Nine Ladies Dancing

Mrs. Read had received tickets to the Nutcracker for some good work she had done for one of her customers… nine to be exact, so she had to think of who to take. She would be one of the people in the group, that was a definite, and D.W. would love to go to it as she had been talking about it since she had seen a poster.

She then asked D.W. who, if she were to bring anyone to the ballet, who they would be. The girl's eyes went wide with delight finding out that they were actually going. She frowned though. "Isn't daddy going?"

"Your father has to many Christmas catering jobs…" Mrs. Read sighed.

"Oh… well, Emily would love to come to this, as would. So would Vacita… she would like to go… and the Tibble twins,"

"The Tibble twins… they would like this?" Mrs. Read asked skeptically.

"Well, yeah… they wanted to see the sword fighting," D.W. pointed out, which was no surprise at all. Mrs. Read thought carefully then came to a conclusion. If she was going to bring five kids and herself, that left three tickets, she would need help with the younger ones; Arthur would have to go because he could handle the Tibbles.

But then who to look after the girls. Francine was out of the question, as she was more into sports, and Muffy… she did not want to put Muffy and Emily together… that would be possibly not a good thing to do. She then settled on Su Ellen and Fern as the best candidates to go.

Arthur was none to pleased at being selected as one of the nine to go to the play. He followed after them with the Tibble Twins yakking about how the hoped to see someone die on the stage. He wasn't happy about this one bit, expesully when the twins asked where their hotdogs and popcorn were.

The ballet started and instantly the younger girls began asking questions about it, as it was silent. Mrs. Read had expected that the girls would be explaining it, but the Tibble twins were actually explaining it with great gusto. So much so that one would have expected the people around them to get disgusted, but they actually were smiling at the twins.

They also had no problem when the twins suddenly roared with delight when the rat king was killed. Arthur just shrunk down in his seat, wondering how he was stuck with the two in the first place. Afterwards, she asked the kids if they liked it.

"It was boring," Arthur commented.

"It was a classic… like seeing a book put into action," Fern sighed.

"Except that there were no words," D.W. muttered.

"It was a piece of culture… my mother was happy you brought me," came Emily's comment.

"I felt it was an awesome cultural experience… I've seen the play done in Russian costumes; Japanese… all sorts, but never this way… the normal way,"

"I liked the Tibble Twins explanations!" to which the twins smiled.