Sookie turned her face into the spray of the shower. She allowed the small victorious smile to settle across her face when she heard music playing from the bedroom. The steam from the shower condensed on the clear glass of the shower allowing her a small bit of modesty as Eric walked through the open door of the bathroom. He sat on the edge of the tub and rested his elbows on his knees.

"What's changed?" He asked quietly.

"I'm sorry?" She asked in return as she started shampooing her hair.

"You? What's changed? You suddenly...your whole resolve has…" She rinsed the soap from her hair and slid the door open a little to look at his face. Blue eyes held hers.

"Something in me finally understood on the plane."

"The plane?"

"When you were talking to Bill. You never came out and admitted anything. You would never do that. Not to Bill anyway. But, it all fell into place. I can't believe it took me this long to see it."

"Please, enlighten me." He crossed his arms over his chest and creased his brow at her.

"The visits to my house, the offers of protection, the innuendos, the possessiveness; I was so afraid of what I was hearing around me, I didn't listen to what was happening." She picked up the soap and started lathering it in her hands. She rubbed her soapy hands down her arms and he growled with frustration.

"Explain." He prodded.

"All your demanding and proclaiming that I was yours. 'Sookie is mine.' 'She belongs to me.' I finally saw the whole truth."

"What's the truth, lover?" She smiled at him and stilled her hands as she looked around the shower door.

"As much as you want me to be yours, you want just as much to be mine."

Eric's eyes widened and she smirked at him. "And you know I'm right." She turned her back to him and let the water run over her breasts. She lifted her face under the spray again and knew he was still stunned into thought. "The sooner you admit it to yourself, the better you…." Her words were cut off by two large hands turning her around. He captured her mouth and pushed her against the tile wall. His hands were sliding down her slick shoulders, along her back, cupping a breast. She pulled away and smiled at the gorgeously wet, naked vampire advancing toward her again.

"Admit it." She demanded. He reached for her hips to pull her to him again and she swatted at his hands. "Admit it."

"Yes." He snarled.

"Yes, what?" He stood at his full height, his hair dripping onto her face as he loomed over her.

"Make me yours." He barely whispered the words afraid they would somehow cause something in him to break. Sookie offered him a bright, satisfied smile as she reached for his wrists. She pulled his thick, muscular arms around her waist and kissed his sternum.

He cupped her ass and pulled her into him as he found her lips again. She moaned into his touch and he grunted in pleasure as she pressed her abdomen against his erection. Eric suddenly grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her. She hitched her legs around his waist and giggled as he nipped at her ear. He quickly turned off the water and carried her to the bedroom.

"We're still wet!" She cried as he dropped her in the middle of the bed before climbing on top of her.

"You're going to get a lot wetter." He mumbled against her breast before licking her nipple. She arched toward him and he sucked the taught bud into his mouth, grazing the skin lightly with his fangs.

"Eric." She whispered causing him to nearly lose control.

"I want my name on your lips. I want to be the only one that makes you scream."

"Then do it." She gritted as he licked the underside of her breast. "Now." She tugged at his hair bringing him back to her lips. She shifted and nudged him with her knee until he was positioned above her. She bucked her hips at him telling him what she wanted. He slid his erection down her body and moaned at how ready she was for him. He entered her in one slow forceful motion, causing her to release his kiss and throw her head back against the bed.

"Oh, God yes!" She cried out when he was buried to the hilt and offered a small thrust in an effort to go deeper. He pulled out completely and entered her again. He pumped her a few more times and soon she was writhing beneath him. She pushed against his shoulder and he obliged by flipping them over to his back. Eric gripped her hips and she started riding him. She smiled when she ground into him with a little more force and it caused him to scream her name. She grabbed his wrists and pulled his arms above his head causing her to lean forward and change the angle. He bucked his hips against her as she lightly nipped his neck.
"Sookie…Sookie." He now chanted her name and she slowed her rhythm and slowly slid up and down his length. She released his wrists and leaned back resting her hands against his thighs. He hissed as he watched her slide back down his erection. Eric held her hip as he swiped his thumb along her swollen nub.

"My beautiful lover."

"Eric!" She rewarded him with grinding into him harder and increasing her pants and screams. He bent forward and wrapped his arms underneath her arms and gripping her shoulders. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and started moving her by her shoulders. He quickened the pace and she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Suddenly, he stood and had her on her back on the bed with him standing. He leaned forward and latched on to her breast again, biting this time and sucking deeply. She let go of his arms and clutched the comforter as she tightened her legs around his thighs.

"Yes! Eric!" She felt her whole body constrict as he emptied inside her.

"Sookie!" He shuddered inside her. She let her legs fall and she lay panting spread-eagle, feet dangling off the bed. Eric groaned as he pulled away from her and she giggled at the sound.

"Are you okay, lover?"

"I'm delirious. I can't breathe." She panted as she laughed.

"It's a good thing I don't breathe."

"Do you feel better?" She lolled her head to the side and faced him with a lazy smile. His face was serious and she knew this was all going to be hard for him.



"Stay with me."

"I told you I would stay tonight."


"Live here?"
"No." His face turned dark and she reached out and stroked his cheek. He pulled her up on the bed and she snuggled into his side.


"I have a job. I have a house. Besides, anything worth having is worth working at. We haven't really worked at anything."

"How can you say that? After what I…"

"Do you love me?"


"Right. I don't know if I love you either. I think I might be able to. I hope I can. I hope you can love me. But, it's too soon for that. We have to work at it."

She rubbed her fingers across his chest before lifting her head to look at him. He still looked angry. She kissed him lightly and he slid his arms tighter around her waist.

"But you are mine."

"Are you mine?" She asked softly. He nodded his head and waited for her reaction. "Good." She kissed him again and he moaned with contentment.

"You're going to drive me crazy, aren't you?"


He swatted her behind playfully and she yelped.

"And I thought I was the irresistible one."