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Monday, January 6th

...Or, take a bow 'cause its curtain call.

Reno reported that apparently Larxene hadn't been the only one out there with her camera that day. In fact there had been a live taping of the parade that he had watched on TV. Somehow they'd ended up right across from one of the filming guys, and as a result pretty much the entire city had seen their little scene at the parade. The results had made them something of an amusing sensation, and in the end their friends had more or less soaked up the fame. Roxas had a feeling that by now everyone in the entire city had heard about Axel's Twelve Days of Christmas.

It hadn't really been a good thing in some instances. Some of the less open minded people had been real jackasses, but in the end no one important really cared. A lot of people even found the whole thing hopelessly romantic, and Selphie had proudly joked that all the boyfriends in the city now had a lot to live up to.

In the end, they were here: Sitting at that table in the cozy little diner on the edge of town.

"So," Axel said with a smile. "How do you feel about Valentines Day?"

"Hate it." Roxas said without missing a beat.

"I figured as much."

Roxas grinned at the red head, "Can't wait to see what your planning."

Axel laughed jovially, "What makes you think I'm planning anything?"

Roxas quirked a brow at him sardonically, and went pointedly back to his bowl of sea-salt ice cream. Apparently a question of such blatant stupidity didn't warrant a reply.

Axel leaned forward, and caught Roxas' wrist as it transported the spoonful back toward the blond's mouth. He stole the bite off it, and made a face, "Did you put extra salt in this or something?"

"You're an idiot." Roxas grunted, frowning at his empty spoon.

With a crooked grin Axel replied, "But, I'm your idiot."

Laughing, Roxas leaned over to pull Axel into a kiss.

A few tables away several of their gathered friends used the moment to pelt the oblivious couple with wadded up napkins. Roxas thought he heard Sora mutter something about getting a room.

As for card number eleven? No one ever did find out what happened to it, but Roxas hypothesized it probably fell out of Axel's pocket when the car died.


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