Summary: When Mirai Gohan decides to take up teaching at Orange Star High School, keeping secrets suddenly becomes a lot harder for one young hybrid. Will Mirai Gohan's good intentions destroy his younger counterpart's relationship with Videl? Or help it?

Sequel to Impasse.

Rated: T

Author's notes: Here it is, folks! Impasse's long-awaited (yeah, "long awaited") sequel has arrived! If you haven't read Impasse yet, Finesse MIGHT be a little confusing. I've tried to make it the least confusing as possible to first-time readers.

I'm sorry if some of you are ticked about it coming out the day after Impasse finished, but patience just really isn't my thing.



Gohan smiled as Orange Star High School came into view. After the long summer, Gohan was ready for a good break away from home. He preferred the social interaction with his friends to the solitary confinement that his mother seemed to put him through. It's not that he didn't enjoy studying or anything- he just liked studying with other people more.

Even if he had to hide his real talents from those other people.

The young hybrid landed softly on the rooftop of his high school and transformed from his Saiyaman uniform back into his school clothes.

'So cool!' Gohan thought to himself with a grin and pushed the roof door open. It had been about seven years since the defeat of Cell and the androids. Mirai Trunks, Mirai Gohan (otherwise referred to as 'Majunior'), and little Pan returned to their own timeline. It was unknown to the Z Fighters of the Alternate Timeline whether or not the time travelers had made things right, but Gohan was sure that they were fine.

After all, all three of them were Super Saiyans. Not only that, but Trunks and Majunior were ascended Super Saiyans and Pan was extremely quick on her feet (even though she only had one foot, courtesy of an accident when she was only three. Her other foot was replaced with a bionic one which- in Gohan's opinion- was cooler than a stub).

Gohan hummed happily and strolled into the cafeteria where his fellow teens were eating breakfast. He sought out his three friends: Bubbly Erasa, the jock, Sharpner, and the friendly neighborhood crime fighter, the "one and only" Videl Satan. Gohan would often stop and wonder where he had heard that name before, but he would promptly shake it off. She's famous. Maybe he heard it on television or something.

He tossed his yellow messenger back in a seat and plopped down into the one next to it.

"Hey, Gohan!" Erasa greeted happily. She immediately scooted her chair across the tiled floor towards him. He immediately scooted away.

"Hey, Erasa," he flashed a stunning smile at her. She almost melted into a pile of goo.

"Aren't you looking handsome today?" she grinned. Gohan turned away bashfully.

"Aw, geez, Erasa. I bet you said that to even old Sharpner over there." Said blonde jock snorted.

"You're hilarious, Brains." Gohan chuckled. He looked over to Videl and lurched back slightly. Yep, she was glaring at him full force.

"H-hey, Videl," he waved timidly. She was scary, even for a human. She could probably scare Freeza away with that look.

"Hey, Gohan," she replied and leaned back in her seat. Gohan let out a sigh of relief when she turned her head to stare at something else.

"Hey, Son, do you have your schedule?" Sharpner asked. Gohan nodded and tossed the other boy the sheet of blue paper. Sharpner swung his legs off the cafeteria table and unfolded his own blue paper to compare them. "Hmm, you have first period Math with us, too, then." Videl looked over curiously.

"He has Gym with me second period," she smirked and looked up to see Gohan's face. The hybrid's eye twitched slightly, but he covered it up with a yawn. Videl chewed the inside of her cheek. "What's wrong, Gohan?" She said the name a little harder than usual, the way she usually does when she's trying to catch him in a lie. "Didn't get enough sleep last night?"

"Well he does live a really long way away, Viddy. He probably had to get up at… like, four in the morning!" Erasa answered for him. Gohan thanked Dende silently. If it weren't for Erasa answering Videl's questions for him so much, she would have probably figured him all out by now. Videl rolled her periwinkle blues and cocked an eyebrow at Erasa.

"How do you travel wearing that?" she asked in a disgusted tone and pointed to Erasa's attire. The blonde girl giggled.

"I have a jacket, silly! Besides, it's only September! It's not that cold!" she pointed at a girl wearing a red and black striped sweatshirt. Gohan followed her finger lazily to where, indeed, a teenage girl was sitting alone nearby, wearing a sweatshirt and black jeans. Gohan frowned slightly. She looked so lonely.

The bell rang shrilly, indicating that the students should head for their first period classes. Gohan pulled his messenger bag's strap over his head and looked back to where the girl was sitting, but she was already gone. He sighed and looked back at his friends.

"Move, Son," Sharpner demanded and pushed the hybrid out of the way. Gohan pretended to stumble, just to humor the human boy. The quartet made their way through the crowds of teenagers and, finally, made it to the hallway, where they continued to the Junior Math Hall.

"Hey, Viddy, I got something nice for your birthday!" Erasa teased. Videl shifted her books to her other arm. "You'll love it! It's right up your alley!"

"What is it?" the raven haired girl questioned. Erasa giggled.

"I can't tell you, silly!"

"You're not going to take me on another girl date, are you?" Videl groaned.

"No, I could tell how miserable you were the last time…"

"When's your birthday?" Gohan asked quietly.

"October twenty-fifth!" Erasa answered for her. Gohan's breath hitched in his throat.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Day of the Cell Games. Get it all out of your system," Videl sighed, as if she'd heard it a million times.

"…I'm sorry," Gohan whispered. Videl looked up at him incredulously.

"Sorry? For what?"

"Well, with your birthday on the day your dad beat Cell, you must not get a lot of recognition because everyone's so excited about Hercule's victory instead." Videl stared up at him with wide eyes. He cocked an eyebrow. "What?"

"Well, usually people gush over how awesome it is to have my birthday the same day Dad beat Cell… I just wasn't expecting you to apologize." Gohan blinked.


Sharpner scoffed and slapped Gohan on his back. "Yeah, Brains here is a real wild card."

"Oooh, I love spontaneous men! We should go on a date sometime," Erasa mumbled in a suggestive tone.

Gohan rolled his eyes. Erasa laughed and brushed her arm against his. "Yeah, Gohan, I'm serious! You and I should totally go to the movies or something…"

"Erasa, you're way too hot to beg," Sharpner ran a hand through his long blonde hair.

"Mmm, but I think I'll have to make an exception for him," she purred and poked Gohan's chest. The hybrid laughed nervously.

"In other news," Videl slapped Erasa's hand away. She poked her fat, glossy pink lips out in a pout. Videl couldn't help but smirk. "In other news, I hear there's a new teacher and a new student."

"Oh, yeah? What's the teacher teach?" Gohan asked idly.

"Math- our next class, actually," she answered. Sharpner shoved Gohan playfully.

"Only you would be interested in what the new teacher teaches, Booknerd! Who's the new kid?"

"I don't know. Some girl with a really weird name. I can't even remember it. Piper, or something," Videl answered.

"Ooh, a girl! Is she hot?!" Sharpner leaned in. Videl glared at him and elbowed him in the ribs. "Aw, come on, on a scale of One-to-Videl, how hot is she?" The teenage crime fighter elbowed him again. When the four reached the door, the bell rang.

"Oh, man, we're going to be late!" Gohan bit his lip habitually.

"Gohan, don't do that! You'll ruin your lips! Want some lip balm? You can use some of mine- oh, darn! I left the stick in my locker! Here, just kiss me and-"

"No, Erasa!" Videl separated the two. Gohan thanked her quietly. "Jesus Christ, you're like a cat in heat." Videl glared at the other girl. Erasa only giggled.

Gohan pushed the door open and stopped dead in his tracks. He stared wide-eyed at the new teacher, who only smirked at him in return.

"Oooh, the new teacher is hot!" Erasa whispered to Videl. The three humans pushed past Gohan's frozen form.

"Have a seat, Mr. Son," the new teacher ordered coolly. Gohan began to tremble. The new teacher walked up to him slowly and waved a hand in front of his eyes, snapping the hybrid out of his trance. "Are you alright?" Gohan nodded slowly. The new teacher smirked again. "Good. Now, then. Take your seat."

"Y-Yes, t-teach-cher…" Gohan stuttered. He walked numbly to his seat near his friends, who eyed him strangely. The teacher walked back to the front of the classroom and stuffed his hands into his black jacket. He smiled at his young students.

"Good. Hello, class, I'm your new Algebra II teacher, Majunior Son. It's nice to meet you all."

Gohan was gnawing on his lip by now. 'Why's he here? What happened? Is Pan okay? Is Trunks okay? Did he destroy the androids?' A soft hand landed on his shoulder.

"Hey, hey Gohan!" Videl whispered. "Calm down. Is he related to you or something?"

Gohan stopped gnawing on his lip and looked over at her, then at the hand on his shoulder. Videl pulled it away and glared up at him, "Because if something fishy's going on, I'll find out about it."

"Hey!" Majunior shouted, "No whispering. If you have something to say in my class, then say it."

"I think Gohan's sick," Erasa said, bending around Videl's frame to see the hybrid's face. Gohan frowned defiantly.

"I'm not sick, I'm fine, just a little…" he looked back up at Majunior, questions in his eyes. Majunior met them with a studious expression. "I mean, I need to talk to you after class, Maj-… Mr. Son." The teacher nodded and sat on the corner of his desk.

"Alright. So, it's the first day of school, September fifteenth, blah-blah-blah… No, I'm not going to ask you all to tell me something about yourselves other than your names, because quite frankly, I don't care." Some of the students made little disapproving sounds.

"He's not going to make us work on the first day of school, is he?" Erasa mumbled.

"No, Erasa, I'm not. It's stupid for any teacher to expect work out of a sixteen/seventeen year old mind after two and a half months of it rotting. Just, tell me your names right now. You, in the front, start," Majunior pointed to a student in the front right desk.

Gohan leaned forward and placed his head in his hands. He closed his eyes, attempting to concentrate. 'Okay, if Mage is here, that means that at least Pan is here. If I concentrate, I can feel her energy…' Soon enough, he located the little girl's energy signal. 'There… geez, she's not hiding it, either. Why didn't I notice it before? Why didn't I notice Mage's energy? Man, Vegeta's right, I have to be getting soft…'


'I mean, it's not like I haven't been training, it's just that there hasn't been a lot of reason to train hard like we used to.'


'And the only time I really need to locate a person via energy is when I'm either running from Videl or finding the bad guys while we're fighting crime. Though, she doesn't know it's me, heh…' a small smile pulled at his lips. He opened his eyes. His heart skipped a beat and he flew back in his chair.

"Gah! Man, you're quiet!" Gohan exclaimed before he could think. He clamped his hands over his mouth. Majunior smirked.

"Good morning to you, too. Want some toast? There's milk in the fridge."

"No, I already ate, thanks," Gohan said and laughed nervously, putting his hand on the back of his head. The kids around them snickered. Majunior was kneeling in front of Gohan's desk, his arms folded and his chin resting on his arms. The teacher chuckled and lifted himself up.

"Good, then pay attention, at least until you're out of my class. After that, I don't care if you listen or not."

"Oh, but Gohan's the 'Perfect Test Score' student. He's probably only in high school because his mama told him he needs to meet friends," Sharpner smirked and leaned his chair back on its two back legs and put his two legs on top of his desk. Gohan lowered his head slightly. Majunior drew his lips into a fine line and looked over to Sharpner.

"Hey, do you know about the law of gravity, by any chance?" Majunior wondered idly and strolled over to Sharpner's desk a few feet away. Sharpner's lip twitched, as if to say something, but he stayed silent. Majunior stopped in front of Sharpner's desk and leaned on it with one hand. "Because I do, Sherman Pencil."

Sharpner's eyes widened and he pushed off of the desk, but his chair fell backwards, taking him with it. He landed on his back with a thud. Sharpner shook his head, whether to get the dizziness out or the sound of the other students' laughter out, and looked up at the teacher.

"You're not going to pick on other kids in my class, Mr. Pencil, because if you do, then I'll have to settle the score by picking on you."

At this moment, the bell chose to rang, and the students picked up their bags and notebooks and filed out into the low rumble that was the hall. Majunior looked over his shoulder, where Gohan was still sitting quietly, head lowered. Majunior sat in Videl's seat next to him. Gohan lifted his head slightly.

"Why are you here?" he asked softly.

"What, you're not happy to see me?" Majunior answered just as softly.

"It's not that I'm not happy to see you, it's just… Trunks said that you guys would only come back if something happened in your timeline that would keep you from living there comfortably…"

"Nothing happened, Gohan. Trunks is actually in our timeline now. He's the head of Capsule Corporation now, you know, and he found the blueprints to Bulma's time machine. He made a new one so we could come see you. Pan is here, too, you know." Gohan nodded.

"I know, I felt her energy. But what's she doing here? Isn't she just… you know, a kid?" Gohan lifted his head completely, curiosity gracing every curve and crevice of his face. Majunior chuckled softly.

"No, Gohan, she's not a little kid. She's your age- well, thanks to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, she's sixteen… what are you, eighteen? Almost nineteen?" Gohan nodded softly.

"But my birth certificate says I'm seventeen, so that's how old I am to the other kids and teachers. Please, don't let it slip," he looked up at Majunior pleadingly. His older counterpart merely smiled.

"Why would I let something that would make you unhappy out to the public?"

"Well, you offered me toast and milk, but I didn't see any," Gohan pouted playfully. Majunior laughed.

"So, what?! You said you already ate!" Majunior whapped the side of Gohan's head. Gohan grinned, but it faded quickly into seriousness.

"Tell me why you're here, Mage. It can't be just to see me. What's the reason?" Majunior's smile fell, too, and he stared at Gohan solemnly.

"Well, when I snapped, I was your age, so…" Gohan's eyes widened in horror.

"Oh, no, you think… you think I'm going to… kill people?" he asked quietly. Majunior bit his lip and looked down.

"I don't want it to happen any more than you do, kid, but I'm ready for when it happens, if it does." Gohan swallowed the lump in his throat and started to ring his hands nervously.

"That's why Pan is here," he mumbled. "To help you stop me if I do." Majunior nodded.

"That and she wanted to see you." Gohan laughed softly and looked up. The bell rang shrilly, indicating that all students should be in their next period classes. Majunior stood from Videl's previous chair and walked to the front of the classroom, Gohan in tow. "Second period is my planning period, so I won't have any kids coming in for about an hour. Your next period is Gym, right?" he looked over his shoulder. Gohan nodded. "Good, then that works out. Pan's next period is Gym, too. I'm sure she'll be pretty easy to spot. Here, I'll write you a note so you can get into your next class." Majunior ripped a post-it note off of a little stack and scribbled on it. He then stuck it to Gohan's forehead. The teenager glared lightly, making his older counterpart laugh.

Videl closed her agape mouth and looked away from the two raven haired men in the classroom, not believing all that she just heard. She shifted her books to her other arm and started jogging toward her Gym class.



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