Steve's Dark Secret

Chapter 4

By Phinal Phantasy

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Steve had to fumble for the card key that opened the door to the hotel room he and Laura were staying in. They were both so excited…and hot for each other after the swim they just took. Neither of them even bothered to change out of their swimwear, they just carried their bags back with them to the hotel room.

"Hurry Steve!" Laura said desperately.

"Almost there my pet," Steve replied. He finally heard the click of the door unlocking and he opened the door and ran in. His wife soon followed and slammed the door behind her. They both dropped their bags on the floor and rushed into each others arms, hungry for each other's affection. They kissed deeply and passionately, Laura licking her way into Steve's mouth and completely dominating it, and he enjoying every second of it. They both were breathing heavy as they continued the kiss and moved closer to the king size bed that was their target. When they reached their destination they broke apart and grinned widely at each other.

"Wow that was intense!" Steve said.

"That's just the warm up Steve…wait till we get to the main event," Laura winked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Who says I'm gonna wait," Steve replied, taking a seat next to his wife. He wrapped his arm around her waist and then began to kiss her on the side of her neck.

"Ooh Steve…that feels good," Laura gasped as Steve continued his ravishing of her neck. He kissed it and then licked it and nibbled on it and sucked on it causing Laura to moan. She got louder as Steve sucked harder and pulled at her neck with his lips until there was a dark love mark on the spot where he made his claim. Then he pulled away and began to lick it softly.


"That's my love mark baby cakes," Steve said, "It means I'm yours now and forever," then he moved up to nibble on her ear which caused her to giggle.

"That tickles," Laura said, "but I'm not complaining." She smiled and then grabbed Steve on the butt and began to squeeze.

"OOOH…right there baby," he whispered into her ear. Laura started to massage his butt, "You're getting good at this." Steve then moved to kiss her deeply on the lips once again, his hand wandering to her lovely hair and he began to play with it and twirl it in his fingers while his other hand trailed up and down her back, the light touch making Laura shiver wherever his hand wandered.

"You're…getting…good at…this too," Laura said in between kisses, "Don't be shy now…you can play below my neck you know…you are ready, aren't you?"

Steve pulled away and smiled removing his glasses and setting them aside.

"I'll let you take the lead, Steve," Laura said, "I think that's what you really need."

"If I do something you don't like, you'll tell me right?" Steve asked his wife, a small twinge of worry apparent in his eyes.

Laura was deeply touched by Steve's question. All this time she was really worried about how she might accidentally hurt her husband after the way he was violated by Myra those few years ago, but that didn't seem to cross his mind…he was worried that he'd hurt her, "You aren't capable of hurting me Steve…I know that," Laura smiled her bright pure smile back at him, "I love you and trust you completely," she took his hands and guided them to the back of her bikini top, "Whatever you're going to do to me, I'm sure I'll like it…trust yourself and trust your love of me to guide you." Laura released Steve's hands and felt them pull at the strings holding her bikini top together. He slowly pulled it off and gently tossed it on the floor by the bed. He then pulled away from Laura slightly so he could get a good look at the treasures he just unearthed. Steve's eyes widened and his mouth was in a wide open grin as he gazed upon Laura's perfect breasts with their dark chocolate-colored nipples that were already peaking.

"Whoa baby! This is better than anything I could've imagined!" Steve shouted.

"I'm glad you like Steve," Laura blushed slightly but kept her eyes on her lover who suddenly descended to breasts and began to have his way with them. He was kissing her right breast gently while massaging it with his right hand and used his other hand to fondle and massage the other one. Steve moaned into each kiss and Laura gasped in pleasure as his lips and fingers worked their magic. Then Steve smiled up at her and then moved his right hand slightly off her breast, "Steve?" Laura questioned, her husband grinned mischievously and closed his hand except for his forefinger and middle finger.

"Now it is time for the Great Explorer to walk the majestic twin peaks," Steve said, imitating a documentary narrator causing his wife to laugh lightly. He "walked" with his two fingers around her breast in a spiral formation until he reached her nipple again, "Reaching his destination, the Great Explorer stakes his claim!" Then he took his fingers and pinched Laura's nipple between them earning a gasp from her.

"OOOH Steve. That's great…keep going," Laura moaned.

Steve grinned and continued to pinch and pull at her peak, making it more and more erect, "Now that his camp is secure, the Great Explorer shall enjoy the fruits of his labor," Steve continued in his "mockumentry" voice and then took the sharp point of her breast in his mouth and suckled on it and nibbled on it lightly with his teeth. While he was doing this he pushed her gently on the bed and straddled her body, without ever breaking contact. He then moved his fingers to her other breast, pinching her other nipple so he could enjoy giving it the same attention as the other one. He nibbled his way off of one mound and up to the other. Each soft bite sent a shiver down to Laura's womanhood, which was just begging for some attention.

"Steve please…touch me!" Laura begged, though at the same time she didn't want Steve to stop what he was doing. However Laura's husband pulled away with one last strong suck and his hand walked further down her body.

"Now the Great Explorer, fully refreshed from the abundant nourishment he found at the Twin Peaks, is off to find the Hidden Cave which is said to hold the greatest treasure of all," Steve continued, "He finds his way down the Silk Valley," his fingers work their way down to just below Laura's waistline, "And finds he must overcome a great obstacle to get at the treasure inside."

"That obstacle better not be too great or we'll never continue," Laura joked. Steve grinned back at her and pulled the strings off her bikini bottom and tossed it aside.

"There problem solved," Steve replied and then felt around the outside of her womanhood, which was already slightly wet, "ooh squishy," Steve said in an almost child-like manner.

"That's 'cause you drive me wild," Laura replied, "Please Steve…continue the adventure," then she gasped loudly as her husband inserted his two fingers into her cavern.

"The Great Explorer has found the hidden cave, but must work hard to find the great treasure he's desired all his life," Steve whispered, "but the work is hardly a chore, it's a treasure in of itself." He started to pump his fingers in and out of Laura's body earning more and more moans from her and Steve kissed his way up the center of her body back to her lips and kissed her deeply, allowing her to moan into his mouth and he responded in kind. Laura pulled away from Steve and moved close to his ear, "Can I have a turn to play with you?"

Steve pulled away and showed her the fruits of his labor, his fingers were covered in her juices, "Wow baby, this is just…whoa," he said amazed.

"It's all because of you Steve," Laura smiled at him. Steve then removed his swim trunks revealing his long and hard member. Laura reached out and wrapped her hand around it and looked at Steve questioningly. He nodded and she began to pump him slowly, sending shivers all up and down Steve's body, "Are you loving this?" Laura asked.

"Oh yes baby cakes, you're good at this. I love it…I love you." Steve replied.

"I'm glad…I want to try something now," Laura said mischievously, "Move…closer," she insisted. Steve did as he asked and his wife took his hardness into her mouth and began to lick and suck on it.

"OOOOH!" Steve said. He was twisting and turning around, just from the shear pleasure of the sensations he was experiencing as Laura's tongue circled around his tip, "Laura…if you want me…better let me do it fast…I don't know if I can take this for very long," he warned.

"Do it Steve!" Laura said. Steve quickly pulled away, then used his fingers to gently pry her open.

"I love you Laura," Steve said as he penetrated her body.

"OH GOD I love you too!" Laura said, wincing in the pain of her barrier breaking. Steve saw the look in her eyes and looked down and saw a small amount of blood leaking from where they were joined.

"Oh no!" Steve panicked. He was about to pull out, but Laura held on to him firmly.

"It's okay Steve," Laura said, "It's supposed to be like this the first time. There's no way to avoid it," she assured him, "It won't hurt as much if you continue. You can overwhelm the pain with pleasure. I know you can do it Steve. Make it all better," she smiled at him and then took his hands and kissed them before placing them on her breasts. Steve then began to move up and down slowly and massaged her breasts at the same pace. Steve felt a wave of joy as he gave all of himself to his wife, his lover and hoped she was experiencing the same thing.

"How are you feeling, Laura?" Steve asked.

As Steve moved, the pain began to subside and Laura began to move with him, all traces of the pain were going away slowly but surely and she was really starting to enjoy herself and the feel of her husband inside of her and his hands on her body, "It feels incredible Steve. Keep going," she insisted.

"You got it!" Steve smiled down at her and concentrated his gaze on her lovely eyes and smile as he continued to move inside of her. He saw something new in her as he moved, a different smile than the one he usually saw, this one was special. It was like it was meant just for his own eyes, "You are so beautiful Laura. I love you. You're doing great baby!"

"You are so wonderful Steve! This is better than anything I thought it could be like. Keep going!" Steve nodded and continued to move faster and began to pump in and out of her body harder, but nowhere near enough to hurt her. Each thrust got a grunt of pleasure out of both of them. His hands continued to work at her breasts faster and faster. He stopped massaging them and just tweaked at her nipples, sending even more waves of pleasure throughout Laura's body.

"Oh Steve! I think I'm going to cum!" Laura warned.

"Don't hold back. Let yourself go!" Steve insisted, "I'm about to go too."

"Let's go together!" Laura said. They each called out each other's name in love and passion as they both reached their climax. Steve pulled out slowly and laid down next to his wife. They were both covered in sweat and the smell of love but neither cared as he held her in his arms.

"Thank you Laura. Thank you for making this so wonderful and special," Steve said.

"Thank you too Steve. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding night," Laura replied kissing Steve on the tip of his nose before snuggling on his chest, "I love you so much," she sighed.

"And I love you. Now and forever," Steve replied, "Now nothing will ever hold us apart from each other again. I promise."

"That's wonderful Steve," Laura said.

"You're the one who's wonderful Laura. You taught me the difference between sex…and making love. I'll never doubt it again."

"Really?" Laura asked a tear coming to eye.

"Why are you crying?" Steve asked.

"I'm so happy is all. All the years we've known each other, you've done so much for me. I'm glad I could finally do something for you that's this meaningful."

"You love me and you married me," Steve pointed out, "that's plenty right there, but still I'm glad you were here for me this week."

"I'll be here for you for the rest of our lives now," Laura replied, "We're husband and wife. Whatever troubles come our way, I know we'll make it."

"So do I," Steve said, then yawned slightly, "Whoa that must've taken a lot out of me…but boy was it worth it!"

Laura smiled and yawned too, "Me too…let's call it a night Steve."

"Okay…I love you Mrs. Winslow," Steve said reaching for the lamp to turn out the light

"I love you too Mr. Winslow," Laura replied as the room went dark. She snuggled closer to her husband and laid on his chest, feeling the reassurance of his heartbeat and the knowledge that they will make it through anything. They both soon fell asleep with loving smiles on their faces.


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