Christmas Wishes

Hazelcloud: This is just a really short story as a sort of Christmas gift to anyone who reads it. Merry Christmas to one and all!

Shea stared into the fire, as it crackled happily in the hearth. Something was bothering him, and he knew that the others had noticed it. It was Christmas Eve and Menion Leah had decided to spend it with Shea and Flick rather than Shirl Ravenlock, a sort of apology to his best friends for ignoring them for so long. The talk had begun lighthearted and friendly but it had soon wavered off because Flick and Menion argued too much to actually hold a conversation, and because they both sensed that soon Shea would open up.

"What would you wish for?" Shea said suddenly. Flick and Menion both stared at him, surprised and confused by the question. Flick was the first person to speak.

"I'm not sure what you mean," He admitted, and Menion nodded in agreement. Shea turned to look at them both. He felt his heart swell with love for even though they knew not what troubled him they wanted to help.

"What would you wish for?" He repeated. "If you had one wish, and you could do with it as you saw fit, what would you wish for?"

"I would wish that Flick would become less like a crusty old man, and learn to have some fun!" Menion said laughing. Flick glared at him.

"Hey!" Flick said, before he broke down laughing. Both were silent though when they saw that Shea had not joined in. Realising that Shea had been serious, they both became somber, and thought quietly for a while. Menion spoke up first, hesitant to break the silence but wanting it to end at the same time.

"I wish that Shirl and I live peacefully for many years, and that our love flourish and grow through them all," He said. Shea nodded thoughtfully, and Flick spoke next.

"I wish that when I feel the need to speak I won't hesitate to do what's right, even if it is hard," Flick said. Shea smiled, and then bit his lip.

"Go on, what's your wish?" Menion prodded Shea with an elbow.

"I wish that good with always triumph over evil. That light with always outshine the darkness, and that the our descendants, and all of the people of the four lands, never give up hope," Shea said solemnly.

"That is a good wish," Flick said nodding. Menion smiled in agreement, and added.

"Still, I think that our bonds are of friendship are too strong to break! Why I bet that even our descendants will band together in the face of evil," The three friends laughed, and then sat in silence enjoying that friendship.