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Twelve Drummers Drumming

The Read family was going to Arthur's band concert for Christmas and were quite happy to be going, that is for one Dora Winifred who would much rather have done something else. She sat in her car seat moping about having to go. "I bet they won't have the Mary Moo Cow song or the Crazy Bus song at the concert."

"That's because it is a Christmas concert D.W," her father spoke up.

"Well, they do have Christmas versions of the songs… they could play that, but when I suggested that to Arthur, he said that wouldn't work," the little girl stated.

"Well, that is because this is for the whole family, not just adults and not just little children," her mother smiled. "They'll have Rudolf the Reindeer."

"Rudolf the Reindeer is not the same thing as Mary Moo cow. A bunch of cows should pull Santa's sleigh… that or a bunch of Unicorns." Her comment made it so that both of her parents gave each other looks.

"It won't be boring," was the reply that came.

"I bet it will be…" D.W. muttered. The car pulled into the parking lot and she took her father's hand while her mother carried her baby sister. They took seats near the front row. The concert struck up and began to play with great relish. Perhaps it was too much relish, because one of Binky Barnes drumsticks snapped and went and hit Principle Haney's head.

"One…" counted D.W. as Binky pulled out another drumstick. She continued to count as number two hit Mr. Ratburn, number three hit off to the far left of the stage, number's four and five went flying into the skylight, six went and landed in the punch bowl for after the concert, seven, eight and nine just broke and fell to the ground, ten went flying into Buster's tuba and made it so he had to stop playing, eleven went flying into the piano, making it so that an odd sound came from it and number twelve went and hit Mr. Haney again, causing Binky to have one drumstick left.

"You do know," Muffy muttered to the boy, "That having the number thirteen is extremely bad luck?"

"I guess that wasn't as boring as I thought," D.W. laughed as the concert was paused so the music teacher could go and get new sticks for Binky and taped ones at that.

Author's note – This is what I call Neo-so-fic, or Neosofic, which stands for new (neo) songfic. Basically, the concept is this… if a song that is in not in public domain really does inspire you, the concept is to name the story after the song only if it is a one shot, or to name the chapters after the lines. Inspired by an actual published work that named it's chapters after Elvis songs… 'Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit'. I know that possibly others have come up and done this idea before, but I felt it deserved a name for itself. Don't ask… hopefully I'll finish all the chapters for this before to long.