Chapter EIGHT
News, Jealousy and...Lee?

Sasuke's room
January 8
6:59 AM

"Sasuke-kun." He didn't move.

"Go away, Itachi." came a muffled reply.

"Sasuke-kun…I'm not Itachi." I sat down and felt him tense.

He groaned face-first into his pillow. I thought to myself…what else is loud and obnoxious? Quickly, I pulled out my cell phone and playing my favorite ring tone, I held it to his ear. "Sakura!" he whined and pulled the comforter over his head. I sighed and climbed onto his King-sized bed.

"Come on…" I urged, kicking him lightly in the leg. "Get up." He shifted, and just when I thought I won, I felt something sweep from under my feet breaking the contact between the soles my feet and the mattress. I squealed involuntarily as he caught me, making my fall just a tad bit softer.

"I'm up," he stated. "Happy?" I glared.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

We both heard light footsteps get louder and our first assumption was someone was coming this way. Out of nowhere, he pinned me down and pulled the sheets over us. "What are you-?!"

"Oi, Sasuke. Mom said-" he stopped as soon as he opened the door, with a strange leer on his face. Oh I get it…he's gonna pay for this.

"I-Itachi-nii-san! I-It's not-" I tried to protest, but he snickered and rolled his eyes, stopping me. I blushed terribly and watched as Sasuke smirked down at me.

"What?" he turned to his brother.

"Never mind," he shook his head. "I'll just tell mom you two were busy." he laughed at his own little perverted joke before walking out and shutting the door behind him.

"What the heck?!" I pushed him off once the footsteps completely subsided and I was sure he was gone.

"That's just what you get for waking me up." he stood up and the blush returned to my cheeks. "Why? It's not like he's gonna tell anybody…Except maybe my parents." I angrily chucked a pillow at him.

"You're sick." I deadpanned, getting up as well.

"Thank you." he grabbed a towel and walked into the large bathroom on the west wall.

It didn't take him very long. Though I had barely noticed him step out of the shower, due to the distractions of his giant flat-screen television on his wall. I had it turned on to some Filipino channel, playing some dramatic soap opera, I'm guessing.

"…May sasabihin ako sayo… (…I have something to tell you…)" the man stammered uncontrollably in front of a woman. She stared at him for a while before he continued, "I-Iiwanan ko ikaw. (I-I'm leaving…you.) " he said sincerely.

I sat at the edge of the bed, waiting for the girl to do/say something.

"Nanaman?! (Again?!)" she screamed at him, and he was a bit taken aback with her force. "Bakit ka aalis, ha?! Anong ginawa ko na mali?! (Why are you leaving?! What did I do wrong?!)" she begged.

I stared intently, tears threatening to fall out and I could feel my whole body tense. Yep, we women tend to get a little into our shows.

"Wala, (Nothing)" he continued. "Pero kalimutan mo na lang ako. Wala na akong magagawa. (Just forget about me. There's nothing more I can do) ."

I clutched at the remote tighter. What was she going to do?

No! Don't leave her!!

"Lagi naman ganito! Sinasabi mo mahal mo ako, tapos iiwanan mo ako! (It's always like this! You tell me you love me, then you leave!)" she yelled at his face, waterfalls of tears streaming down her pale cheeks. "Alam mo…pagod na ako! Hindi ko na kailangan ikaw! (You know, I'm sick of it! I don't need you anymore!)" she stopped there as her quiet sobs became uncontrollable weeping.

"Wag kang ganyan. (Don't be like that)" he comforted her as she buried her face into his shirt. "Alam mong kailangan ko tong gawin." (You know I have to do this) ."

Oh wow. I'm actually crying. I mean, I'm surprised I actually get some of this.

She sniffed. Who knew Filipinos were such good actors?

"Okay na, (It's okay)" he smiled weakly. "Pero alamin mo: mahal na mahal kita… (Just know: I love you very much)" she looked up to him as he lifted her chin up and-

"What are you watching?" I heard a familiar voice to the right. I turned my attention away from the television to see Sasuke had finished. His hair was wet and spiked up as he held a towel to it, drying out the water. He wore a pair of shorts…still searching for a shirt in his drawer. I was sure my inner fainted…

No, I'm good. But I'm likin' this…

Sick. Just...sick.

"Uh…" I stammered. "Some Filipino show." I replied, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"You understand what they're saying?" I nodded.

"Some of it." I explained. "I know:…he was leaving her…then she confessed she loved him." I think… "But that's about it."

"Aa." he said as he finally got on a shirt and sat beside me on his bed, now watching as the two on the T.V. carried on their conversation.



He ran the brush through his hair a few times, getting it back to its usual chicken-butt style. He, now unlike me, was focused on the screen, trying to contemplate what was going on. I examined him: the loose-fitting uniform top did a poor job of hiding his well-built body. The baggy pants fell to his knees, and he had on his necklace.

"Hn…" he gave up after a while of trying to understand what they were talking about. "You ready?" I snapped out of my dazed state and turned the television off.

It had been a regular schedule now that he'd take me to and from school, unless or course my mom gets off work early or at least when I get my driver's license (which he finds humorous and teases me about it). It's pretty hard to ignore the stares and possibly rumors going around- but come on, it's a heck of a lot better than that school bus…


January 8
8:43 AM


You call this a grade? I always thought of a 55 as more of my monthly allowance…but a grade?! My eyes scan the paper which resembled a bloody floor. I stared in awe as my neatly written answers in grey pencil lead were hardly seen under all the red X's. Just beneath where I had written my name lay a fat, dark 'F' along with the horrid number I doubted was the grade.

"…And I thought I did bad." I look up to see Sasuke sitting beside me.

"Very funny," I sarcastically mumbled. He was just about to put away his own test when I caught a glimpse of a bold-written '92' on the top. I feel like slapping myself…

We had gotten closer since weeks ago when we found out about our past relationship. Instead of completely detaching himself like he does with almost everybody else in the school, I'm actually one of the girls he talks to. Let alone allow being seen in public with (which frankly, I think shows his personality pretty well).

The awkward gap had disappeared mostly. And by mostly, I mean my uncontrollable, annoying crush on him is still there. I'm not very surprised; even when we were little my mom had told me she saw "symptoms" of me showing some sort of infatuation with him. But honestly, I think friendship is more important than that. And I'd rather not ruin the intimacy between us with that.

What are you saying?!

Uh…I was saying-

No, I know what you said! But what the hell?!

Just shut up. Somehow I also felt more open to him. Like Ino only…he's my guy friend. Speaking of Ino; once I told her about it, she took it rather…well…


"So, Forehead, how'd it go yesterday?" Ino-pig asked casually, as if she asked me this everyday (which I had to admit, she literally did). It had been a half a day since my memory decided to come back after its escape. Of course, nobody really knew- besides Naruto and Hinata (and my parents who had told me they knew all along), though I was planning on telling Ino sooner or later.

"What?" I snap out of my thoughts and turn back to my friend. She had shut her book and was now paying full attention to me. "Oh, that…"

"What happened? Did he hurt you?! 'Cause you're my best friend, and if he did anything to you, I'm gonna kick his-"

"Ino," I laughed. "That's…not what I was getting to."

"Okay then," she calmed down a bit, "Go on…?" It took me about five minutes for me to explain the whole thing. Mostly because we girls tend to tell our whole life story when asked a simple question. She listened intently the whole way, evidently intrigued by both my failed memory and idiotic nature.

"…so..., yeah." I concluded. She stayed frozen, her brain still processing all the information I had just given it.

"That. Is. So cool!" she screamed, attracting the rest of the class's interest. She shooed their attention and turned back to me. "I have to tell everyone!" she squealed and stood up, to be stopped by myself.

"They…all already know." I lied. I couldn't have them all know at once!

"Wait, so…" she pouted. "I, your SECOND best friend, am the last one you told about your biggest discovery?!" she seemed upset, not forgetting to emphasize the word second.

"Well…n-no, I-"

"Save it," she turned away dramatically, causing both of us to laugh it off anyway after a while. "But am I really the last one to find out?" I shook my head and she smiled happily. "Okay then! I'll go tell them right now!" She proudly stood up and dashed out the door at the timing of the bell.

"Wait, Ino-!" but she was already out of sight once I called after her. I shrugged and sighed before walking out as well.

See? She took it well. Karin on the other hand…


"You what?!"

"That's right, so you can just shove you old fan girl days up your-!"

"Ino…" I cut her off. She cleared her throat and left the rest to me. I, once again, explained carefully- watching as her expression went from surprised to angry, to shocked, then to upset. Bipolar much? Ino and I on the other hand, smiled triumphantly before walking off.

"Tsh, showoff." I scoffed and he turned back to me, smirking.

"Whatever, Sa-ku-ra." he whispered, having my heart jump. I hate it when he does that… "You're just jealous."

"Of…?" I challenged.

"Uh, my awesomeness." he offered.

"If you say so, Mr. Awesome." I played along. He turned his attention to Naruto as I walked over to my girl friends.

"Forehead," Ino was first to greet me, followed by the others. "What'd you get on the test?"

"…I failed." I deadpanned without hesitation. "Was it really that hard?"

"I got a 'C'." her posture slumped. "Tenten?"

"I got a 'B'." she replied with the next letter to our staircase of grades. I'm usually a straight-A student, so this is pretty unacceptable if you ask me. I mean, normally it's Ino moping because my GPA is higher than hers. "Then again, I studied."

My nose scrunched up after a while at the guilt of "forgetting" to study. A smirk played on Ino's lips at Tenten's words and thought for a moment before speaking up, "Ano, Tenten." she started. "You were with Neji-san yesterday, studying." she confirmed and the girl nodded. "…Just studying…?"

"What?!" she was startled with Ino's teasing. Her widened eyes and fully red face would be good proof.

"Ew, mental images…" Hinata closed both eyes, shaking off the perverted thoughts of her cousin and one of her best friends doing that. Somehow, those subliminal images had gotten to Tenten and her pink cheeks turned darker. And I mean darker.

"Perverts…" she looked away, hiding her embarrassment.

"We're just playing with you, Tenten." I laughed, a bit ashamed to be part of this. I mean, I have been on the other side before…


January 8
9:38 AM

I casually stepped into the science room, seemingly uncaring who saw I was the last one in. Despite the whole class being here already, Kakashi still wasn't. Now, I'm not complaining- I would have been in trouble if he was.

I unconsciously walked over to my usual seat, only to regain consciousness after noting there was someone else in my seat. Karin. My arm goes limp, dropping my backpack as her eyes meet mine in a 'Glare-a-thon'.


"No." I was standing on the same side of the table, also next to Sasuke. "Go sit down!" she commanded, irritated of my presence. I shrugged and comfortably seated myself onto my best friend's lap- mentally wiping off the blush making its way to my cheeks.

"Happy?" I asked, and she glared. I felt two arms go around my waist, pulling me closer, as he whispered something in my ear.

"You're heavy, you know that?" he teased. I fake-pouted and leaned back as our tardy teacher walked in.

"You're late." Naruto deadpanned, as if this was a scheduled routine (which…it actually was).

"I know, I know- but I…" he started as I lost attention in his explanation; though noting he had mentioned some things about some sort of dilemma. How his new girlfriend's sister is "obviously undermining their relationship". How she was considered a "leathery hag". Or…an "ungrateful whore". Sometimes even a "unappreciative bitch".

He was venting: and even Naruto could see. Though, I have to admit this is a little interesting.

"Kakashi-sensei…?" Ino stopped him.

"Right." he sniffed, and turned to my direction. "Miss Haruno; Uchiha-san isn't a chair." I smiled weakly and he sarcastically returned it. "Please go take a seat." He reluctantly let me go (before hearing inconspicuous gloating from the redhead) as I grabbed my stuff to head to the seat beside Hinata.

"Hey," she greeted, and I replied with the same.

"Now, before we start our work for today, I have an announcement." Kakashi-sensei continued. Gah, hope it's not the continuation of his ranting…maybe he should just get a new girlfriend…? I mean, I'm sure I saw Anko-sensei checking him out some time ago… "As some of you know, there is a gala coming up- about a month from now, sponsored by the Uchiha and Hyuuga clan."

I turned to Hinata, who looked down as if it was her fault our little circle of friends didn't know about this. But she was paying attention anyway as our teacher continued, "But it's better to get things out of the way earlier." he explained. "If you are interested, I suggest talking to Sasuke, Hinata, or Neji about it."

All eyes turned to said people for a while. The stares receded after a while, to be replaced by Ino's sudden happiness.

"Awesome!" Talk about delayed reaction.

"Alright…get with your assigned partners and complete the lab work from yesterday…" he explained, his voice trailing off as he got more into his book. I watched as Karin scowled as Sasuke ditched her and came to me.

"Mmm, look who comes crawling back." I joked, resting my chin on my hand.

"Hn." he took the seat beside me. "I don't know what possessed me to go sit over there." I laughed at his remark. I wonder how her parents put up with her…nah, that's a bit off-topic. I sensed him tense up a bit as he initiated a new subject, "That gala…are you going?"

I was a bit bewildered with the sudden question. "Maybe." I shrugged. "Why?"

"'Cause I have to," It was his turn to shrug. "It'd be a little less boring if you were there." I blushed at the comment. Was it just me, or did that have multiple meanings to it? I thought about it for a second or two before answering.

"Well then, it depends." I said slowly, watching his expression. He looked down, and dropped the subject. But it was then when I realized: maybe it was his way of asking me to go with him. The blush returned to my face. No problem…I'll just bring it up again later, I suppose.


January 8
12:39 AM

Out in the school courtyard.

It was very nice, to get some fresh air every once in a while. We had procured our lunches and had all agreed to meet outside in the quad for the period. The place was full, actually. Evidently, many people wanted to get out of the building and had come outside as well.

"MPH!" Ino screamed, face-first into her arms on the table.

"Ino, it's okay." Hinata rolled her eyes. Our normally loud-mouthed hectic friend was…moping.

"No it's not." her head shot up at the attempt to get her to stop. "The freakin' blonde bitch asked him and he. Said. Yes." she looked back at me after explaining for the fifth time. By 'blonde bitch' though, she was referring to Temari, Senior of the school, and sister to Gaara and Kankuro. It had her pissed as her crush solemnly nodded in agreement to accompany the girl to the formal event mentioned last period.

"You haven't asked yet, though." Tenten leaned back forward in her seat. "I mean, for all you know, he could just be trying to get you jealous."

"Jealous?" I scoffed in answer for her. "She's…way past that by now." There was fury in her eyes, that much I could tell. Surely, that's nowhere near covetous. Her eyes softened for a millisecond, then grew cold once again.

Letting out another frustrated groan, Hinata sympathetically, and awkwardly, pat her back. The guys were all at the table to our right, though far enough not to hear our conversations. They're in…you know, their own little world: which consisted of quiet emotionless surroundings, death auras, and insulting of Naruto.

Out of nowhere, my side of the table grew darker, and I looked up, inferring there was someone standing right by me.

It was a boy, about my age. Strange enough, he was wearing green spandex. Bushy eyebrows. And his hair was trimmed into a perfect bowl-cut. His eyes shined with some sort of passion…he smiled widely at me.

"Sakura-chan, my youthful cherry blossom!" he called for me as I heard giggles from my friends and awkward looks from the guys.

"Heh…Lee-san." I smiled meekly.

"Sakura-chan," he repeated. "Would you go to the gala with me? Please accept my offer!" he practically yelled as I was pressured with two answers. Yes…or no? Before I could consider either of those, Sasuke was by my side. "If you don't, I will take the time to better myself to fit your standards so that you MAY enjoy the gala with me!"

"I'm sorry, she can't." I looked at him, surprised.

"Ne, Sasuke." Ino turned to him. "Since when could you decide for Sakura-chan?" I elbowed her in the ribs. He just freaking saved me and she had to ruin it. They all turned back to me. I took a deep breath and exhaled deeply.

"I'll…think about it." I replied, afraid of hurting him. I mean, he's nice and sweet and all, but…kinda weird most of the time.

"O-okay…" he looked down and a pang of guilt hit me. I was about to reassure him it wasn't his fault, but he suddenly turned to our brunette friend. "Tenten! Would you-" he wasn't able to finish his question, for Neji had seated himself beside her.

"Lee," he nodded politely. The boy's face fell as he shook his head. It was then when his mentor, Gai-sensei, had come in.

"Lee!!" he repeated. "It is time for your training! We shall practice with the burning flame of YOUTH within us!" Um…not so sure if that made much sense, but okay…

"Gai-sensei!" he yelled, anime tears descending down either side of his face.





"Okay!" Tenten interrupted.

"I will see you later, Sakura-chan!" They nodded and ran off, leaving us a bit bewildered. "And…what was that about?" she turned to Neji.

"Hn," he shrugged, having his own cousin smirk at him.

"Jealous, nii-san?" she smiled innocently at him.

"Tsh, no." he stood up, a light shade of pink not leaving unnoticed by us all. He left, closing the opportunity to rag on him further for the previous show of protectiveness. We watched as he left for the building. He was replaced by Naruto, who had sat in the empty gap between Tenten and Hinata, and Shikamaru. Our table had become ineptly crowded since then.

"And you?" I now refer to Sasuke, who had patently dropped the conversation about his own behavior.

"Hn." he repeated Neji's reply. "You would have said no anyway."

"Well…" I shifted uncomfortably; he was right on that. "…so?"

"Exactly, now go tell him no." he commanded. "I mean…he's gonna ask again, you know."

"Haha! Teme's jealous!" Naruto burst out into laughter, now face-first into his arm. Sasuke looked at him, a seemingly emotionless look on his face- but there was a hidden glare in there. Was he jealous? Or you know, it could just be over-protectiveness. He is my best friend, and Lee could be kinda…

Aw, he IS jealous!

I had to debate with my inner on that one. Silence followed Naruto's hilarity, it was then I decided to leave the scene.

"Okay, well…" I took my stuff and stood up. "I'm gonna go. I'll se you later, Sasuke-kun." he nodded in reply and I walked off.

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