Warning: sex-slave, brothel, -ahem-sasu (... u know meen-meens _) angst, and the next part will be pretty obvious

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"N-Nii-san…" I whispered softly to him, clutching onto his pant-legs tightly. These men before us were scary, they looked at Aniki and I like we were food…My heart was thumping in my chest, yet at the same time clenching, it was just like before. No… this was better than before… it was better than that… house we lived it. My Nii-san always called it a 'hell-hole' but I really don't know what that is.



"Otouto… let's get out of here… let's get out of this hell-hole… I know a place... it's safer… I don't want to see you hurt like this anymore…" He spoke before lifting my limp body up and carrying me out of that house forever.



Two people walked towards us and then one man pulled me away from my Nii-san and dragged me away. "No!" I cried, feeling the horror enter me as my Nii-san's form began to shrink and fade into the tears that welled up in my eyes. My arms flailed into the air and I kicked and screamed, "Itachi-nii!!!!!"


All of that was years ago. Now, I sit in a small room, awaiting visitors. Sure… the accommodations were nice… but the job… oh how I hate the job. I'm not to sure now, what is really better. The life before-hand with my abusive father, my neglecting mother, and my exalted brother whom I could never seem to catch up to, or this pathetic one, with such a despicable job. I think… I think this one… because he's not here. I never speak his name anymore; it hurts too much to do so. Even after he put me through this... I still want his arms around me to comfort me. I don't even know where he is anymore… was it his intent to place me in this brothel, or was it something that even he didn't know? I doubt they took him too, I mean… he is so strong and smart. I shake my head; even just thinking about him hurts.

"Kukuku… you know why I quit… I prefer to be a customer… not the cash-taker… Besides, it's more money for you eh Pain?"

"You quit after we hired the foolish brothers… was the older not to your liking?"

"Oh he most definitely was… except he was such a difficult bottom…."

"Well… he does seem to attract more of the submissive ones."

"Ahh... dominating one, no wonder why we only clashed…"

" Well... your client is waiting."

I shutter at hearing that man's voice outside my door. I know he is coming for me; he always is, with that single candle of his. Every day, every fucking day. It's always in the evenings too… that single light is the only light that provides me with vision. Always the same scent floating in the air – orchids. As if he's trying to create a romantic aura. I hate it. I hate it all.

"Missed me little S-Sasuke-kun?"

I resist to shudder at his tone. I abhor how his s's elongate; I loathe how he refers to me as 'kun'… how informal it sounds. But most of all, I despise how I have to respond to every one of his words, actions and touches like I enjoy it all. "Always master"

"Mmm… I love how you call me that… again my little S-Sasuke-kun…"

"Master… master…" I hate myself right now, how suggestive my tone sounds, and the actual words coming out of my mouth. And, he knows how revolting I find it. He knows and purposely puts me through all this suffering.

"Mmm…" He sits down at the table now, pulling out that single, purple, thin candle. He lights the wick and smirks maliciously, "S-shall we get started now….?"


I groan as I get up. My third client lying beside me. All of this work; it was getting too much lately. My body just can't keep up. I feel the customer grab me by the leg, "Hey brat, com'ere!"

I try to pull my leg free, "Your time's up, let me go!" I tug at it again but he just won't let go. Instead he pull me under him and hovers above me, his hands pinning me down. "Let me go!" I said loudly, trying to free myself. Just at that moment, the door opens.


A smirk appeared on the man's face, "Looks like my times up beautiful." He says before standing up and pulled up his pants. I immediately grab for my kimono and cover myself. A girl with blue hair approaches me and I cower into the corner.

"Don't worry dear… common let's get cleaned up… you're done for the day…"

My eyes still hold that fear while I clutch the cloth to pathetically cover myself up, but I won't move.

"Dammit Pain, you're wearing the poor boy out! You're wearing them all out!"

"Money! Konan, you know that each client provides money for them!"

I hear the blue-haired woman groan in exasperation, "Pain! Three clients?! Three?! That's too much! And How many times do you think they---"

I stand up to cut her off, now dressed in my wrinkled kimono. I don't want to hear her speak the next words. I took a step, wincing at the pain in my rear.

"Oh dearie! Come, come, let's get you to your room. Don't worry… you have the day off tomorrow, as it's you birthday."

I feel my heart pang. Another birthday without him.

This is gunna be maybe a 3-part fic so yeah lol D since it seems better to leave it off here. yes... I know Angsty title

and /shame u all know who is Sasuke's customer... but he's not named and will never be named!!!!! ....