Title: Supervene

This is a sequel to Unexpected. I suggest reading it before this one. This little tale has taken on a life of its own that apparently I have little control over. It's gone AU, changed its rating and now contains spoilers for the Sookie Stackhouse Series Books. (All 8 of them to be safe.) However, it sticks to the groundwork of the TV series. Not really sure how that happened! LOL I hope you enjoy.

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A week. Only a week. He had lived a thousand years and a mere seven days had nearly undone him. Eric frowned when he didn't see her car at her house. She must be working. She would be tired when she got home. The thought of her working late at night made his frown deepen. He stood on her porch for a moment and debated. His mind made up, he took flight and was soon standing at the edge of the woods behind Merlotte's. Before stepping into the light of the gravel employee lot, he heard her voice. Taking another step back into the shadows, he listened.

"You sure you're alright?" Sam asked as he rubbed his arm down her back.

"I'm fine. I told you I'm okay."

"I just worry about how you're…handling, you know…."

"I'm not the first girl to ever break up with a boyfriend Sam."

"I know, but…" Sam kicked at the dirt on the ground, "I'm sorry he came in and upset you the other night."

Sookie let out a humorless laugh obviously remembering whatever Sam was talking about.

"I can't believe Bill brought her in the bar." Eric's fists tightened. He would make Bill pay for hurting her. "Thanks for not starting a fight."

"You handled things pretty well on your own. I don't think I've ever heard you cuss that much."

"I'm real sorry about that." Eric's mouth twitched into a smile at the embarrassment blazing on her cheeks.

"Why don't you go on home?"

"You sure you don't want me to help close?"

"Go on. It's Friday night. I'll see you on Wednesday." His fists clenched again when she hugged the shifter. He took a deep breath, even though he had no need to breathe, in order to get his emotions in check. It was disconcerting the effect this human had on him. Eric moved quickly to stand by her car once the shifter went back inside.

He didn't even wait to make sure she was safely in her vehicle. Shifter bastard.

Sookie looked up startled when she saw him leaning against her car.

"Eric!? What are you doing here?"

"Can't I just come to visit?" He smiled at her and watched her features relax. She returned his warm expression as she fished her keys from the bottom of her purse.

"Sure. Anytime. Um, I'm just getting off work. I was goin' on home. Do you want to…?"

"I'd love to." He waited for her to open the door and helped her inside. She giggled as he folded his tall frame into the passenger seat.

"You didn't drive here?"

"My car is at your house. When you weren't home I assumed you were working for the shifter." She noticed the look of distaste on his face.

"Sam. His name's Sam." He grunted in response and she shot him a look. "He's my friend Eric. Deal with it."

"He wants to be more than your friend."

"So do you." His eyes widened and he couldn't stop the roar of laughter that vibrated off the windows of her tiny car.

"Do I have competition?!" He finally asked.

"You're not used to that, are you? You're used to just snapping your fingers and women just drop at your feet." His amusement was replaced with a pang of concern. He realized quickly that Sookie Stackhouse would not just bend at his will. He would actually have to put some effort into getting her to be his. This was new to him. A challenge. A challenge he would rise to meet.

"You do not wish me to win your favor?"

"I didn't say that. I just…" She sighed as she pulled up beside Eric's Corvette.

"Just what?" Before she could answer he was holding her door open for her.

"Bill and Sam acted like dogs fighting over a bone." She snorted a little realizing her little joke and then continued. "It gets old fast. So if you plan on bad mouthing Sam and getting all huffy about stuff then you can just go on home right now. I'm done."

"You'd send me away?"

"Yes." She crossed her arms and looked him in the eye as she spoke. He cocked his head and regarded her for a moment. A lot had happened in a week. This Sookie was no longer the poor heartbroken girl he left crying on her bed. This was a woman that had had enough. She was going to guard her heart more carefully from now on.

"Then I am sorry if I offended you. May I please come in?" He bent down and gave her a small kiss on the cheek before whispering against her ear. "I can't win your favor if you send me away." He felt her heart rate quicken and relished in the feeling it brought him to know he had that effect on her.