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Prologue: Six Months on

Bella's POV

I looked over at the rocky waters of First Beach witch lay beneath my bare feet. It had been six months since Edward left me broken in the forest. Six months since I'd begun cutting myself and throwing up after every meal, thinking if I were tempting or pretty he'd return. Six months since I'd starting smoking a pack a day. Six months since I cut off most of my hair. Six months since I'd chosen between pain or nothing. I chose pain.

I picked up the box which I rested on the ground before me. In it were all my mementos of…him. A mix tape, a car radio, a blue blouse and several pictures where I'd long since scribbled out his face with marker. I'd found it under the loose floorboard were I now keep my razorblade. I lifted the box an arms width away from me and ,with a jerk, …I let go. I watched it plummet fifty feet down only to brake into tiny pieces on the low tide rocks below.

With a deep breath I stumbled forward, so my feet were mere centimetres away from the cliff edge. After a quick glance to see if he was here. I took one more breath and held it. My final one. Before I could talk out of what I was about to do, I remember what Charlie had said the seven hours before:

I wish you'd never even come to Forks.

That's all I needed.

And so I bent my legs, tears dominating my vision, and sprung forward into the dark abyss of the midnight water…