Title: Mother

Summary: Whenever I asked my mother where my father is during both regular days and holidays, she'll cry and give me a sad smile while telling me that he's busy on another business trip. Sad to say, I'm not one to fall for her tricks that easily for even then, I knew that he's with his other wife, my second mother, his other family, my half-siblings. "Uchiha Sakura, mine and forever"

A/N: the poem (below) inspired me to write the first story, Still My Sister. It comes from my English class. I've read it last year and I instantly burst up crying (kinda) and I knew I just had to write something about it (LOL)! So here it is: the sequel

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sasusaku: wife

sasusaku: lover

sasusaku: both


Women Talk

By Joy Barrios


Here's to the friendship

that could've been ours:

wife of my lover,

love of my husband,

love of my lover.

For women at both ends

Are always rivals:

Smiling for points

at a beauty contest,

icing the cake

at a cooking competition,

sprinting for the gold

as they race to the man's heart.

Do we dare

Look at each other differently?

Are you not the yardstick

by which he measures my beauty?

Am I not the spice

By which he thinks you bland or salty?

Are we not strings tripping each other

At the finish line?

Look beyond the competition or race.

Our lives are not entwined

Only by this man

But bound

By rituals of womanhood:

First blood of puberty,

Blood and hymens breaking,

Blood at childbirth.

There is too much to share

Other than jealousy, anger, rage.

Talk to my sister,

Wife of my lover,

Lover of my husband,

Lover of my love,

Still, my sister…







chapter one: A Holiday Feast to Remember


A small voice murmured and Uchiha Karin awoke by the soft shaking on her elbow. With a small moan, she turned to her side and cracked an eye open to see her beloved son, standing in front of her, clad with his bright red Christmas pyjamas with little reindeer patterns on it, atop his mass of auburn red head, sat a furry Christmas Santa Clause hat. His right hand was still in her elbow whereas his left hand was clutching a bag of freshly baked cookies that came straight from the Cook's oven, she presumed.

"mother" the boy cried excitedly before continuing "it's Christmas!" his blood red crimson eyes, almost black, shone with pure happiness and excitement "come on! We havta open the gifts Santa gave us!!!" he smiled a smile that could easily warm up the dark and gloomy room.

At this, she felt her heart melt quickly. The sight of her son, being so innocent, oblivious and happy, not knowing all that takes place in their so-called home made her want to cry. But she couldn't, she wouldn't. 'It's for your sake and Keiji's as well' she constantly reminds herself. Quickly, she gulped back an awaiting sob and she quickly ran her fingers through her eyes, pretending to rub the sleepiness out, wherein reality, she was wiping the salty tears daring to fall.

"mommy?" the boy's tone suddenly changed to a somewhat anxious one and the young mother saw a wave of sadness conquer his small face. "what's wrong?" he asked hurriedly.

"n-nothing" her pale lips broke into a smile as she clutched the covers tightly on herself. "hey, gimme some of those cookies!" she snarled playfully as she jokingly grabbed the boy by the scuff of his pyjama top and throw him on the bed next to her and she began wrestling the wriggling boy, who in turn, shrieked and kicked playfully at his mother's antics all while protecting his beloved 'cookies'.

"n-no! mommy- haha get- haha off!!" the shrieking boy tumbled over into laughing fit as his mother started tickling him on a spot she knew would drive him all over "mo-mommy no-hahahaaaa- get off!!- hahaha- no, m-mo- haha mommy!! Cookies –haha- mine –haha- noo!!" she continued tickling her firstborn and only child until the boy was in a drift off tears. With a triumpanth "ha!" Uchiha Karin seized the sweet concoct as she plopped one on her awaiting mouth.

The boy, now getting his breath back, immediately jumped onto his mother, who was in the verge of putting the plastic bag of cookies on the side tabletop next to her rimmed glasses, in result of the cookies stumbling all over the expensive carpet. He did so by crying out "no fair mommy! You cheated!" he tumbled atop of her as she playfully played along, pretending to fall over her son's macho-ness. Mother and son laid there, occasional laughs here and there, cookie bits smudging both their faces.


The two were brought out of their thoughts as the small boy quickly broke away from his mother's grasp. "daddy!"

His emotionless face broke into a fragment of a tiny smile as his eyes warmed ever-so-slightly at the sight of his son "Keiji" he acknowledged the said boy as he ruffled the child's auburn red locks fondly. He then turned his eyes towards the older woman, onyx orbs hardening at the sight of the woman on the bed as he gave her a hateful glare, a glare which clearly had no love for the bearer of the child.

"hn. If I knew you were frolicking around here then I would've left the gifts downstairs" he said in a cold tone, clearly for the woman.

"mou, daddy don't get jealous" the child pouted as he wrapped his arms around his father. The older man, on the other hand, paid no heed to the small boy, instead, his eyes seem to have formed into an unimaginable glare full of harshness and hate. Turning to his son, he quietly said to the boy "Keiji-kun, your gifts are under the christmas tree on the second floor. Go" it was obviously a signal, telling everyone that this was not a good sign.

Reluctant, the boy obeyed quietly and proceeded onto the second floor living room without another scuff.

Turning to her cold beloved, the red-haired girl then flinched at the harshness of her husband's voice, her heart tightening and contracting painfully. She fought off the tears as she clutched the sheets harder towards her chest "g-gomen" she stuttered as she fought to keep her eyes off his cold onyx ones, tears threatening to fall. She couldn'tbear the stand of this pain… it was just too... "me and Keiji-kun were just-"

"clean this up" his cold voice rang as he interrupted his wife, arms gesturing towards the crumbs on the floor.

"hai" she quickly moved towards the mess, picking up everything she can with her fingers, leaving the rest for the maids to get later on. 'is this what I am to you? A nobody? Just the mother of her child you'll love less for I am it's mother? Huh, Sasuke-kun… is that all I am?' "w-wait!" she continued briefly after seeing him stop momentarily, his body still not facing her "will you be staying over for Christmas di-"


"o-oh" she said dejectedly, scarlet eyes boring down to the expensive rug. She stayed there for a few minutes, tears of pain, jealousy and hate seeping through as she heard him slam the door shut on her face. He never actually lived there anymore, in a way. Him, being a renowned CEO of the most successful business in Japan, if not the whole world, made him stay over the office at ungodly hours and the business trips were most frequent as well. But wait, let's not forget about her perfect little sister whom his husband loves so much.

Her thinking the fact that maybe… just maybe if they had a child together, then maybe he'd grow gentle with her, maybe he'd spend more time with her… maybe… just maybe he'll love her…

'yeah well, that idea's obviously gone off the gutter' her mind screamed at her as she broke onto full sobs, hugging her knees closer to her chest just like the nights before that happened. She clenched her chest painfully in a place where she felt her crumbling heart was. She loved him… so much… and she wished deep within her that he'll love her too… but that's all gone to waste now… not with, not with… not with her around. Her. Her sister.




From afar, a single soul watched and felt its heart breaking at the site of the weeping woman in front of her.

"mother" the child whispered intently as he felt tears coming to perch at his own scarlet eyes.

He wanted… so much. He wanted to rush into her arms and tell her everything's okay, but he wouldn't… he couldn't. He couldn't comfort her, and tell her that everything would be okay… because like it or not, everything's not and never will be okay, with her around.

Aunty Sakura.

He never really did dislike the woman. On the contrary, he found her to be a beautiful sweet warm and caring woman, 'that must be why father loves her so…' he knew, from the beginning that his father loved her Aunty Sakura in a way that was improper for a man to love his sister-in-law. No, he loved her in a way any man should treat their lovers, possessions, and wives. He loved the pink haired lady so much that even the man's own eight year old son knew how much he, Uchiha Sasuke, loved her, Haruno Sakura so much.

And it hurt.

It hurt so much knowing that he could never settle for the place that his father gave for his other children. 'Their children' he thought dejectedly. Don't get me wrong, Uchiha Sasuke tries and gives his best to give each and every child equal attention, but it'll always be different. It'll always be. From the fact that he, the son and only child of his wife, had not come from the wife that he favoured and love, to the fact that he couldn't swallow the reality that his other siblings were just better than him, much more good looking and much more intelligent. 'they also get to see father more' he added sadly, as he remembered what the man said as he heard the silent roar of his father's black Mercedes as it tugged down the snowy roads.

Quickly, he went away from his 'hiding' place and proceeded on wiping his tear stained cheeks, making sure that there's not a single puffy eyelid in sight. 'mother already has so much in mind, I don't want to worry him any more'

Silently, he stealthily went back to the second floor and towards the main living room before pulling out the new remote control toy car and fumbling it towards a corner, making it seem as though he was playing with it the whole time. Just as he heard the quiet footsteps of his mother coming from the third floor, he immediately put on his best fake smile that he could muster, and for some reason… it always seems to fool her.

'just on cue' he thought to himself mischievously as he intentionally chucked a new soccer ball at his mother's head, she, missing it by mere an inch.

And as he sees her face concoct in semi-range semi-annoyance semi-humor and semi-thankfulness, he gave himself a smile and a small pat in the back for a job well done.

Everything was back together again.





She heard her annoyingly handsome ten year old boy was calling him and tugging at the small apron tied around her curvaceous hips loosely, and for some reason, she went back into stirring her boiling tomato soup over low heated fire, ignoring the grouchy ten year old son quickly.

"mother" the child called again and this time when his tugging didn't seem to stop, she spared him a hectic glance as she absentmindedly set the oven's timer for the stuffed turkey to cook. The child continued with a small frown on his face as his dark onyx eyes twitched in annoyance "I think Michi's gonna puke" he grunted out, impatient that his mother paid attention to him now when he'd been trying to minutes ago.

True enough when the young mother turned her attention to her lovely twin daughters, Michiko (Michi) and Sahiko (Chi-chan), were infact in the verge throwing up due to their excessive intake of sweets, aka, candy and cookies. Giving out a tired sigh, she grabbed the almost-about-to-puke girl and hitched her on her hips as she clutched the other twin's arm as she motioned for her first-born to follow.

"B-But I wanna see Santa…" the loudest and which was currently on her hips, answered, knowing all to well that it was bed time

"yeah!" the two others agreed as she gave yet another tired sigh.

Haruno Sakura escaped from the little girl's trace of pouting to face her two other children. " come now, we don't want Santa to think we're being naughty by not following mommy's orders now right?" she asked with a smile as she tucked the two girls on their bedroom (the older one quietly obeyed after a while).

She gave a small smile as she took one last glace at the two but before shutting the door completely, she heard the quiet one stop her momentarily.


"yes baby?" Sakura asked with a soft loving smile.

"when's the baby going to come?" the child ask innocently, burying herself further onto the covers

"soon" the young mother only answered, happiness filing her heart as she unconsciously ran a hand through her small but swollen stomach, a smile glazing over her soft features "night baby" she muttered quietly, seeing her current youngest cuddle up to the covers and finally fall into a deep slumber.

Quietly, she shut the door to her daughters' room and started making her way towards the kitchen when she bumped into a dark and muscular figure.

"Sasuke-kun!" she can't help by squeak all too happily as she felt him wrap his strong arms around her "merry Christmas" he whispered sweet nothings onto her ear with that low husky voice of his.

"bastard" his lover cried as she punched his arm playfully "and here I thought you wouldn't be spending Christmas with us" she faked a pained look as she pouted before him cutely.

"hn. Bitch." He muttered as he captured her lips into a kiss "as if"

He wrapped his arms around her small waist securely as they continued kissing passionately. They separated for a while, him looking into her dark pools of emerald, she staring at his wild orbs of onyx. They stayed like that momentarily before Sasuke leaned in and captured her into yet another heated kiss as he backed her up against the wall. His nimble hands and fingers then started wandering all over her body, cupping every curve and bump in sight as their tongues battled for dominance. But just as things were starting to really heat up…


"yeah I better get that" she smiled softly as she pushed him off to got to the kitchen and get the chocolate pudding she was making, but not before giving her lover a seductive wink and laughing out loud at his expression "geez, Sasuke-kun, I swear… you are such a pervert!" she laughed quietly, eyes widening when she finally caught a glimpse of the clock reading 11:45. at this, she started getting a move on, albeit hurrying her steps wherever she goes.

"argh dammit!"

The pink haired blossom cursed momentarily as she heard the doorbell and oven timer ring at the same time.

Laughing silently at his lover's antics, Uchiha Sasuke got off the couch he was sitting on to grip Sakura, who was still debating whether to answer the pizza guy first or to get the cooked turkey from the oven which was evident coz you can see her practically pacing back and forth towards the directing on the condo's front door and the kitchen.

"Sakura" he stated in that hot sexy- dammit girl get a grip! "chill" he said, well, ordered, as he pushed her gently towards the couch all while going towards the front door to the now annoying pizza man who couldn't wait for even a dam second. I mean, really, he wasn't even there for half an hour and he already is ringing the doorbell like mad, I mean, what the hell's that right? Sheesh, really people these- ahem, sorry about that.

Uchiha Sasuke emerged later to find his pink haired girlfriend laying her back, supposedly trying to button up a new pair of jeans. By the looks of it, she already changed into her Christmas outfit which consisted of a red dress-top which fell loosely around her stomach, hips and mid thigh as it perfectly hugged her nicely formed chest. As he, on the other hand, is wearing regular black slacks and wine red button up long-sleeved polo. As he set down the box of freshly made pizza on the island, he arrogantly raised a fine brow.

"Sakura, what the hell are you doing?"

Hearing the question, the said woman rose up and began jumping up and down in a futile attempt to button up her new jeans "buttoning my pants, dumb ass" she retorted absentmindedly.

Rolling his eyes, he made his way towards her and attempted to help her with the stupid button and failing miserably as well "god, it just won't fit your fat ass" she whispered innocently as his dark eyes twinkled in amusement at her irritated expression.

"it's not my fault dammit! It's just that the stupid baby gets bigger and bigger every stupid and day! It's not fair! When I bough this last week, it fit me perfectly! Ugh…" she continued rambling on, not noting the dumbstruck expression that her love has "I mean, it's not fair! I get to carry this little brat for seven more months, not counting the fact that I still have to loose the baby fat and all and-" she was cut short by him slamming his lips forcefully upon hers.

"annoying" was all he said before gawking at her slightly "baby?" he asked again as he gently put a hand on her stomach, feeling a slight bump onto it and stroking it gently.

"oh shit" she paused slightly, eyes widening in realization "uh, you weren't supposed to know that… not until later I think" she playfully stuck her tongue out as she gave him a playful wink. "me and the kids were supposed to tell you later when- oh well" she stopped her possible ramblings before kissing him fully on the lips "yes you reaction-less bastard" she smile a bright and happy smile as she placed her hand on top of his hand that was stroking her slightly swollen stomach "baby" she confirmed as she gave him a bright and childish smile saying 'no-duh much'

"hn. Annoying" he said with that oh so irresistible smirk of his "I love you"

"hmph. Love you too"




The day he told her he loved her was the day she knew was the beginning of her fairytale life with her beloved. Sure she wasn't and possibly never will be his wife but it's good to know for a fact that even though he was married to her older sister, he loved in a way he would never love her one-chan. Selfish it is for you to say, but she knew that he'd do everything for her, and she, the same.

He loved her and she loved him.

And that's all that matters.

With him next to her, every bad thing would be transformed into something beautiful and wonderful…

"Uchiha Sakura… mine and forever my blossom"





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Preview: Mother

chapter2: Our Ever After



-x-"How dare you!? How could you!?" her startled cry had his heart dive farther. White light blinding his sight, he shoved her towards the wall roughly as his eyes turned red with rage, "HOW DARE ME!?"-x-

-x-His dark onyx eyes widened as he saw the tingle of scarlet red blood seeping through her white pants, as her love doubled back in pain. Sakura held the banister as tight as she could as she felt her stomach heat with pain. She looked down to her blood stained pants to meet the site of the inevitable "no… my baby" she cried, voice filled with pain and sorrow as she clutched her aching stomach, hoping for the best before the total darkness consumed her-x-

-x-"Sakura, I'm sorry"-x-





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