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It was official. She would never care about him. Never.

Yuiko, his angel, his princess, the one he worships above anyone else in the world, loved another.

It was so devastating! He knew for a long time that there was no way he could ever be with her, but he always tried his hardest despite that.

He did everything he could, tried every single way possible, to make her happy. To attempt to get her to see his feelings, to try to make her understand how much he loved her.

But it was all to no avail.

She never saw him as anything more than a friend, never even gave him half a chance, and now he was left with nothing, but heartbreak, pain, and utter, and complete, misery.

Oh, the irony of it all! The hard, cold, irony! It was almost enough to make him consider suicide, but such a dark thought left him feeling more depressed than before, and he couldn't possibly go through with it.

"I'll just have to live with this agony for the rest of my life."

He said to himself sadly, as he watched Yuiko hug a struggling Ritsuka.

His chest tightened, and he turned away, walking in the opposite direction of the two friends.

"Well, there's nothing I can do about it anyway, right? I think I'll go buy myself some pocky or something. I need something sweet right now."

The pink-haired girl finally realized that one person was missing from their small group, and looked around to spot the absent boy.

"Hey Yayoi, where are you going?"

Not bothering to turn around, the cat-boy shouted a response over his shoulder.

"To the store. You guys go on ahead without me."

Ritsuka looked confused, for a moment, wondering why Yayoi was going off on his own, but Yuiko cheerfully bid him goodbye.

"Well, see you later then, Yayoi!"

"Yeah, goodbye."

Yayoi waved to them briefly, before sprinting away.

"Geeze, I'm so bored. I wish Yuiko was with me right now. Gah! I have to stop thinking about her. I absolutely have to!"

Striding slowly down the street, the weary neko amused himself by counting the lines on the pavement. It was a stupid thing to do, and one that was utterly pointless, but a person torn by unrequited love can become numb for a long time. It seemed as if his world had shattered and he chuckled weakly at the notion that he was used to this feeling.

He was still looking downwards, when he felt someone crash into him, and was sent sprawling to the ground.

"Ouch! That really hurt."

Rubbing his head, he heard a worried, frantic voice cry out in a panicked tone.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry! Are you alright? I'm such a clutz; I apologize for bumping into you."

Looking up, he spotted the person who knocked him down.

"Oh, Shinonome-Sensei! Gomen, I wasn't watching where I was going. The blame is all mine. Gomenasai."

Quickly, the woman bent down to help him up, and he gratefully took her hand.

"Still, if I wasn't so clumsy this wouldn't have happened."

"I'm telling you, it's not your fault. And anyway, I'm okay, so there's no harm done."

"Well…I suppose you're right."

Hesitantly agreeing with him, the young teacher squatted once more to pick up her scattered possessions.

"Hey, let me help you with that."

Mimicking her actions, Yayoi grabbed a few pieces of paper from the tall stack that had fallen to the floor.

"Thank you very much. If I remember correctly your name is Yayoi, isn't it?"

"Hai. It is."

The lad handed the papers to the woman, and then gathered up the rest of the sheets as well.

"Arigato. You are a very helpful child, aren't you?"

Despite the fact that he still felt terrible, he was able to flash her a weak smile.

"It was no problem at all. I have nothing else to do, so it didn't take up any of my time, or anything."

"Is that so? Well, if you don't have any other plans, would you mind hanging out with me for awhile? I have some free time as well."

'Is my Sensei asking me out? No, no I'm sure it's just because she has nothing to do either. Geeze, what am I thinking?'

"Well, where do you want to go?"

"Hmm…how about we go out to eat?"

"That's a good idea, but I don't have any money on me."

The virginal cat-woman surprised him a bit, by giving him a playful wink.

"That's totally fine. I happen to have enough cash for the both of us. So, what do you say? Still up for a free meal?"

A huge grin spread across the boy's face, and his heavy heart lifted a bit.

"Of course. Arigato!"

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