Author's Note: this is the sequel to A Different World, so read that first if you haven't yet. It will contain this Christmas Special, all the other specials and in between them several crossover chapters, Martha's wedding and possibly some adventures with Torchwood. Unfortunately due to the BBC schedule, updates might be very slow. So here now is Better With Three, have a Merry Christmas.

They were running, running incredibly fast from the incredibly angry and insane aliens that were chasing them. One of them was blonde with red streaks on the front, she had pulled her blonde hair into a ponytail while letting the red run loose, and she wore a simple leather jacket, jeans and dark coloured t-shirt, her hand firmly clasped into the man beside her.

The man was a skinny, lean, rather dashing (his words) with messy brown hair and dressed smartly in his new blue suit that he thought was rather smart while his friends thought was a bit naff. He looked down at the shorter woman and grinned at her, she smiled back before turning round and yelling for her friend.

"Donna! Get a move on!"

"I'm moving, I'm moving, don't think I'm not" Donna grumbled as she ran faster to catch up with Rose and the Doctor.

Donna was a redheaded tempered woman, her dress sense was watch she called stylish and the Doctor called baggy, earning him a slap within the first five minutes of living with her. Her red hair was now streaked with blonde that she gained a couple months back when saving Rose from the pits if hell in a Dalek spaceship. She like Rose was no longer human but Time Lady, she unlike Rose refuses to study because if she has two know-it-alls with her why bother? If there was something she wanted to know she'll find it herself.

She's not going to let the TARDIS bully her into any studying, not with the romance novels she has. Besides the TARDIS likes her enough to respect her wishes....or maybe the TARDIS is scared, Donna doesn't know which.

The three speeded up and ran towards the blue box looming before them, Rose let go of the Doctor's hand and pulled out her TARDIS key, opening it without a struggle and ushering in her companions, the moment Donna entered the door was slammed shut and the three let out a sigh of relieve.

"Whose bloody idea was it to land on Yeknom-Noitavreser during rabid season?" Donna demanded.

"Sorry" the Doctor said starting up the TARDIS. "I thought we were in breeding season, where all the babies were being born. Thought you two would like that, it's all very...twee"

"Twee?" Rose said cocking an eyebrow up.

"Cute, sweet, adorable, twee, they all mean the same thing" the Doctor rambled running a hand through his hair.

"Who would want twee when they can have action?" Donna asked fiddling with the time rotor. "fix us a cuppa tea Space-Boy, me and Rose will make a decision where to go next"

The Doctor looked like he was going to argue but Donna raised a hand in warning and he fled the room, with a promise of bringing biscuits. Donna sighed and led Rose to the captain's chair and sat down.

" are things going between you and the Doctor?" Donna asked.

"Hmm, oh same old same old" Rose said calmly tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"So how is he in bed then?"

Rose began to choke on her saliva, Donna patiently banged Rose's back to help her and when Rose finished coughing she looked up looking horrified.

"Wha...?" she croaked.

"Well I just assumed that he and you were-"

"NO! No, never like that, we'll never be like that" Rose said shaking her head. She then looked round and could see the Doctor no where near, the TARDIS assured her that he was still in the kitchen. "I was like that once" she whispered. "But at the time he was human...he wouldn't's complicated Donna, I can't tell him what has happened in the past and he won't or can't tell me what he feels about me. So we'll remain friends, companions and travel"

"And you're happy with that?" Donna asked.

"At least I get forever with him" Rose muttered. "Not many of his companions could have done that"

Donna groaned, she was going to need the help of Jack, his team, Martha and Sarah Jane to get through these thick Space-Idiots heads. Its times like this that makes her regret being a Time Lady.