Living Room
February 3
9:02 AM

"S-sorry, what?" I asked, unsure if I had heard right. My dad casually walked to the fridge while my mom tried to hide from the awkwardness.

"Sakura…" she walked toward me in an attempt to comfort me.

"No, I…" I stepped back uneasily. "We're moving?"

No answer.

I sighed, running a hand stressfully through my already messy hair.

"To where?" I tried to stay calm, trying not to make things worse. She told me hesitantly, to which I nodded reluctantly as if I understood perfectly. I excused myself back to my room.

Kyoto, huh?

I heard there were lots of beaches there. And a nice city life. And…

I couldn't think straight. My positive thoughts were conquered by the negative. I didn't want to sound like a whiny brat who always got what I wanted in front of my parents, so I did the predictable. I ran. Upstairs, of course. It's not like I could have gotten elsewhere at the moment.

I sniffed, fighting tears making their way to my eyes.

It's not like I could do anything now. Every time they announce we're moving it always happens. Take it from experience. But I hadn't been as content with my life as I am now. Good friends, great school, what else could a 16 year old ask for?

I grabbed my phone from a table.

"Mmm…Moshi moshi…?" someone yawned.

"Ino," my voice cracked.

"Sakura?" she inquired sleepily. "What's up?"

"Ino…" I repeated. "Could I meet you at Ichiraku's?"

"Are you okay?"

"Mm…" I tried to sound as normal as possible.

"Well…is it personal?"


"Then how about the public library? No doubt Naruto will be at Ichiraku's." she pointed out, to which I agreed to. I heard the light sound of clothes in the back. "KK, hold on, Forehead, I'll see you there in 10 minutes."

I nodded and smiled before hanging up.

Konoha Public Library
February 3

"So…what's so important that you'd interrupt my beauty sleep for?" she asked half joking, rummaging through her bag for some make up. I hesitated for a moment. "You woke me up super early."

"It was 9:00."

"…You woke me up super early."

I sighed.

"You promise not to tell anyone?" I clarified first of all. I couldn't have her tell people. Especially Naruto and Sasuke… She raised an eyebrow at me skeptically. "Swear? Like…you'll tell NOBODY?"

"What is it?" she snapped, but sunk into her seat after seeing my semi-hurt expression.

I stared at her with my cute puppy dog eyes.

"Sorry…" she looked away. "Sakura, it can't be that bad…" she stated confidently. Then her face fell. "…Oh my gosh. Don't tell me. You and Sasuke did-"

"W-What?" I blushed. Like…pretty bad.

"I-I'm right aren't I? Yes! I am! When he had to take you home last night you two did other things, didn't you? Holy CRAP, Sakura! You're too young to be doing that kind of stuff!" she scolded me. I sunk deep into my seat, my face was surely purple. "Ewh! Now I know what you mean by how close you two are!"

Dammit…I thought this was a library. You know, where people are supposed to be quiet? "Ino…" I sighed deeply. How could she accuse me of this?

"Don't worry, Forehead. I got your back when you tell your parents." she put a hand sympathetically on my shoulder.


"And if your pregnancy test turns out po-"


"Shhh," some old lady shushed us. Déjà vu much?

I turned back to her. "No."


"No. I didn't…" I blushed once more. "Do…that with Sasuke, okay?"

She paused, staring at me like I'd just asked her to jump off a cliff. "So what'd you call me here for?"

"I uh…er….."

Ino's Room
February 3
9:35 AM

See, this is why I shouldn't have told Ino. Yamanaka Ino of all people. Even if she's probably one of the most amazing people I know, she still has her faults.

After breaking it to her that we were leaving Konoha, not only had she dragged me back to her house in heels (which is one of the things that makes her one of the most amazing people I know), but she had to lock me in here, windows locked, door blocked, no fan- and I'm slowly dying, I'm sure.

Oh, it's not what you think. She's not trying to keep me hostage or anything so I don't end up leaving. She just went to go get Hinata.

…Unless that's what she wants me to think!

She'll probably keep me captive and when my parents get here to liberate me she'll-!

"Look at this mess!" she comes in, shoving Hinata through the door first. What mess? Her room is perfectly clean. "Can you believe this…thing is leaving us?"

Oh. Oh now, I see how it is.

Hinata looked at me apologetically as Ino closed the door again.

She took out a notebook and pen and started intently at me. "So, escape plans." she starts. "How's living in my closet sound?"

"Ino…" I shake my head.

"Under my bed…?"

"That's not my problem right now."

She looked at me skeptically first, but her confused façade was replaced with an all-knowing smirk. "Oh I see. It's Sasu-chan, isn't it?" I looked-no, glared at her at the assumption. "You don't wanna leave 'cause you two didn't even get it on yet, huh?" she waggled her eyebrows.

I was blushing again. Stupid natural human body reactions.

"You're hopeless."

"Thank you, thank you very much." she bowed. But her face fell and she looked saddened. And for once, maybe- just maybe! I felt a little bad for her. "When?"

When what? …Oh.

"I don't know."

Hinata, who had stayed quiet the whole time, decided it was the right time to speak up. "I-I'm sorry, Sakura-chan." she played with her fingers. "I'm sure you'll find it a nice place to live in Kyoto…"

I couldn't help but smile.

"Hinata! How could you encourage this!" she exploded towards the soft girl.

"Gommen…" she looked down. "I just thought…maybe Sakura already has enough…stress to deal with…"

Ino sighed, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. She looked to be considering what Hinata said, looking up at me after a while. "Plan on telling anyone else?"

My brows furrowed on their own as I shook my head.

"Well," she stood up, dusting off imaginary dust from her clothes and held a hand up help us up. "How about some shopping then? To calm down some nerves?"

Of course…

February 5
10:32 AM

I hate thinking.

Especially when it comes to math. Pre-Cal to be exact. Not everyone can be a math genius-nerd like Sasuke. I turned in my test though, half confident, half thinking I had just let all the Asians in the world down.

Even if class was almost over.

It can't be helped that I had been contemplating whether I should tell Sasuke and Naruto or not. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

I mean I had thought about just leaving and they'd have to find out from Ino that I've gone to another city the next week (after much suspicion and such). But later came to the conclusion that as reasonable as that sounds, it's pretty cruel.

And I had just gotten on good terms with Sasuke too...


The bell rang, probably while I was zoned out, seeing as the room was empty when someone approached me.


He raised an eyebrow at me, his way of saying "Get up or I'm leaving you."

Tch, I'm too awesome to just be left alone.

But so is Konoha...

I gathered my belonings and said bye to Yakushi-sensei (though the man creeps me out a bit. It's been said he has weird ties to the guy's gym coach, Orochimaru-sensei...). And of course, I was to make no eye contact and possibly avoid conversation.

"Did you study?"

"Huh?" Well there goes the avoiding conversation part. "Oh, uh, no..."

"Hn." Of course. "Is there something you want to discuss?"

My eyes went wide.

"Uhh..." I answered (because I'm a genius). Ino couldn't have told him, right? Hinata wouldn't...but then again it's always the quiet ones... "Is there something you want to talk about?" He sent me a "you're retarded" look, similar to the one he gives Naruto.

"You're avoiding me," he stated bluntly. "And Naruto, but that's not questionable."

I smiled, still avoiding eye contact.

"No I'm not."

There was a pause, when he lightly chuckled. "You can't lie."

"Oh really," I glared at the floor as if it was him. We rounded another corner, before he spoke up again.

"You wanna tell me before we get to class, or do we have to do this the hard way?" Tch, hard way? What's the worst he can do?

"I'm feeling bold today." I joked.

That was the last thing said before I felt his hand grab me by the arm and the halls turned dark and congested. Or at least...I think they were still the halls. I felt something fall onto my arm as he switched a small bulb, illuminating the room slightly (to which I discovered it was a mop that had toppled over).


I pouted, backing up into the shelf of cleaning supplies. He took a step forward, clearly hell-bent on getting me to reveal something.

I blushed at our proximities, though it probably wasn't as visible as it felt due to the partial darkness. I turned to stare at the door, hoping maybe a custodian would come rescue me. His hands went up to the shelves, trapping me.


I turned back to face him, his face inches away from mine.

Stupid charm. If this was anyone else, they wouldn't be able to reproduce at this point.

"We're leaving, okay?" Well what else was I supposed to do? "I don't know when, but my parents are already done packing up half the house by now..."

He loosened up slightly, still looking right at me (in which, I think my inner had already fainted).

"Happy?" I just-" I had intended to finish my explanation, really. And I would have, if the door hadn't opened, revealing a once curious Naruto. He looked guilty as ever as he tried to apologize (to which I had no time to reply considering this was as akward as it could get). "You see what you do?" I pushed him off.

The bell had rung for the seventh time today. I picked up my backpack and ran off.

My Room
February 5
8:25 PM

"Well that was harsh." Ino said over the phone.

"What, the yelling at him, or the raping me in the closet part?"

She giggled, but tried to tell me how he was just trying to help (though I had contradicted her with the way he had carried things out was uncalled for). "Wait, what exactly did you DO in that closet?"

I sighed, shaking my head.

"Keep your fantasies to yourself, Pig."

She laughed again, when something hit my window. I shook it off at first, but when Ino had scared me by saying it could be some creeper who wants my face, I walked over, taking a golf club with me to the window.

"Well...?" I kept the phone between my ear and my shoulder as I opened the window. "Is it the creeper?"

"It's Sasuke," I sneered. "being retarded again."

"At your window?" I hn-ed. "Wow how sweet! I wish I had a boyfriend like him." she sighed dreamily, to which I opened the window and glared, but walked back to my chair to sulk.

He came in almost a minute later, closing the window behind him. I continued talking to Ino, as if he wasn't the creeper Ino had told me about. In all honesty, I wasn't exactly presentable at this time. I sat contently on my chair, a mini blanket covered most of me huddled up like a ball. My hair was everywhere (literally), and I had already changed into my pajamas.

"Is he there?" she whispered. "You got quiet."

"Yes he is," I told her as if he couldn't hear me. "And why are you whispering?"

"No reason," she said ever so casually. "Hey, I'm hanging up before I get caught in your awkwardness."


"Bye, sweet-cheeks!"

I looked-no, glared up at him once I put my phone away. "There's something called a front door, you know."

"Hn..." He sat on my bed. "You mom said you were busy."

Oh yeah...

"I'm done packing," I said truthfully. "What do you want?"

"For you to quit sulking and talk to me properly."


He chucked a pillow at my face (which I caught thanks to my ninja skills) before telling me not to scream.

"She also told me," he started, taking me a while to catch on, "That you're leaving tomorrow night."

"You creeper."

He leaned back, smirking. "At least I don't have THIS in my room." he held up Inu (being presented a stuffed dog at the age of 5 really excites you to where you can't come up with a decent name, thankyouverymuch) by the ear and swung him around.

"Don't touch him!" I jumped off the chair, snatching the dog from him. I looked down, fixing his ear. "And yes, we're leaving tomorrow."

He sighed, gesturing for a hug. Actually in need of one (and knowing he rarely gives them out...if he ever does), I accepted.

"So what's that about a creeper who wants your face?"

My Room
February 6
7:22 AM

I sighed deeply, attempting to turn around on my bed. At the feel of something stopping me, I forced my eyes open to see...


Oh crap.

Shirt, pajamas, underwear...okay, I'm good.

I tried shaking him awake, half asleep myself, to no avail.

"Sasuke...wake up." I tried, considering he was partiall on top of me (not like that, pervs, his arm was restraining any movement I tried). "You'll be late for school. I have to go."

He mumbled something along the lines of "I don't care." before pulling me closer. I blushed, but eventuall wiggled myself out of his grip (with a world record of 3 minutes).

It took another 15 minutes for me to get dressed and shove my important belongings into my old school backpack. And another 5 for him to finally wake up. It startled me a bit, but I continued with my morning rituals as he made himself comfy.

Just the thought that this is probably the last time I'll see him for a long time stuck daggers in my heart.

He stood in front of me, blocking my way to the bathroom.

He stared at me, and I looked back up at him.

It was an awkward minute or two, before I broke eye contact and started walking. He stopped me though, taking me by the arm and placing something in my hand.

My necklace...

"Naruto uh...found it and..."

I hugged him, burrying my face into his chest. His arms slowly made their way around me too, and I sniffed. I pulled away though, and grinned. "Tell Naruto I said thanks then."

He forced a smile and pulled me in one more time before stealthily taking the way out the window.

I watched him go, before slinging my bag over my shoulder.

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