Lost and Found

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Bella is human, the Cullen's are vampires.

Bella is 10 and is still living with Charlie.

Okay, I'm a 10 year old girl and I'm lost, and it's all Jacobs fault! I'm way too clumsy to want to go walk in the forests. Stupid Jacob! He really sucks! Just because my dad and his dad get along, does not mean I want to be his friend . . . he'll be lucky if I ever talk to him again – if I get out of here alive that is!

"This isn't funny Jacob! I want to go home." I snapped at him when he started to laugh at me. It's not my fault the tree got in the way and then decided to trip me up.

Jacob held out his hand for me to get up but I ignored it – stupid boy! He was two years younger then me, why would I want to play with an 8 year old? He's got silly black hair that goes to his silly chin. He was the same height as me and he never lets me forget it.

Stupid silly boy with silly hair. Stupid silly boy with silly hair who is the same height as me because he's stupid!

I pushed my self off the floor and tried to wipe the mud off the dress my mom made me wear today (all because Jacob wanted to play with me . . . I have to look like a girl - parents!). It was light blue and stopped right before my knees. It had white short shelves . . . well they were white, now there all muddy – my mom's going to kill me!

I scowled at Jacob when I finally got off the floor. I bet have leaves in my hair now . . . my mom's going to have a heart attack! He just started to laugh again and ran off.

I waited for a minute, he always comes back. I looked at the sky and it had gone dark. I quickly spun around, maybe he's hiding? I couldn't see him anywhere. My eyes started to water and I drew my arms around me. Pretending someone was here hugging me and telling me it was all okay.

"Jacob?" I called softly. I hope he's playing a trick on me. It was deadly silent for a few minutes. He just left me here . . . in the forest, I'm going to die! I fell against a tree and started to cry, hoping someone will come and rescue me. I cried for so long that I became tired.

I'll just close my eyes and wait for someone to come and help me.

Rosalie's POV

I was out hunting again with Emmett. The second time this week . . . is my husband ever not thirsty? We were in the very boring forest around Forks, just near our home. I don't see why we have to stay in Forks . . . but I always listen to what Carlisle says – even when I don't agree.

I really wasn't thirsty, if I drink any more I swear my eyes are going to become golden forever. The smell of deer filled my nose, Emmett looked so upset that there was only deer that I thought he was about to cry (as much as a vampire can, of course)

"Emmett just pick a stupid deer so we can go. I'm supposed to be shopping with Alice." I snapped when he started to lean against a tree. I'm sure to anyone but my family Emmett would look . . . terrifying, that's hardly the case.

He stiffened and flashed to my side.

"Do you smell that?" he asked in a voice to low for any human to hear. I rolled my eyes before taking another gulp of air . . . it smelt of flowers? Human blood for sure . . . it smelt weak, must be an ill human or a child.

"What is a human doing in this part of the forest?" I hissed at him. He shrugged before turned to look at me and beaming. I eyed him cautiously.

"Come on, lets go spy on them." He sang joyfully as he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the smell. I tried to stop my self rolling my eyes . . . I'm married to a five year old. About two second later he stopped suddenly and froze. I peered around him to see a small girl curled up underneath a tree shaking.

She had long brown hair that had leaves and twigs sticking out from it, it still looked very shiny. Her blue and white dress was completely covered in mud (Alice would go mental!) she had bruises all over her legs from her fall – I would guess.

Is she sleeping?

"Emmett, what is a little human girl doing sleeping in the forest this far away from town?" I asked. Emmett turned away from the girl to look at me; he raised one eyebrow at me.

"Rosie, how do you expect me to know that?" he asked whist chuckling at me. I scowled at him. This just made his laugh harder. The little girl started to move and he became silent.

"Jacob?" her voice was soft and covered with sleep. Even I, a vampire who is extremely vain had to admit she had a beautiful voice. She stretched and sat up against the tree rubbing her eyes. We waited silently as she opened her eyes.

When she did I heard her heart beat irately before calming down almost instantly. Her eyes locked on us, her huge brown eyes watched us expecting us to make a sudden movement. When we didn't move she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them before she started to cry again. I felt my cold dead heart shudder at such a small and innocent child crying.

"Are you okay?" Emmett asked softly. I was a little shocked at how soft his voice was. He never talked like that, even when there were humans around. He girl jumped a little before rubbing her nose.

"No, I'm going to die here all alone and then my mom's going to yell at me for getting mud on my dress." She cried at us. I felt the need to look after her . . . I guess that has to do with her being a child – god I wish I could have one!

"What are you doing out here by your self?" I asked slowly, not wanting to scare her. She looked directly at me and frowned. I don't think she was frowning at me though.

"Jacob left me here. It makes me so mad. He's eight and I'm ten and he left me here. It's not nice!" she complained. She slowly unwrapped her arms from round her and started to get up. Emmett went to help her. In one swift movement he pulled her from the ground to her feet. She shook her head and blinked at us.

"You're strong and very cold. I wish I was that strong." She sighed in a dreamy voice. I couldn't help but laugh. She really was a strange human; most humans are terrified of us and can't speak let alone handle being touched by us.

"What's your name?" Emmett asked once he finished chuckling. The girl gave a sweet smile before answering; it was like she was happy we were here.

"Isabella, but please call me Bella. I can't stand Isabella. What's yours?" Bella asked. She actually moved closer to us. She really is a strange human!

"I'm Rosalie and this is my husband Emmett." I told her. She gave us a huge smile before her eyes started to water again. I started to panic . . . what's wrong with her?

"Are you going to leave me here too?" she asked quietly before she bit her lower lip, it seemed to stop her crying. The idea of leaving her here was disgraceful, even if she was a human.

"Of course not. What sort of people do you think we are?" I asked. Emmett tried to hide his smile when I said "people". Bella walked slowly up to me; extremely slowly she put one of her warm hand into my cold ones. I looked at Emmett in pure shock He was just watching with wide eyes.

"I don't think you are people." She said softly. I froze. What the - ?

"W-What?" Emmett finally gasped. I was still too shocked to speak. Bella looked from Emmett to me and gave us a smile . . . was she reinsuring us?

"You're both really cold and very pretty. Emmett is real strong and he didn't seem to be trying. You both looked shocked when I talked to you and when I came closer . . . so I don't think your people. And Jacob was telling me about some legends the other day . . . you sound a lot like the people in the legends. Also you have really pretty eyes" She explained. She squeezed my hand a bit. I flashed down to her height; she didn't even seem scared by my sudden movement.

"Are you afraid?" I asked softly. Secretly begging that she wasn't.

"Yes, but not of you. I think your to nice to be scary . . . well your too nice to me to be scary to me. You can be scary to Jacob all you want." She giggled at me. I couldn't stop the smile that fell onto my face. She truly was one of a kind.

"Do you have any idea where we are Bella?" Emmett asked suddenly. His eyes flashed towards the dark sky to quickly for her to notice. Her grip on my hand tightened, it was starting to make my hand feel warm.

"No. I'm going to be in so much trouble. My parents never listen to me, I tell them it isn't my fault but they never listen." Her eyes started to fill with tears again. I shocked my self when I moved to give her a hug. I froze with my arms around her, what the hell is happening? She wrapped her arms around my neck and hide her face in my shoulder. I could feel her warm tears falling on my shoulder.

"Bella, why don't you come back with Rosie and me? We'll introduce you to our family and we'll ring your parents telling them we found you in the forest. That way you can't get in trouble." Emmett said from beside me. I didn't even notice him moving.

Bella lifted her head and beamed at him.

"Really? Won't your family be mad at you for talking to me?" she asked as I silently brushed away her tears.

"Believe me they will love you." Emmett sang. I turned to look at him to see him jumping up and down. He's been spending too much time with Alice. Bella just nodded her head like crazy causing Emmett and me to laugh.

"Okay, Bella you're going to have climb on my back. We're going to be going fast." Emmett warned. I don't think she cared as she rolled her eyes before nodding again. He picked her up in a fluid motion and placed her on his back. She wrapped her arms around his neck in a death grip (for a human, at least!)

I stood up as Bella tried to get comfortable on Emmett's back.

"Race you home!" I yelled as I ran home, leaving Emmett and Bella behind me for a few seconds. I wanted to be the first to tell everyone . . . actually dam what am I going to say?

Hey, we found a human and brought her home. Oh yeh, she kind of knows what we are . . . no big deal!

Oh they are going to kill us!

I saw our house and slowed down. Emmett was by my side in a mini-second. I turned to look at Bella, her brown her was wind swept and all the leaves and twigs had fallen out. Her eyes were wide, caused the brown to look deeper then before. Her mouth was hanging open, like she was silently screaming. For a second I was worried she was scared before she burst out laughing. Her laugh was contagious and soon Emmett and I were joining in.

Bella's POV

THAT WAS AWSOME! I couldn't help but laugh at Rosalie's worried face. She looked so concerned that I was going to freak. Emmett slowly put me onto the ground as we continued to laugh. Together their laughter sounded like a song . . . it was easy to see that they were perfect for each other – no matter what they are.

Jacob told me some stupid legend about the "cold ones" to scare me. I really didn't see what was so bad about them. It seemed like the "werewolf'" were just asking for it . . . they all hated the "cold ones" for no real reason. Jacob got really annoyed at me when I told him I liked the "cold ones" and he pushed me over. I hate him!

I think that's what Rosalie and Emmett are . . . I think that they are part of the "cold one's". If they are that's so cool – wow I know vampires! I think that means their family are all vampires. Apparently "good" vampires have gold eyes, like Rosalie and Emmett. I bet that means their family is good.

Emmett and Rosalie suddenly stopped laughing and turned to face the huge house. It was white and had lodes of windows . . . it looked like a house from a dream. They both looked scared. I grabbed both their hands . . . if they were scared it must be something really scary.

I blinked that five new people were in front of me. At the front was a man who had blond hair and he was really tall. He was holding hand with a smaller woman who had a lovely heart-shaped face and hair that looked like caramel. They both had golden eyes like Rosalie and Emmett. They looked like the mom and dad. My parents never hold hands. They looked like the eldest but they still looked younger then my parents.

To the side of them was a really tall and had blond hair as well. He looked strong, but not like Emmett – Emmett was strangely strong . . . I bet Emmett could beat Jacob up without trying. This man was holding hands with a really small girl with spiky black hair; she was bouncing up and down and she was giving me a huge smile. It made me laugh because she looked like she wanted to dance. They too had golden eyes.

To the other side there was another boy. He looked a little stronger then the younger blond boy. He had red-ish hair and he was tall also. His eyes seemed to be darker then the others. His eyes flicked from everyone before landing on me. He looked at me for a long time and I didn't like it. He kept staring at me . . . and staring . . . and staring.

URG what is it with silly boys!? I stuck my tongue out at him and this caused everyone except him to burst out laughing. He looked shocked his mouth opened completely and his eyes widened. I smiled triumphantly at him.

I looked up at the sky and noticed it was pitch black. I grabbed Rosalie's hand tighter. She looked down at me with concern.

"My parents." I explained. She nodded before gently pulling my past her family. They all continued to look at me; I blushed and pulled my hair over my face. We entered her house and my mouth dropped open. It was a prefect house . . . older people get everything!

Rosalie pulled me into the kitchen . . . from what I remember vampires don't eat food – weird. If you don't eat food why would you have a kitchen?

"Rosalie, why do you have a kitchen?" I asked just as she picked up the phone. She giggled and it was soon joined in by five other people. I turned to see the rest of her family laughing too . . . except the boy with red-ish hair.

"For food?" she made it sound like a question. I think she wants to know how much I know.

"You don't eat food." I said as I crossed my arms across my chest. The "parents" and the young blond boy gasped.

"How do you know that, dear?" the woman with caramel hair asked. She seemed very friendly . . . but she is a mother – she must be friendly.

"Because you drink animal blood, that's what you do." I said in the politest way possible. She smiled at me and I didn't feel so worried.

"Bella put in your parent's number so I can ring them . . . actually, one sec!" Rosalie said before rushing to her "dad". They started talking really fast and it was so quiet that I couldn't hear it . . . wow! That's cool.

She rushed back and grabbed my hand lightly – being that's she's so strong. She pulled me towards the older blonde man. He held out his hand I shook it, I tried not to giggle.

"I'm Carlisle, and your Bella am I correct?" he asked when he let go of my hand, his hand was also cold.

"Yup. Are you like Rosalie's and Emmett's dad?" I asked. I really wanted to know!

"Yes I am, this is my wife Esme." He said as he pointed to the woman with the caramel hair. I held my hand out for her to shake but she ignored it and gave me a light hug, I hugged her back. Why can't my mom be like her?

I pulled back the young blond boy looked at me with his head to the side; I raised my eyebrows at him. What is with the boys in this family watching me?

"Why did you feel upset then?" he asked quietly. His voice was calm; I knew he wasn't being rude. I blushed anyway.

It's not like I am going to say; oh I was just comparing your mom to mine. I was silently complaining about how your mom seems so nice and mine . . . just isn't. – I'm not admitting to that!

"No reason." I mumbled. He looked at me, telling me he didn't believe me.

The small, spiky black haired girl came up to me.

"I'm Alice and this is Jasper. My husband. Just so you know we're going to be great friends!" she sang at me. Jasper just smiled at his wife – their perfect for each other too. I waved at them and Alice's smile got bigger – Yikes!

The boy with red-ish hair moved so that he wasn't stood behind them. He stepped around them and kept looking at me; maybe I should stick my tongue out again?

"I'm Edward." He said in a voice that was much nicer then all his family's voice's put together. He was still looking at me; it was like he was trying to see into my head.

"Can you quit doing that? It's rude!" I snapped when he didn't stop even when I looked at him. He frowned before crossing his arms across his chest and pinching the bridge of his nose. I huffed and turned to face Rosalie who was trying to hide her laughing by hiding her face in Emmett's shoulder. Emmett was opening laughing out loud.

"Rosalie, can you please rind my parents before I'm grounded for life?" I asked once she calmed down. She nodded before picking up the phone and handing it to Carlisle.

He asked me to enter my number, so I did. He put the phone on speaker because I wanted to hear what my parents said.

"Hello?" my mother's voice asked breathlessly down the phone.

"Hello this is I'm staying in Forks with my family for the summer so you won't know us. Today we found Bella in the forest. I was ringing you to let you know she's safe." He said in a smooth calm voice.

"Oh?" she said into the phone before shouting for my dad. She forgot that she had the phone to her mouth. "Someone found her Charlie, not like you care. It's only our daughter!" she yelled sarcastically. I felt my cheeks go red. I ignored the sad feeling at what my mother said. My dad did care! I hate when she says stuff like that!

"Don't be stupid! She ran off in the forest leaving Jacob by him self. No wonder she got lost!" he yelled back, his voice sounded further away. I put my head in my hands. This is so embarrassing. I felt two cold arms wrap around my shoulders, I looked up to see Alice giving me a small smile as she hugged me to her.

"Why was she even in the forest? You know I don't like that Jacob child!" she yelled back. Okay, they are having an argument on the phone and they seem to have forgotten that someone was listening. My mom is so weird – she made me put on a dress because he wanted to play with me, if she didn't like him why couldn't I have my jeans on.

"Mrs . . .?" Carlisle looked at me.

"Swan" I mouthed at him.

"Mrs Swan?" he asked again. My parents still continued to argue. I felt tears form in my eyes and I hugged Alice tighter to me.

He asked another four times before she seemed to realize that someone was still on the phone.

"I'm sorry. Is there any chance I can come pick Bella up in an hour or two? I have some stuff I have to deal with!" she spoke in a hard voice. I felt my mouth drop open. For all she knew I could have been found by a killer.

"Eh yes, sure that's fine." Carlisle sounded as shocked as I felt. My mother mumbled a thank you before hanging up . . . she forgot one key detail – asking the address!

I groaned our loud and had half the mind to smash the phone. But that would be rude!

"Stupid parents, stupid stupid stupid!" I mumbled to my self. Alice gently giggled.

"So you think they are stupid?" she giggled at me.

"Among other things." I replied with a shrug. Jasper was suddenly in front of me looking confused and concerned.

"How are you doing that?" he asked in a voice that I could only just hear.

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