Heh heh. I don't celebrate the holidays, but I think stories about them are cute... Well, that and a friend requested a holiday piece... And I did it... 'Cause I'm awesome like that. Here you are Jillian. A NaruGaa, a SasuNaru, and a KakaNaru... Cause those are the Naruto pairings I like best (and she didn't care which of the three I did, so I did all three). None of the little stories go together obviously, in fact all of them are completely sepreate. :]

Note: I don't own these characters and that makes me glad... cause I'm sure they wouldn't be as awesome if I did. This collection of one-shots has BL themes. XD


Gaara Sabaku has a very attractive boyfriend. Gaara knows he has a very attractive boyfriend. Unfortunately, so does everyone else... and Naruto Uzumaki seems to be the only one who doesn't realize what a catch he is.

So when Gaara heard about this stuff called mistletoe and what it was used for, he knew he had to be on guard to protect his claim on the boy. It didn't help when the mistletoe seemed to be mysteriously following the blond around town. And try as he might, Gaara was never able to spot who was planting it.

All he could do was cut it down with his sand before the blond had a chance to walk under it.

As the holiday known as Christmas came closer and closer, the mysterious mistletoe began showing up more and more frequently to the point the sand wielder wondered if he was just imagining it.

Coincidentally as the days passed and more of the offensive green and white plant was taken down, Naruto seemed to become more and more frustrated. Gaara couldn't make heads or tails of it and just continued his war against the plant.

He was leading a very oddly sulking Naruto into his favorite ramen shop when a giggling sound coming from one of the tables stopped him. The look on Sakura Haruno's face had him turned around faster than anyone could could blink.

Someone had become very smart.

Tacked to the door frame, hidden from anyone entering, was a twig of mistletoe that dared to look innocent and taunt Gaara at the same time. Naruto looked up and smiled, pulling his boyfriend to him and capturing his lips before the red head even understood what was going on. Gaara flushed a soft pink when the blond pulled back and leaned his forehead against his adorably blushing lover.

"I've been trying to get you under one of these for days." He whispered, a chuckle rumbling through his chest.

Gaara flushed deeper and just kissed the boy again.

End Mistletoe