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Whisky and Mistletoe

Sakura groaned. It was far too early for this.

She had no clue where she was.

And the head on the next pillow was not helping.

What the hell had she done last night?

* * *

"Bastard." said Sakura to herself. "Another saki." she asked the barman.
"Don't you think you've had enough?" he asked her.
"You're right. I'll have a whisky." she said decisively.

The barman sighed and got it for her, and left her alone.

* * *

"This seat taken? Sakura, isn't it?" said some girl.
"No, take it. Sakura, yeah." said Sakura. She didn't feel like talking much.
"So, what's up with you?" she asked.

Sakura groaned, and drunk the rest of her whisky.
"…you're Hana, right? Kiba's sister." she asked.
"Yeah. What's up?" said the older girl.
"I got dumped." said Sakura shortly.
"Well, look on the bright side." said Hana.

Sakura stared at her.

"Well, that leaves you open for someone else!" said Hana.

"That is the worst bright side I've ever heard in my life." said Sakura.

"Who was it?"
"Shikamaru." said Sakura bitterly.
"Who made him go on a date?"
"I think his mom." said Sakura. "Shouldn't have bothered, he's not interested."
"Hm. I wish there was something I could do." said Hana.
Sakura was silent for a second.
"Kiss me." she said.
"What?" said Hana.
"Go on. You said anything." said Sakura, grinning.
Hana groaned.
"Fine. But if anyone asks, there was mistletoe." she said.
"There is mistletoe." said Sakura, pointing upwards.
"Oh." said Hana. Surprised. "Well in that case."

They kissed.
"Feel better?" asked Hana.
"Much." said Sakura, breathing quickly.

Hana drank some more of her drink.

"What are you drinking?" asked Sakura.
"Whisky." said Hana.

They were both starting to slur slightly.

A brief silence.

"I love you." said Sakura.
"Come back to my place." said Hana.

At the same time.

"Definitely." said Sakura.
"Love you too." said Hana.

They both stood up, downed the rest of their whisky, and left.

* * *

Sakura turned her head to the older girl.
"Did we..?" asked Sakura.
"Yes." said Hana.
"Did we really..?
"Yes." said Hana. "Why?"
"No reason. But if anyone asks…"
"We blame whisky and mistletoe."

* * *

Yes, short. But still. No lemon because it just didn't flow…