Okay, so I tried my hand at freeverse, and I think my work was okay. I know it'll never compare to Bonnie's, but it's pretty damn good for me. ^^ Oh, and this is a Kanda. Just sayin'.

Dedication: For the sweetest, bubbliest, author out there, D R O W N-I N-S E Q U I N S, this is for you! Thanks for always making me smile. :) Love you!

He (secretly) loved her

She (obviously) loved him

He was d r o p d e a d g o r g e o u s

She was a v e r a g e

He was bold and outgoing

She was shy and introverted

He disliked redheads

She was a redhead

He was *well-built*

She was *scarecrow thin*

He was p.e.r.v.e.r.t.e.d

She was c.o.n.s.e.r.v.a.t.i.v.e

He liked ~beer and vodka~

She liked ~martinis and wine~

He whispered dirty talk to her

She whispered sweet nothings to him

He was a /sporty delinquent/

She was a /studious bookworm/

He b-b-backstabbed his friends

She c-c-cherished her friends

He was a liar

She hated liars

The two were o-p-p-o-s-i-t-e-s

Yet, they were in a relationship all the same

People wh1$p3r3d about them

But they *didn't care*

They were in l~o~v~e

(And that was all that mattered)

And you know what they say

Opposites attract

Okay, so basically, at the end, I kinda ran out of ways to change the text. Heh. Hope it sufficed, Bonnie! And if it didn't, I'm sorry! :) I know I can't compare to the Queen of Freeverse and Angst. :)

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