John staggered towards the console coughing. He had no idea what was really going on, one minute two of his mother's friends were dying, the next they set the TARDIS one fire and by the third minute the TARDIS was losing control. The TARDIS shook violently and John collided into a small, curved, dark skinned woman with curly hair.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Donna" she said. "Did you bang your head or something sunshine?"

"You don't look like Donna"

"No time to explain, where the hell is Rose?"

"Over here!"

They turned to see Rose hanging out of the door, her bum up in the air. "What the hell are you doing?!" Donna shrieked. "Where's the Doctor?" Rose heaved back slightly and a large male hand waved at Donna before the TARDIS shook again and Rose fell forwards. "Argh! This means I have to save everyone, John pull that doodah thing over there and then press the big button"

"Doodah thing?"

"The giant lever!"


The TARDIS rocked backwards, knocking Donna and John out of the console room. The gleeful screams coming from behind them told them that Rose and the Doctor were following. Suddenly a strange man with large forehead and nose, black messy hair and hazel eyes landed on John. He was a lot bigger than the Doctor and heavier but it was definitely him. The stripy suit was too tight on him and looked like it was going to pop off or something.

"Hello, sorry about that John, the TARDIS is having a bit of a breakdown it seems but I believe we landed. Right now where are we?"

"Rock climbing room...or we all fell out and landed in a gym" Donna groaned sitting up. "Oh my head..." suddenly golden dust spurted out of her mouth. "What the hell is that?!" she screeched.

"Leftover energy from regenerating. Don't worry it'll be over within twenty four hours" the Doctor said just before some golden dust came out of his mouth. "Urgh, I hate this stuff"

"We need to get out of here and assess the damage" Rose said picking up an extremely long piece of rope with a claw on the end. "TARDIS won't say anything; she's too busy trying to recover"

"And why can't we walk out?"

"Well Donna, if you haven't noticed we're side-wards, it's a bit difficult to walk through the TARDIS when all we're going to do is fall backwards" the Doctor said sarcastically.

"You wanna shut up? And lose some weight, your clothes look terrible on you"

"You're the one to talk, Chubby!"


John stepped in before Donna would kill the new Doctor and make him regenerate again. As Donna struggled to get past and the Doctor pulled faces at her, Rose ignored all the chaos and swung the claw end a few times before throwing it up in the air. In a few seconds, she felt it grab hold of something and tugged to make sure it was secure. Smiling to herself she began to climb up past all the rooms and back into the console room (which was still on fire) then further up out of the door.

Taking in a deep breathe of fresh air Rose turned to see a little girl with red hair and in a nightie staring at her.

"Hi, I'm Rose....don't mind me, my friends had a accident causing us to crash-land here"

"Are you a policewoman?" the girl asked.

" but I do catch lots of bad people and stop them doing terrible things" Rose said. "Why are you in trouble?"

"Sort of...there's a crack in my wall....and there's voices behind it"

Rose looked up at the house. It was a large beautiful house, something that her mother dreamed of owning, but it was on it's own and there wasn't another house attached to it. She looked back at the frightened girl who had a strange look of grim determination and she smiled.

"Don't worry, we'll sort it out but first, me and my friends need to get out of this box"

The girl's eyes widened. "There's more of you? But it's a small box"

"Bigger on the inside. Sort of on fire right now, need to solve that soon...." there was a loud splash behind her and Rose bit her lip to smother a laugh. "Ah, I think they landed in the swimming pool"

"You have a swimming pool?"

"Yeah, it's in the Library, don't ask, I think Donna got the TARDIS to put it in there just to make things more interesting" Rose grinned at the girl who grinned back. "What's your name sweetie?"

"Amelia Pond"

"Well hello Amelia Pond, I'm Rose Tyler"


Rose really shouldn't be surprised that they ended up saving the world so shortly after the Doctor and Donna regenerating. After all the Doctor and Donna were such danger-magnets. She felt sorry for Amelia Pond once the pair of them got out of the TARDIS with a frazzled John. The Doctor kept demanding food and then spitting it out when it tasted wrong, she ended up smacking him and shoved a cup of tea in his face. Donna kept moaning about the loss of coffee as she gulped down her tea and John had Rose give a detailed lecture of regeneration so he could understand what had happened with the Doctor and Donna. The little girl must have thought they were loonies.

And yet somehow the little girl was even more enthralled with them. She was an orphan and lived with an absent aunt, so to have all of them around her must have made her feel like she was part of a family. The crack in her wall had been an actual crack in time and space. What worried Rose was that on the other side was a prison and Prisoner Zero had escaped. After sealing up the crack, the horrid realisation that the TARDIS was still on fire caused all of them to run out. The Doctor turned round and promised Amelia that they would be back in five minutes, but Rose knew that the TARDIS wasn't in any condition to keep that promise.

So twelve years later and they were in 2008, Amelia Pond (now Amy) knocked the Doctor out with a cricket bat and handcuffed him to the radiator. After a little conspiracy on the Doctor, they found out that Prisoner Zero had been living in Amelia's house the whole time. No matter how many times one of them tried to pull her back, the redheaded girl entered the room and almost got herself killed if it wasn't for John pulling her out and herding her out of the house. Rose quickly released the Doctor and Donna had trouble running due to her hysterical laughter.

To make matters worse, the planet was going to be incinerated within twenty minutes unless the prison recaptured Prisoner Zero. Allowing the Doctor to take control of the situation, Rose watched in amusement as the Doctor succeeded in saving the world in twenty minutes with the help of a laptop and mobile phone. He then called back the prison, for his ritual telling off and before he went up, he began to strip and start stealing clothes.

Rose had to admit he had very sexy shoulders and a nice rear bumper. Amy stared as well but when Rose elbowed her she was assured that Amy was just merely curious. The matching evil glints in their eyes definitely meant they would be discussing it at a later date. The holograms that the prison showed were interesting. Not only did they show all of the monsters Rose had faced since she met the Doctor but after showing all the Doctor's latest reincarnations, they showed Rose and Donna's old face. It was rather nice to be considered as the Doctor's equal.

Once the prison left for good, Rose's TARDIS key glowed. Telling her that the rebuilding was complete. She grinned and turned to Amy after pulling the Doctor back by his new tweed collar.

"Hold your horses Doctor, we're not leaving yet"

"But Rose, new TARDIS!" the Doctor whined. Well that part of him hadn't changed.

"I need to ask Amy something first" Rose said sternly before turning to the redhead who was whispering excitedly to her friend Rory. "Amy Pond, would you like to see the inside of that box?"

"Can I?"

"Yes, after all you helped us save the world"


The TARDIS was...breathtaking.

It was warm and golden and glowed beautifully. Rose reached out and stroked the console that was now filled with old-fashioned things like a type-writer and light-bulbs. There was a banister and stairs that led up to what appeared to be the wardrobe room. Donna had shot in there quickly to change into something that fitted and Amy looked round awed.


"Go on, say it, I heard it a million times before" the Doctor said rather cockily.

Amy ignored him and turned to Rose. "Could I really come with you?"

"Sure" Rose grinned. "Always room for one more, I'm sure the TARDIS won't mind making another room"

The TARDIS murmured her consent and to Rose's relief, informed her that her old things had been preserved. Rose didn't think she could live without the photos of her mother and everyone else.

Donna came out wearing a better fitting pair of jeans, a dark wine red long-sleeved top and a black jacket. Her curly hair had been pulled up in a neat ponytail and she was holding onto a large handbag.

"Looking good" Rose said.

"Thanks, before you start dragging Amy across time and space, can we go and see Granddad?" Donna asked anxiously. "I promised to see him once I recovered"

"Sure, no problem" Rose said starting to fiddle with the new switches.

"And..." Donna fiddled with the strap of her bag. "After that...i want to go somewhere...anywhere with Time Travel...i think I need to start becoming River Song"

Rose looked up. "There's no rush" she said trying to sound casual. She was failing.

"Yes I think there is" Donna smiled sadly at Rose. "But don't worry; we'll have plenty of adventures in the future. And you got Amy now. A fiery redhead that'll punch the Doctor for you"


"Oh, I'm going to miss you" Rose said striding across the room and pulling Donna into a hug. "Donna Noble, you were fantastic"

"I know" Donna said smugly. "And you were right. It was better with three, even if I would have happily killed Space-Boy"


Donna knocked on the door and waited impatiently for someone to answer. To her relief it was her grandfather.

"Hello?" he said looking confused.

"Hello Granddad" she said softly.

"Donna...?" he whispered staring at her in disbelief. "Rose...she said...she said you would change....but I didn't think it would be this much"

"Does it look bad" Donna asked.

"Not at all! You look as beautiful as ever sweetheart" Wilf said before herding her in. "Come in, come in, I'll put the kettle on and we'll have a good natter"

"Can I have tea please, with half a cup of milk? I seem to only like weak tea and coffee tastes nasty on my tongue"

"You really have changed" Wilf said quietly as he began to potter round the kitchen, Donna sat down at the table and stared at the clock like she used to.

"I'm going to continue on changing. I'll be a professor soon and I'll be doing all sorts" Wilf placed a cup in front of her. "Thank you" she said taking a sip. "I'm going to keep on seeing the stars"

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Donna Noble, pioneer of the century"

She smiled in an almost shy way. "But...this is the last time you're going to see me. I asked Rose to drop me off I can start my new adventure. And I won't ever be able to come back"

"Not ever?" she shook her head. "But what about your mother? And...And your friends? You can't just leave and never come back sweetheart; it's not fair on them"

"It's not fair on be stuck here as a temp for the rest of my life. Here, I'm living with Mum and I'm over thirty! How sad is that? I can't stay here Granddad, it's not me anymore. I've changed. Grown up and evolved. I'm not saying I'm better but....I'm different"

Wilf wiped his tears away with a sleeve. "Go on then sweetheart. I know you; you're so restless and in need to be in one could ever tell you what to do. But I'll miss will your mother..."

"I know...and I am so sorry"


Captain Jack Harkness was getting drunk.

It had been the only thing he did since he left Earth. Well that and have really good sex with random strangers. But no matter how drunk he got, he never seemed to forget his grandson lying there bleeding, Ianto looking heartbroken, the rest of the team looking devastated that he was abandoning them again and Alice with such hatred...such much grieve.

He had refused to give in and phone Rose. Or Martha. Or even Donna. He didn't want any of them to know what disgusting things he had done.

A woman sat down on the bench next to him. She had toffee coloured skin and lighter shade of curly hair. She was small and curvy and he definitely wouldn't mind having a bit of her.

"Buy me a drink and if you get me drunk enough I might be stupid to shag you" she said bluntly looking up at him with a rather intense stare. He smirked back and shuffled a little closer to her before leaning over the bar to gesture for the barman. "Honestly Harkness, what the hell were you thinking running off like that. You left your team worried sick"

"Do I know you?" Jack asked frowning at her. She nodded across the bar and he turned to see a blonde woman with red highlights in her hair. She waved at them and he waved back. "Rose" he whispered. She mouthed something at him, it was probably hello or I miss you, he didn't know he never could read lips. He turned to the woman next to him. "Donna Noble, did you just give me permission to seduce you?"

She flipped her ponytail off of her shoulder. "God no. If we're going to travel together then we need to set some boundaries. No seducing unless I'm too drunk. You're nothing but a playboy with opportunities to time travel"

"What about Rose? She could take you anywhere"

"Rose has her hands full with a new Doctor, a son and a new companion. Besides there's things I need to do alone. But I much rather have some company and whose better at making sure you don't do something stupid but me?"

"I could think of worse people to travel with" Jack said putting an arm round her.

She pushed him off. "Hands off or I'll break your face, Pretty-Boy" she snapped. "Just because you're travelling with me doesn't mean you can molest me whenever you want. If you want shag on legs, pick someone to travel with us. After all I learnt that travelling is better with three"

Jack grinned. "The sex is always better with three too" She smacked him as he roared with laughter, draping an arm round her and kissing her forehead as she tried to get away. "We are going to have so much fun"


Rose entered the TARDIS to find the Doctor fiddling with the new controls, Amy in a fresh change of clothes and John talking cheerfully to her. It wasn't Mickey being an idiot or Martha reading a book or Jack flirty or Donna slapping. It was Doctor Number One brooding with his big ears or Doctor Number Two dancing round the console like a child. But she wasn't a young Rose who was just the Doctor's companion nor was she a new Time Lady fumbling along as she went.

She walked up the ram and found herself bursting in excitement. She barely could wait for the new adventure to begin.

"Right then, where to next?" she asked.

Author's Note: thank you to all those who reviewed, favourited and story-alerted this fic. I want to state now that there will NOT be a sequel to this. I am planning a rewrite of series five for another series and do not want to do another one. However, I will most likely do a couple oneshots starring Amy Pond (who I really like. I think she'll make an amazing companion, don't you?).