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They were too distracted to really notice when the waiter returned. Hitomi barely touched her food. She was deep in thought at the moment. Yayoi's situation got her to thinking. She couldn't really remember having similiar problems when she was his age. Oh, sure there were crushes, but nothing serious. The woman could clearly remember telling herself that there were more important things, like studying, doing housework, and buying the weeks groceries. The truth was she was simply too quiet, too shy, too nerdy, too clumsy, too socially awkward, too mousy, too unpopular to have any sort of relationship with another person. Or...that was how she pictured herself anyway. Her self-esteem always had been very low, and the young teacher could tell that the boy sharing a meal with her at an expensive diner had similar character flaws as she did, but was strong-willed and clear-headed, which enabled him to be persistant, determined, and hopeful. That hope had been exstinguished, but Hitomi admired him greatly for being able to stare defeat in the face and give the pain of rejection a firm, but gentle push in the opposite direction.

"If I had been like him, I would probably have more courage now. I wouldn't act like such an idiot around that damn jerk, Soubi either."

The negative thoughts dissolved when she realized that Yayoi had asked her a question.

"Um...yes?" Was her sheepish answer.

"I said, I'm full, do you want to do something after this?"

"A-ano, like what?"

He pondered that for several moments, and flashed her a shy smile.

"It's still pretty early, how about we go see a movie, unless your too busy."

'Oh, yeah, I have a full schedule.' The thought was sarcastic and somewhat bitter. Supressing an unladylike snort, Hitomi called a waiter over to pay for the check.

"No, I don't have anything planned. I'm totally free for whatever."

He waited as she payed for the check, feeling guilty as he thought of the wallet he left at home.

"Alright. I hope you have enough for snacks."

"Thought you were full."

A sneaky, almost sly grin crept onto his face and it shocked her to see such an expression on Yayoi's face. When he spoke, his tone was of false innocence.

"I don't recall saying that."

She threw him a 'You're-kidding-me, right?' look, and his expression suddenly turned bashful as he ducked his head, and ran a hand over his dark locks.

"J-just joking. What I meant was there's always room for popcorn."

She blinked at the sudden change, but shook it off. Her students never surprised her anymore.

"Anything else you'd like while we're on the subject?"

"Uh...maybe some nachos, a medium soda, and some Sugar Babies."

"Check, check, and check. And please remember that I'm a teacher and my salary is not that big. Let's take it easy from here on out."

Her tone was gentle, but he blushed with shame anyway. "S-sorry."

She stood up, holding her bag to her side. "Well, let's go."

Why he insisted on seeing a horror/scifi film, is something she simply could not figure out. It was obviously terrifying him to death, while she was more-or-less neutral. The only thing that upset her was when the mad scientist severed his own foot to use it in an illegal experiment. Halfway through the movie, she fell asleep. Yayoi had been trembling, biting his fingernails, and even letting out an occassional girlish scream during a few of the more gruesome scenes, giving adequate cause for many viewers in the audience to fix the boy with dark glares, kick his seat, and even, on one rare occasion, turn around and yell, "Shut up, dumbass!" While Hitomi, for her part, had been very quiet, except to whisper once to the bespectacled lad, "He isn't really going to do that, is he? He is? Seriously? Oh god, gross!" To which he had laughed weakly, and went back to watching the movie between shaking fingers.

The woman awoke sometime near the end of the flick, yawning, and rubbing her eyes. Her right arm was numb and she saw that Yayoi had a permanent death grip on the appendage. Most of the people were getting up and moving toward the exit, before the credits even started. Yayoi, noticing that his companion was now wide awake, let go of her with a nervous laugh and grabbed the mostly empty popcorn container, standing up to throw it in the trashcan, along with some candy wrappers. The golden-brown haired lady grabbed her purse and got up to stretch. Knowing that she had slept during a great stretch of the movie turned her cheeks pink with girlish mortification, but she had a feeling that her student had barely made it through it himself. His complextion was still a shade paler than normal, but other than that, he seemed okay.

They walked out of the theater together, and, as it was rather late, decided to head home. Hitomi offered to walk Yayoi home, but the boy politely turned her down.

Just as they were preparing to go their separate ways, Yayoi grasped Hitomi's hand gently, making her gasp in surprise.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening. I had a lot of fun thanks to you."

Hitomi blinked, bemused. She had not expected so formal a parting.

"Your quite welcome. Maybe we can do this again sometime."

She added the last part casually, but noticed that it made Yayoi uncomfortable. She understood how he felt, it was all a bit awkward for her as well. She flushed a rosey shade of red.

"Maybe. If I can find the time." He added the last bit teasingly, lightly poking at her, nearly-always-empty-schedule.

Her cheeks darkened a shade, but she took the light-hearted jab easily.

"Alright, it's a date."

The effect of her words hit the two of them with the force of a rogue wave crashing on a still beach. The young teacher could have kicked herself for not wording her sentence with more care.

"I-I mean, it's not really a date, its more like an outing with a friend. The two of us hanging out, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know."

In an effort to save them both another uncomfortable silence, the spectacled boy planted a short kiss on her cheek, his mind not registering the action until after it was done.

To disguise his own horror at what he had done, he muttered a quick, "Bye-bye," and took off down the street.

Hitomi was left gawking after him, schocked speechless, and momentarily forgetting to breathe.

When she came to her senses, she shook her head still dazed, internally berating herself for her childish reaction.

In her bewildered state, the only thing she could think to say was, "I guess my students can still suprise me, after all."