Steve's Dark Secret

Chapter 1

By PhinalPhantasy

(A/N: Family Matters was one of my favorite shows growing up and I have recently got back into it thanks to late night reruns. However being several years older than when I last saw it, I have a slightly different perspective on some of the relationships in the show and this fic expresses one of my newest points of view. This fic will be more serious than the ones I usually write and fair warning there will eventually be Myra bashing so if you are a big fan of that character you may not want to read. This fic is dedicated to my girlfriend, MysticFireBlood, who encouraged me to write this one after I bounced this idea with her.)

(Disclaimer: I don't own Family Matters or the characters in this story.)

Steve Urkel was very nervous, more so than any other point in his life, but he was also happier than he had ever been. After so many years of one sided loving, romancing, and hoping beyond hope, his life-long dream was about to come true. The lovely Laura Leigh Winslow was about to become his lovely wife. Despite the fact that this was what he always wanted, he honestly didn't see it coming, because the day he proposed to her, Stefan had also proposed not long after. Knowing how much his cloned alter-ego meant to Laura, he assumed that she would choose him instead and was prepared to leave her life forever. However, Laura stopped him and despite Steve thinking that he was worthless to her, she said she took his proposal just as seriously as Stefan's and then when Steve still was about to leave, Laura did something unexpected to both of them. She confessed that she loved Steve. So much so, that she accepted his marriage proposal enthusiastically.

From then on, the engaged pair were very happy together, and at first, were going to wait a while before tying the knot, but after Steve's near-disastrous space mission, he asked if they could get married sooner and Laura agreed since the situation made them examine how much they meant to each other and they figured since there was no way to know what else life will throw at them, they should live it to their fullest. Now Steve was dressed in a very nice tuxedo, similar to the one he wore when he took Laura to prom, one of his favorite memories, waiting alongside his best man Eddie for Laura to emerge through the church door.

"This is it bro," Eddie grinned at his best friend, "You're about to officially become part of the family."

"I know Eddo," Steve replied with a smile, "Laura's made me the happiest guy on earth."

"And I know you'll make her just as happy. Now all you gotta do is wait…"


Laura smiled as she looked in the mirror while her mother, aunt, and Maxine, her maid of honor, helped her with her dress, hair, and makeup and her grandmother was supervising.

"Laura, you looks so beautiful," Harriette said smiling to her daughter while finishing up her hair.

"Thanks mom. You've been a big help," Laura replied.

"I'm very happy for you and Steve," Estelle said, "I'm glad I got to see this day. And Steve'll fall for you all over again when he sees you in this get up," she winked at her granddaughter.

"Though I honestly didn't see it coming," Rachel added, "I'm glad you ended up with a guy that we all know will treat you right and love you forever," she finished tying up Laura's dress.

"I guess over time we all got attached to the guy in some way," Maxine said, "He may have been annoying at first, but he's the most loyal friend anyone could ask for, and the most loving man you could ask for, Laura." Then she finished applying her makeup.

"I know. If I have any regrets, honestly, it would be that I didn't fall for him sooner," Laura added as the others put the final touches on her.

"Well as far as Steve's concerned, you are worth the wait," Harriette said firmly but kindly, "so don't go out there with any regrets. Just be happy and in love." They then heard a knock on the door.

"Is it safe?" Carl asked.

"Come on in daddy," Laura said.

"It's almost time," Carl smiled and gave his daughter a kiss. It took a while for him to get used to the idea that Steve would be his son-in-law, but after a lot of long talks with Steve and the rest of the family, he realized he really was alright with it. Despite all the headaches he got because of Steve, he knew that his daughter would be in good hands and that he'd make a wonderful addition to the family, "I've been dreaming of this moment all my life and it's at the same time the happiest and saddest I've been."

"Daddy…" Laura hugged Carl tightly.

"You're not my little girl anymore, you're a beautiful young woman who's about to have a life of her own," Carl said, "I love you and am so proud of you, but still it's hard to let go," tears were about to form in his eyes.

"I'll always be your daughter daddy," Laura replied, "and we'll visit so often you'll get sick of us," she joked.

"I'll never get sick of seeing you," Carl said, "Steve on the other hand…just kidding. He's always welcome at our home."

"Oh, that reminds me," Laura said, "Steve and I have a surprise for the family but it'll have to wait until we're officially married."

"What is it?" Carl asked.

"A secret. You'll just have to be patient and walk me down the aisle," Laura grinned.

"Well then, I better hop to it then," Carl grinned back and offered his arm to his daughter. Maxine was behind her holding her veil while Harriette, Rachel, and Estelle quickly left the room to take their seats in the church. It was going to be a small wedding, only their closest family and friends, hence why she and Steve agreed to just a maid of honor and best man only for their wedding party. Their witnesses will be the Winslow's of course, Greta, Waldo and Maxine. Unfortunately, Steve's immediate family refused to show up despite Steve's invitation. However, Myrtle (who fortunately no longer pined for Eddie) and Aunt Oona from his extended family were more than happy to appear. Though their selection of guests was quite small, it didn't dampen either of their spirits. Then Laura heard the organ playing the wedding march and she and Carl emerged from the double doors leading to the alter. They walked slowly, all smiles as Maxine helped with the tail end of her gown. Harriette, Rachel, and Estelle, and even Waldo were crying tears of joy and Ritchie and 3J smiled up happily at her as they continued the procession. But the biggest and brightest smile was that of her groom, waiting alongside her brother for her to walk up. Carl finally led her up the stairs to the alter and kissed her on the cheek before standing back, leaving her and Steve to face each other with their respective best friends at their side. Then the minister smiled and began the service.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. If there is anyone with good reason why these two should not be wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace," During this moment, Steve held his breath waiting for Carl to jump in, but the father of the bride just smiled and nodded at him. Then Eddie and Maxine handed them the rings to exchange and the minister continued. "Do you, Steven Quincy Urkel, take Laura Leigh Winslow to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, forsaking all others until death do you part?"

Steve smiled and looked directly into Laura's shining eyes, as he put the ring on her finger, "I do," he said.

The minister nodded and turned to Laura, "Do you, Laura Leigh Winslow, take Steven Quincy Urkel to be your lawfully wedded husband.? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, forsaking all others until death do you part?"

Laura looked into the eyes of her soon-to-be husband and saw all she ever wanted or needed. She smiled as she put the ring on Steve's finger, "I do."

"Then by the power vested in me by God and the State of Illinois, I pronounce you man and wife," the minister turned to Steve, "You may kiss the bride," he smiled.

"With pleasure!" Steve said in his high pitch cheer and then he wrapped his arms around Laura's waist and kissed her deeply and passionately to the applause of all that were there. When they broke apart they had knowing smiles on their faces, "Time to surprise everyone," Steve said.

"Yep," Laura smiled back.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to present, Mr. and Mrs. Laura Winslow!" the minister said. Everyone gathered there had shocked and surprised looks on their faces, except for Waldo who clapped even louder and whistled and cheered.

"Waldo!" everyone said.

"'Sup?" he asked after he stopped clapping.

"You do know normally it's the woman who takes the man's last name, not the other way around, right?" Harriette asked.

"Oh please, how can you take someone's name? She's sharing it with him. And you people think I'm the dummy," Waldo shook his head at them, but in a way this time he made sense as the others thought about it.

"Thanks for your support Waldo," Laura said, but then turned to the others, "but yes, we've decided to break with tradition."

"You all know how my family thought of me," Steve said sadly, "How they treated me like an unwelcome guest and how they ditched me to move to Russia…I tried to make things right with them by inviting them here. You see Laura and I had an agreement depending on if they'd show up. Since they completely rejected me, I'm going to let them go. Besides, you Winslow's are the ones who really treat me like family. I feel much closer to you all than my own family, present company excepted of course," Steve nodded to Myrtle and Aunt Oona.

"So since he feels closer to us, I thought it would be nice if he took my last name instead of the other way around. I hope you don't have a problem with that," Laura said to her family.

"Well I for one agree with your reasoning," Estelle said and Harriette nodded her agreement enthusiastically.

"Well then, let me be the first to say it," Carl smiled, "Welcome to the family Steve."

"Thanks Big Guy!" Steve said and hugged his new father-in-law.


About an hour later, everyone arrived at the reception at the Holiday Inn. Waldo smiled as everyone walked in to look around, as this whole reception was his wedding gift to the couple.

"Wow, this place is great!" Steve said to his friend.

"Yeah you really outdid yourself," Laura agreed.

"Thanks. Wait till you try the food," Waldo said and rushed towards the kitchen area. While he was gone, they looked around at all the balloons and ribbons running through the room. There were only two tables, one for the wedding party, and one larger one for the guests. Over in the corner a stereo system was hooked up to broadcast through the whole room and the music alternated between some of Laura's favorite romantic music and Steve's favorite polka pieces, to which everyone started to dance enthusiastically.

"This is the best day of my life," Steve said as he danced with Laura.

"Mine too," Laura replied, "I'm really really happy Steve. I'm glad we're married now," she said and kissed him softly. After the major dances were finished, Waldo brought out the food and he was dressed in a chef's outfit.

"Hey cool," Eddie said.

"I just graduated from the culinary academy. This is my first catering party," Waldo said, "I hope everyone enjoys," he snapped his fingers and a team of chefs came out with all kinds of food for everyone, and a special plate with pieces of every type of cheese known to man arranged in a heart shape on a large platter that had Steve and Laura's picture on it.

"You set this all up yourself? This is the best wedding present you could've given us!" Steve said.

"It was nothing. You're one of my best friends so I was happy to do it. Now I'm gonna get all mushy so you all better eat," Waldo replied.

Everyone then took their seats and enjoyed the food. After everyone had their fill for now, Carl stood up and tapped his glass with a spoon.

"Attention everyone. Harriette and I would like to start the rest of the wedding gifts," Carl said. He and his wife approached Steve and Laura's table and handed them an envelope, "This is a lease, the first year completely paid for, on a brand new house on the other side of Chicago from us."

"Big Guy?" Steve gasped.

"The first year is always the hardest," Harriette said, "So we wanted to make it a little easier for you financially," she smiled.

"Thanks mom," Laura smiled back, "Thanks dad."

"Thank you both," Steve said enthusiastically. Then Rachel stood up.

"As my gift, I'm hooking your new place up with a full set of furniture to start you off," she smiled.

"Thank you so much," Steve said.

"We love you Aunt Rachel," Laura replied.

"Now it's my turn," Estelle smiled enthusiastically. She handed them three gifts, all rectangular in shape and wrapped.

"Let's unwrap them together," Laura suggested. Steve nodded his agreement. When they were done, they turned out to be a lovely portrait of the Winslow household, (with Steve included) secondly a portrait of Steve and Laura together, and finally a plaque with the words "God Bless Our Home."

"Wow Grandma," Laura smiled, "These are beautiful."

"Thank you so much Estelle," Steve said putting an arm around his bride.

"And last, but certainly not least," Eddie chimed in… He, Maxine, and Gretta stood up.

"The three of us pitched our money in together to get you both something very special," Gretta said. Maxine held out what at first looked like a credit card, but...

"This is the key to the honeymoon suite here at the inn. And it's all yours for a week," Maxine explained with a smile.

"So have fun you two, but not too much fun," Eddie said mischievously.

"Oh you guys…all of you guys…" Steve began to tear up, "You're all the best friends, the best family a guy could want."

"We love you all," Laura said, joyful tears in her eyes as well, "Well thank you all for you wonderful gifts…now let's continue the party!"


A few hours later, after the reception was concluded and everyone went home, Steve walked Laura towards the room that their friends bought for them. When they found the door, just like a true gentleman, Steve opened the door and then carried his bride through the doorway, Laura laughing the whole time.

"Hey Steve. If you put me down and wait by the bed…" Laura began and then moved closer to Steve's ear, "I'll have a special surprise for you," she whispered seductively.

"OOOH!" Chills ran throughout Steve's body and he eagerly put Laura down then he sat at the bed waiting as Laura walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She grinned mischievously to herself as she found the bathroom closet. Unknown to Steve, Laura's bachelorette party was a little untraditional. Instead of going to a male strip club, something Maxine knew from past experience that Laura was uncomfortable with, the two young women decided to have lunch and then go clothes shopping, followed by dinner. When they went shopping, they both thought of first, what would look great on Laura, but second, what would make Steve go crazy for her all over again. In the closet were the clothes they picked out, one for each day that Laura and Steve were staying at this hotel. There was a polka outfit as well as various lingerie. Laura disrobed completely and looked herself in the mirror. Confident that Steve will like what he'll eventually see, Laura reached for her first choice, a white see-through nightie that left nothing to the imagination and white thong underwear to barely cover her womanhood, but left her butt exposed. Laura never dressed like this for anyone and she was happy to be doing it for the first time for her husband. As she put the items on, she grinned to herself as she imagined Steve's possible reactions. Laura knew that Steve was essentially a perfect gentleman and only thought of her in that way a handful of times, so it would be fun to make him blush and bring out a side of him that she never saw. She figured that she'll probably get the biggest "Whoa Mama!" that she ever got from him. Either that or he'll be overwhelmed so much that he may have trouble breathing and pass out. Laura laughed to herself, but if that happened, it would also be slightly annoying in the long run. She didn't want to spend her wedding night resuscitating her husband after all. However she secretly hoped that Steve would also know enough to take charge eventually. Essentially she wanted it to be a loving, intimate experience where they will learn even more about each other. She briefly thought back to the time where they accidentally saw each other in the nude. At the time they were both very embarrassed and uncomfortable around each other for a while, but now Laura thought it would be good for them in the long run. She wasn't feeling as nervous as she thought she would and hoped Steve would feel the same. After checking herself over in the mirror, she was satisfied that she'd get the reactions she hoped for and then opened the door and walked slowly towards Steve, who was lying on the bed expectedly.

She moved slowly until she was sure Steve could get a full view of her outfit. Smiling seductively she decided to give Steve a little show before the main event.

"Hi Steve," she said seductively. She moved her hands up and down her body. She turned around so Steve could get a perfect view of her butt, and she ran her hands slowly over it and lightly smacked it, then moved her hands up her waist and turned around so the front of her body was facing Steve, then she ran her hands over her breasts and massaged them and pinched her dark nipples, "See all this…this is all for you," She blew him a kiss, "You know I've never made love before…never been touched before…I've been waiting for my wedding night…waiting for you…" she ended her little tease with one of her warm smiles she knew Steve loved, "Make me a woman…" All throughout her erotic display, Steve was giving Laura one of his trademark wide grins and clapped…however when she mentioned that she kept her chastity up to this point, Steve's expression changed drastically. Out of all the possible reactions Laura thought of, this was one she really didn't see coming. Steve's smiled disappeared completely, replaced with a deep sadness. He moved his legs so he could rest his arms on them and then bent his head down as if he was trying to hide…and he began to sob…

(A/N: Originally, this was supposed to be a one-shot, but I wanted to go into detail with the wedding and reception before the last scene in the hotel room, so I think this one will be a two- or three-shot in the end. It appeared as if things between Laura and Steve were better than they could've imagined…what the heck is bothering him…you'll have to wait till next chapter to find out.)