Between Light and Shadow


Elizabeth stood in her room, gazing out the window at the harbor below, fretting about her decision to marry James Norrington.

He was a good man; decent and kind, and she admired his sense of honor and duty.

On the other hand, there was Will - handsome, brave and passionate, and her heart gave a little flutter whenever she thought of him. Either would likely make a suitable husband, and would likely have pleased her late mother.

Thoughts of another man crowded out those of the first two; one not so shining and polished as James, nor as earnest and sincere as Will

Now, that was a man that she definitely could never have brought home to her mother, but that didn't stop her breath from hitching, or her mind from wandering to forbidden places whenever she thought about being near him.

Those places her mind wandered to would only mean trouble, as would a man like Jack Sparrow, but the wicked truth was....Elizabeth did so like the notion of where each might take her....