You guys might have noticed I've not updated for just about forever. Well, it's not because I'm lazy, I swear; it's because I've completely lost interest in this. So yeah, I'm putting this on a hiatus – permanent or not, I have completely no idea.

I've realised that the plot idea is completely ridiculous and unoriginal, Bella is way too perfect, and that's why I'm discontinuing this. I have a few other stories that I MAY continue on this account, as well as another account that will be updated way more regularly. It's called DangerouslyAvril, and I already have one Twilight fanfic there, along with a few others from other fandoms. I would adore it if you checked it out.

Anyway, this is on hiatus until further notice. Please don't bother trying to adopt any of them – the answer is, and always will be, no.


Avril xx