AN: New Story and Story updates.

Hey hey my Thrid Time's readers. I was given a laptop for my birthday and have a story that I am working on, I'm thinking about posting it soon. Anyone who reads Twisted Tales - it is being put on hold until i can move it from one laptop to the other and manage to have it come out the way I want.

Right this is a bit from my new story; I'd Follow You.

After a few to many drinks Edward and Bella thought it would be a good idea to get married when they were in Vegas. When the best friends stay married but see other people, Edward had no idea that he would soon be loosing the girl he had always secretly loved. He had always said he would divorce her when she found Mr. Right - and now she has, slong with a brand new life away from everything she was. A question from her Mr. Right sends her right back to where she ran away from.

* * *

"Hello?" I asked once I finally had my phone at my ear. I pressed my phone to my shoulder whilst grabbing the spear key from the (still!) broken light at the side of the door.

"Hun, have you talked to your parents yet?" Mike asked in a rush and I tried not to take my new irritation out on him.

"No sweetie, I haven't managed to see them yet." I answered whilst looking around my old home. Almost everything was the same – maybe not as clean looking. At least now I knew he still lived here.

I could hear the shower going and I didn't care if he had three girls and a lion with him, I was getting him to sign these god dam divorce papers.

"Oh. What are you doing now then?" Mike asked and I groaned silently before remembering I was still wearing his ring and slipping it off and hiding it in my bag. There so no need to rub anything in Edward's face.

"Now? I'm at my old house. I left a few thing behind when I moved and I want to sort them out." I answered with a nervous laugh.

"I bet its bringing back memories, being back home." Mike sighed down the phone.

"Maybe that's why I don't want to be here." I grumbled and he laughed as if I was joking. If only he knew. That would go down well at family dinner . . . oh Mike, I'm actually married at the moment because my stupid husband won't divorce me, also the reason I won't sleep with you is because I have issues due to the child I lost.

"It's not like we want you here any more than you want to be here, Bella." Edward's voice reached me from the bedroom door and I refused to look at him until I said goodbye to Mike.

"Hun, I got to go. I'll call you soon." I promised before snapping my phone shut.

I looked at my husband blankly. His hair was longer, his body more toned but he was still Edward. My heart started to beat quicker but I blamed it on nerves. He was dressed in just a pair of jeans and his shirt unbuttoned showing off his pale and surprisingly sculpted front.

"You need to sign these papers." I told him whilst grabbing them out my bag and thrusting them at him.

"I don't think so sugar-tits." he answered and I took a deep breath before watching as he walked back into the bedroom. Irritation quickly took hold of me as I flew into the bedroom.

"Edward stop being an ass and sign the god dam papers!" I demanded whilst slamming my bag down and storming up to him. I realized that the bedroom was a perfect copy of the day I left. I froze when I saw all my things exactly where I left them – like Edward, he was exactly where I left him.

* * *

- loosly based on Sweet Home Alabama only Edward and Mike are going to fight for the woman they love. Does Mike even know the real Bella? Why did she get so angry at him when he told a child that the two main characters from her books weren't real? Will Mike guess her secret and what will he do when he finds out? - AH/OOC