up your ass do you understand." Rosalie threatened, as Emmett took her hand and led her away from the couches, Alice following suit and left to dance floor to find Bella and Jasper.

"What was their problem?" Tanya asked innocently.

Edward shrugged his shoulders, and drank a sip of his beer.

Alice found Jasper and Emmett by the bathroom, and followed his head as he nodded towards the door. Rosalie was already inside talking to Bella who was fixing her make up in the mirror, her face displaying her anger and distress.

"Bella don't let that twit get to you. She knows damn well what happened, she is just trying to get a rise out of you." Rosalie spoke, looking at her friend.

"I don't care if she knows or not, I hate her and that bastard that came in with her. What the hell is he doing here? He treats his daughter like shit, and I don't have one nice thing to say to that man." Bella growled, fixing her lip gloss before she turned around.

Alice and Rosalie held their tongue, it was not nice to say anything about their family members, but they could not have agreed more.

"It was Jasper's idea to invite him. I didn't know you two knew each other, or else I would have insisted on him not coming." Alice half lied, much to the eye rolls from Rosalie that Bella missed.

"Whatever, can you please take me home?" Bella questioned, looking at her pixie friend.

"Oh hell no, you are not leaving me alone with that blonde bitch. I will tear out her ugly extensions and shove those fake designer shoes where they belong." Rosalie threatened, causing Bella to laugh to herself.

"Girl fight," Alice laughed, causing the room to erupt in giggles.

They were startled by Emmett's voice ringing into the bathroom, "Can you girls get out here please? We are tired of standing against the wall."

"Be right out baby," Rosalie answered, as they looked at Bella.

"You are not really going to give her the satisfaction of knowing she chased you out are you?" Alice asked, looking at her friend.

"Oh hell no," Bella answered, as she stormed out and back up to the booth.

There they found Tanya straddling Edward, their lips locked. She was grinding into Edward's crotch, as the music of "Dip it low," by Christina Milian played in the background.

"Last I checked this was not a strip club Tanya." Bella spoke, halting the two.

Alice's jaw dropped as she started laughing at the shocked pair. Rosalie covered her mouth to smother the giggles, Emmett and Jasper coughing to stop the laughing.

The glare Bella got from Tanya and Edward did nothing to stop her from grabbing her drink from the table and sitting back in her chair, Alice sitting next to her.

"But then again, I think you would know what one looks like better than any of us, wouldn't you?" Bella smirked, regarding her past as a pole dancer when they were in college.

Rosalie choked on her drink, spurting it all over Edward on accident.

Tanya looked like she was ready to kill her, but instead retaliated with a spiteful comment, "As your boyfriend knew all too well at the time. I think he was in there at least once a week."

"Eric would fuck anything that moved Tanya. You think you are special but guess what? He was sleeping with Jessica and Lauren too. Last I heard you guys shared everything, I guess diseases were part of that too." Bella responded, a look of pure hatred masked by a sweet smile on her face.

"Who the hell do you think you are Bella Swan?" Edward growled, glaring at the brunette to his right.

"I'm not even going to say what comes to mind in response to that question, but I will say, a hell of a lot better dancer than you're girlfriend there." She glared, the alcohol taking over her senses, and making her say things she normally would not.

"You a better dancer, bull shit! I kicked your ass at all the competitions." Tanya started, and Bella was about to respond, but Alice cut in.

"Emmett, Edward, Jasper, why don't you go be gentlemen and refill our drinks? We are positively parched." Alice cooed sweetly at the men in the room, they gave a swift nod, and left the room, Edward being ignored by the two men with him.

Once safely out of shot, Alice began talking to Bella, while Rosalie answered some texts on her cell phone. Tanya looked like a pissed off five year old as she crossed her arms in front of her and beat her foot in impatience.

Bella and Alice shared a hushed conversation, Rosalie listening in passing.

"What is the matter with you? I like it, but this is not like you." Alice questioned.

"I don't know either, I was shocked by what came out of my own mouth, and now I feel bad." Bella spoke, glancing nervously at the ticked off blonde.

"Don't feel bad, you had every right to say some of the things, and I laughed my ass off." Rosalie spoke, only to the two of them.

Bella laughed, and talked comfortably a few more minutes to her friends, before the men returned with their drinks, and passed them off to the girls. Bella was now drinking a Pomegranate martini instead of her regular Appletini.

"You know me so well." She told Emmett as she took a sip, and felt the stronger alcohol burn down her throat.

"It's got the stronger Absolut, you are going to love it. I watched them make it themselves," Emmett commented, Rosalie sitting in his lap and kissing his lips.

"I think she does, it's halfway gone now." Jasper laughed, as he looked at Bella and saw the drink was nearly gone.

The music of No Te Ames, by Jennifer Lopez, the faster version, started playing.

"Oh my god, I love that song." Tanya spoke, and started to get up and almost stumbled.

The girls stifled a laugh as she grabbed onto Edward and dragged him out onto the dance floor.

"This should be good," Bella giggled, as she and Rosalie stood up to watch from the banister.

"Why is this so funny?" Emmett asked, standing behind his wife.

"The beat is too quick to do a conventional salsa, it's not solid. She is going to look like a fool." Alice answered him, standing next to Bella, and they all started laughing at the couple below them.

Edward was attempting to lead Tanya, but she was moving faster than the music was going. He didn't like knowing that he was being made a fool out of, so he attempted to properly lead her across the floor. She was not following as she was supposed to, causing them to look clumsy to the crowd around them.

Jasper looked at Bella, "You up for showing them how it's done. After all since you can't dance better than her why should it matter?"

Bella nodded and took his hand. Rosalie and Alice letting out cat calls, as they strode out onto the dance floor as the song changed. Jasper led Bella out to the floor, and proceeded to start to dance with her, almost following exactly suit to the music. The words to "Open Off My Love" from Jennifer Lopez began on the speakers. Bella swayed sensually to the music, causing Jasper to gasp in surprise. He continued to dance with her, Tanya and Edward watching.

Tanya was pissed and tried harder to dance correctly, but only frustrated the hell out of Edward and so at the end of the song, he stepped back from her. Tanya looked put out and slumped her shoulders in defeat as she walked away.

Jasper saw the pair part, and spun passed Bella into Edward's arms, surprise in both of their faces, just as the next song began. "Infatuation," played in the background, Edward and Bella staring at each other for a moment, before Edward offered his hand to her, and set up the stance to dance. Bella took it, shocked at the movement of her own body, and the two began to tango across the floor. The lovers dance, Edward was surprised to feel the tension between them, thick as cream but making for red hot chemistry. His pants were tightening as he felt her leg rub up the side of his, and her hair flailing around her body as she spun. Her skirt riding higher as Edward dipped her, at the last note of the song, their faces inches apart, her cool breath skimming across his face.

Feeling cheeky, she whispered in his ear, "Don't you ever question my dancing again."

With that remark she pulled away and thanked him for the dance, then walked to the loft, grabbed her bag and walked out of the building. Edward left on the dance floor, to shake off the raging hormones, and lust induced haze the two had just created.

Bella is a powerful little seductress. Not to mention can be much braver than we thought.

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