Title: An InuYasha Christmas Carol

Description: an Inuyasha Christmas story version of the classic A Christmas Carol in which Inuyasha plays Scrooge in a way, just r&r please :)

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and The Christmas Carol belongs to Charles Dickens.


Part 1

Our story begins on a cold winter's day when Kagome had just come back to the feudal era after spending time with her family for the holidays. As she entered the village she had called her second home, a small kitsune ran up to her with a huge smile.

"Kagome," Shippo said happily up at her. He noticed right away that her bag seemed much fuller than it usually was and this delighted the fox who was still just a kid and loved surprises.

"Hey Shippo, Merry Christmas," Kagome told him.

"Merry what?" Shippo asked, confused.

Kagome laughed, promising him that she would explain when they got back to the hut. Everyone was happy to see her as they walked into Kaede's hut. All except Inuyasha that is, he seemed more irritated than anything.

"It's about time," he said with a huff, "don't you realize that Naraku could be out there looking for the jewel and we're not there to get it before he does."

Kagome sat her bag down and put her hands on her hips as she stood in the middle of the hut, "Excuse me," she said with a frown, "I was trying to enjoy Christmas with my family, is that so wrong?"

"Not at all Kagome," Miroku spoke, "we're glad to see you had such a good time, right Inuyasha?"

But Inuyasha snorted, "You can hang out with your family and do all that whatever you call it after we kill Naraku."

Kagome glared at him before her face lit up, "That's right," she sat down and pulled her bag to her, "I brought you all gifts."

"Alright!" Shippo exclaimed, jumping up and being the first to Kagome's side. Inuyasha rolled his eyes, irritated that he was being ignored.

Kagome laughed as she pulled out Shippo's and handed it to the overly excited kid.

"Thank you Kagome," he said, taking the beautifully wrapped present from her. But as he sat down he gazed at it with a puzzled look.

"What's the matter?" Kagome asked.

"It looks weird, what is it supposed to be?" Shippo asked, starring at the strange box, he had never seen wrapping paper before.

When Kagome finally realized this she laughed again, "It's wrapping paper, it's what we use to cover the gift so you don't know what it is until you unwrap it," she explained.

"Oh," Shippo said and began tearing the paper from the gift.

"Genius," said Miroku with a smile as he checked out his own wrapped gift. Kirara pawed at her gift as Sango helped her unwrap it.

"It was nice of you to bring us gifts Kagome," spoke Sango as she carefully began to unwrap her own gift as though it would break if she wasn't careful.

"Where's Kaede?" asked Kagome.

"She's out in another village helping people, she should be back tomorrow," Miroku answered.

Inuyasha looked sourly at them with his arms crossed; he really didn't see the big deal in this holiday stuff. That's when he looked down and saw a gift being offered to him. He looked up and saw Kagome's bright smile as she said, "Merry Christmas Inuyasha."

He glanced down at the gift before taking it, "Thanks I guess."

"Sure," Kagome said while still smiling and shrugging her shoulder.

After Miroku and Sango said their thanks to Kagome and Kirara too with a meow, Miroku said, "So Kagome, are you going to tell us what this Christmas of yours is all about?"

He had heard a little of this holiday, but didn't really understood its celebrations.

"Oh right," Kagome said and pulled out a big colorful book from her bag.

"What's that?" Shippo asked as his curious face lit up again as he put down his brand new video game and candy and sat down by Kagome.

"This is a book of The Christmas Carol, it's a story about Christmas," she explained, as she opened it.

"You're not going to read it now are you?" Inuyasha asked after checking out his own present which also contained sweets. He seemed to get grumpier by the minute; he couldn't see why they thought a story was more important than hunting down Naraku.

"Yes I am," Kagome said with a humph attitude as Miroku and Sango sat near Kagome to hear the story also as the munched on their cookies and sweets.

"Fine, but don't blame me when Naraku finds all the shards before us," he grumbled as he laid down on his side, his back facing them.

Kagome shook her head as she stared at him for a few seconds, why couldn't he just be nicer, especially now? But despite not liking his attitude, Kagome refused to let it get her down and she started reading the book to the others.

Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara all got into the story and seemed to really enjoy it. Then as Kagome got the third ghost who remained hooded, Shippo got a little scared, but Kagome explained to him that it was only a story.

Kagome's friends even thanked her for reading them the story as they all crawled into bed that night. Inuyasha glanced back; sort of glad the story was over. He saw Kagome give him a sad smile before crawling into her sleeping bag and falling asleep almost instantly.

Inuyasha thought about the look she gave her the whole time before falling asleep. The next time Inuyasha's eyes opened again, he saw someone staring at him, right in his face. But whoever it was had to be really small because Inuyasha could only make at a blurry blob in front of one eye. As Inuyasha blinked and his vision started coming to him, he saw Myoga floating in front of him.

Not paying this much mind, he tried grabbing him. But as he did, his hand went right through Myoga.

"What the…" Inuyasha trailed off, staring down at his hand then back at the floating flea, "How did you do that, why are you here?"

"Come now master Inuyasha," Myoga said, "you should know why I'm here."

But Inuyasha's eyebrows rose and his mouth gaped; indicating that he had no idea what he was talking about. Myoga sighed.

"I really don't have time to explain, you have to follow me," he said floating all around his head.

Inuyasha growled, "Would you cut that out, I can't go now, what about…" Inuyasha turned, but didn't see anyone there. Everyone was gone.

Inuyasha jumped up, "Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, where is everyone?"

"Don't kid master Inuyasha," Myoga said, floating right in front of his face again, "you know that they're not here anymore."

"What?" Inuyasha said very confused at this point, how could that be? He just saw them before he went to sleep.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"I've come to take you on a little trip master," Myoga explained, he looked rather excited with himself.

"A trip…" Inuyasha repeated, but before he had time to asked any further, he was sucked into a vortex like hole. Myoga laughed with glee and followed Inuyasha in, he did enjoy adventures.

Inuyasha landed on his butt outside somewhere. He growled.

"Myoga, what's going on?" he asked, getting angrier.

"Please master, try and control your anger," Myoga cowered.

Inuyasha looked at him as if he were crazy, he acted as though he was going to kill him or something, he may be rough, but he would never kill his friends. Besides, he was a ghost or something wasn't he?

After Myoga realized that Inuyasha seemed calmer, he started floating off, "Follow me master, please."

"Please," Inuyasha said, taken back, what was with him? He had so many questions, but since it didn't seem like he was going to be getting any, he reluctantly followed him.

The sooner he did, the sooner he could put this whole strange thing behind him and probably get back to the hut.

"Where are we again?" Inuyasha asked, not knowing a thing.

"We are in the past," Myoga answered as though it was the most normal thing in the world.

"In the past!"

"Please don't be too mad, I just want to help you," but this time Myoga caught on what he said and passed it off as nothing, not wanting to seem like anything changed.

"Help me," now Inuyasha was getting a little worried. That's when they come to a village that looked very familiar to Inuyasha.

"Do you know where we are?" asked Myoga, floating at his side as Inuyasha stopped.

"The village I lived at as a kid, where my mom lived," Inuyasha spoke, suddenly filled with different emotions.

Myoga looked over at him with a small smile.

Inuyasha gazed at the village, scanning over his lost home for what seemed like hours. Then he saw a young boy, himself as a child, running up to his mother. He was asking her what a half demon was. Inuyasha saw his mother cry.

"That's the day, I first saw my mother cry and she was crying over me," Inuyasha said, staring at the scene.

"She loved you master Inuyasha," Myoga said, "that's why she cried, she was sad that you were picked on."

"Yeah," Inuyasha continued watching, developed in his own thoughts. Finally realizing what he was doing he shook his head and turned with a start, ready to explode.

"Why did you drag me here!" he yelled, but no one was there. Inuyasha frowned, "What…."

That's when he was pulled into another warp like hole.

End of part 1

A/N: Who should be the ghost of Christmas Present? Get it Myoga is a family friend from the past;)