The Stars Dazzle Me

Full Summary: Bella Swan has been chosen to star in a new movie with the hottest, richest, and most famous co-star ever- Edward Cullen. Edward is a player who's used to getting every girl he wants until Bella comes his way. She's smart, sassy, athletic, witty, and, most strikingly, impervious to his charms. Bella even sees him as egotisitcal, arrogant, prideful, apathetc, and a major player who's used to using every girl. Will they be able to deal with each other as the picture progresses and mabye even find new feelings?

All the way BxE, and I don't have a beta so bear with me!

Bedtime Stories

I leaned over to tuck my little girl into bed, but she wouldn't have it. Alexandra bounced on her bed, jumping up and down continuously all the while screaming incoherent things.

"Lexi!" I said loudly. She pretended that she hadn't heard me and only proceeded to jump harder, although I thought I saw a devilish smirk flash across her face. She was going to turn out a lot like me- a little wild, fiery, passionate, strong-willed as well as minded. But it was easy to see where her father was. She had the exact same piercing, captivating eyes that had mesmerized me when I had met him. And while she had been blessed with her father's good looks and charms that came at the price of inheriting his attitude and mouth. Lexi was quite the character, and we were told so constantly.

"Alexandra! Settle down now. It's time for bed." She stopped for a moment, glared at me, stuck out her tongue, and bounced higher on the bed.

"Mummy! I'm not tired! I don't wanna sleep!"

Without her expecting it, I flung myself on the bed after her and captured her in my arms. She was a wild thing! Squirming and twisting to no end. "Alexandra Athena!" I pulled the middle name card. "Lay down in bed, or I'll call your father in." At my threat, she stopped jumping instantly and curled up under her covers.

"There," I said, pulling the comforter up to her chin and tucking her hair behind her ears. "Now, I'll tell you a story-"

I was cut of instantaneously by her excited voice. "Oh, really, Mummy? Really?! Can I pick it? Which one?"

I gave her my best stern glare. "You didn't let me finish." I wagged a finger at her face. "I'll only tell you a story if you're quiet." That shut her up. She snapped her mouth shut so fast I thought she might have broken a few bones in the process. "Now, which one do you want to hear?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment before I saw her eyes light up. I groaned internally. I knew which one she was going to ask for. "I wanna hear the one 'bout you and Daddy when you were young and hated each other. And, I wanna hear 'bout Auntie Alice and Auntie Rosalie and Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett. It's my favorite," she said happily. It would be her favorite. She always loved it when I beat her father up. A daughter after my own heart…

"Fine, but you can't interrupt or I'll stop the story and send your father in here until you sleep." Lexi gave another one of her mouth snaps and nodded angelically up at me. I almost snorted. Yeah, more like an angel that got kicked out of heaven.

"A long time ago…"

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