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Seth POV

I was lonely. I would never admit it...but I was. All around me, the guys were imprinting. All of them finding the loves of their lives and I was stuck alone. I dated a couple girls, and they were nice and I liked them...but I knew from the others minds, that it was so much more than liking. It was more than even love. I saw it through their eyes what it looked like, what if felt like. I didn't want to settle for anything else below my imprint. Half because I didn't want to end up with a situation like Sam, Emily and Leah, and then because I just wanted that complete feeling. Even Collin had imprinted, a year within coming into this life. And now 3 years after I had become a werewolf I was one of 3 people that hadn't imprinted. Brady didn't really care like I did, he liked being a player. And Leah just thought her life was never supposed to work out.

It didn't help that they all waved there imprints in front of me. Every where I turned someone had there love. Even when I went over to the Cullens. There was Alice and Jasper, who weren't as PDA about their relationship, but would still give each other goo goo eyes. Rosalie and Emmett who were PDA all over the place, and Bella and Edward who were a mix of both. Jake and Nessie were there too, and after listening in his mind about how amazing she was, I didn't want to look at the blatant love on his face.

My life sucked.

Sometimes I would think about going and running away, taking off like Jake did, and trying to find her. I would do anything by now. It was odd, all the werewolves who had imprinted yearned for the girls that they had imprinted on, and I hadn't even found her yet and I yearned for her just as bad. And I didn't even know who she was.

I remembered after I had transformed and found why Sam had done what he had, I had hated the thought of imprinting. I never tried to understand, and I just wanted to be mad at Sam for what he did to Leah. How bitter he had made her. But after more and more of the pack began to imprint my resolve wore down when I saw how happy each of them were. I wanted to leave, go out and seek her out, but I knew that was a big mission. My imprint could be across the US, some where up in New York, or something like Pauls imprint Callie. He had met her on a class trip up to New York. Most had found their imprints around La Push and Forks. Paul's imprint was the furthest away. So most everyone had got lucky and found their imprint around here, why couldn't I?

I sighed, heaving myself up off the couch, bored with TV. I was bored, everyone else was out, except me and Leah. My mom was out shopping for some party she was having. Apparently one of her friends had some neices coming by and she was bringing them to come visit. My mother had instructed us to be nice to them, make them feel welcome.

"They've been through a lot." Was all she had said. I just shrugged and nodded. Leah had just rolled her eyes and headed up to her room. My mom didn't say anything, that was Leah's normal reaction now...that was her being nice. She'd become ten times worse in her bitter harpy crap since she had found out Emily was going to have a baby. You'd think she would be over this crap by now. Seeing into Sam's mind over and over again how much he hated what he did to her, you would think she would have forgiven him but no, she needed to hold onto it. She still after all these years thought of Sam as her's.

My had ordered me to clean up while she was gone, which for me ment going and shoving things under my bed or throwing it in drawers. Mom got kinda pissed...but I was a messy teenage guy, what could you do? So I waited around the kitchen until mom got back, bored out of my mind.


Jolene POV

"Jojo sweetie, come help please." My mother cooed, smiling her tight smile at me. She was frustrated with my lack of happiness. I growled under my breath, and took in a deep gulp of air.

I stood up, looking over at my mother. As usual she was in one of her fancy little dresses, something that was way to young for her. She seemed to always want to dress like she was still twenty instead of 45. This was a perfect time to show off her new dress, even though my aunt had told her over and over that it was just a little get together in the back of her friends yard. My mother refused to take off the dress though, saying that she wanted to make a nice impression. I guess she was trying to make the people of this town like her, since everyone in our old town had gave a silent hatred for her...for keeping my father around.

I just sighed, staying where I was and acting as though I hadn't heard her. She ignored me, so why would I pay any attention to her? She gave a frustrated sigh, her pleasant polite face becoming stone. "Jolene, I asked you to come help your aunt." She said, her voice still smooth but now had a hard edge to it.

"It's fine Natalie, I got it." My Aunt Ty mumbled, grabbing the last dish. I looked over at the pile she had, feeling bad. I stood, going to help her, not because of my mother, because I actually like my aunt. Even if I barely knew her, she was ten times a better person than my mother.

"Here, let me take a couple." I said, grabbing one of the dishes. My aunt gave a smile as I took one.

"Thanks hon." she smiled, her white teeth a bright contrast to her dark skin. My aunt was my mother's half sister, half Quiluete, the local Native American tribe in this area. My grandfather had left grandma back when my mom was about 16 and found a new extremely young wife here. Her mother was at least 14 years younger than him. A year later they had had my Aunt Tylee, making her about 17 years younger than my mother...something my mother hated.

"No problem." I mumbled, heading out toward the car. She followed me, my mother calling for my little sister inside the house. "So...why all the food?" I asked, glancing at the 6 dishes she had. She gave a laugh.

"The boys that are gonna be there eat like no tomorrow." She smiled, leaning down and setting the dishes in the trunk. I gave a nod. I wasn't really excited about this as she was. One thing I loved about Aunt Ty was that she was trying so hard to get us a normal life. Or me at least. She had chatted animatedly about how the kids here were so great, I would love school, I would love Seth and Leah, Sue's kids, they were great. I didn't want to go at first, but after how excited she had gotten I sucked it up and told her I would go with the best smile I could give. She had nodded, trying to hide how happy she was.

I owed a lot to my Aunt. My mother had slowly and surely become a pariah in our old town. She tried to put on a smile and ignore it, throwing herself into anything and everything that involved the town. But no one welcomed her. That's what you get when you stay married to a pedophile, even if he was still in jail. The whole town still knew my mothers status with my father thanks to the fact that the biggest gossiper in town was sister to one of the police that worked my fathers jail. She had no problem spreading what wasn't her business. But it's not like I blamed the town. I slowly shut out my mother too.

My mother had got so fed up when a private elementary school had refused my little sister. She had thrown a huge fit, and decided to move to the small town that held her little sister she barely knew or cared for and her father. She had called crying to grandpa, who had immediatly taken her in. I assumed he felt guilty for all the years of absence, so he took her in to make up for it. He found her a house and helped her get a job here. My mother had played her cards expertly.

My aunt Tylee put up with my mothers whining and crying for the last few weeks we had been here. I didn't know whether she wanted to get to know her sister (a action that I would put as stupid and idiotic) or if she was doing it for grandpa. But as she had helped my mother, she had gotten to know us as well. She was fun and nice, and treated me and my sister like we actually meant something. She had done more to help us here than my mother had, who just spent her time throwing herself into this town, determined to be liked here. My mother always thrived on being needed, and loved. One of the reasons she had stayed with my father even after all he had done to me.

"Jolene, where is your sister's doll?" My mother huffed, peeking her head out of the door. "She's being ridiculous and not coming till she finds it."

I sighed, moving toward the door. "She's 6, she likes her doll." I snapped, moving past her and heading up the stairs. My sister was in her room, looking through the many boxes that still crowded her room. She looked up her eyes filled with tears.

"Boppy is gone. Mom lost her." She cried, her little lip quivering. I moved forward, running a finger over her little blonde curls.

"We'll find her, gotta keep looking. She's just playing hide and seek." I smiled, as Alisa sniffed lightly.

"She's hiding?" She asked her eyes brightening slightly. Making a game always helped with Alisa. I nodded.

"We gotta find her fast. Aunt Tylee's friends are waiting." I moved toward her bed, glancing under it as Alisa made a mad dash for her half filled closet. She began sorting through everything calling Boppy's name. I smiled. Unlike most little kids Alisa was a sweetie. I love my little sister. I began sorting through her sheets, as a loud thunk and a flash of brown fell to the ground.

"Boppy!" Alisa cried, scooping up her little doll. She hugged her to her chest, smiling up at me. "You found her. Now you gotta hide!"

I laughed, kissing the top of her head. "We gotta go, we'll pause the game and play when we get back." Alisa nodded, moving toward the door and down the stairs. I sighed, running a finger through my hair and headed down with her. This was going to be interesting.


Seth POV

Emily arrived about a half hour ago, her hands full of dishes, Sam just behind her. Jake and Nessie followed, Nessie now looking about 15. Callie and Paul arrived after and then Jared and Kim. The others were patrolling, there had been a few vampires in the area, and even though the Cullens had told them to stay off this land, we were being extra cautious.

The guest's of the hour hadn't arrived yet though, they were due any minute though. I wasn't really that excited, it was going to be pretty boring. My mother was going to be watching to make sure I played nice with the new girl, make her feel welcome and all that.

I sighed hoping they got here soon as my stomach made a loud grumble. Leah glared at me as though I was doing it just to annoy her. I shrugged back, grabbing at a chip. Emily swatted at my hand, giving me a playful glare. I stuck out my lower lip in a pout, looking up at her. "Come on Em, please. I'm starving." I begged, making my lip quiver. She laughed, shaking her head.

"You can wait like everyone else." She said, ruffling my hair. I gave her a over dramatic sigh, huffing.

"Fine, let me die of starvation." I mumbled. Leah rolled her eyes, standing up and moving toward the living room. I was surprised she lasted this long in the same room with Emily and Sam. She usually left a second after she gave a forced hello. Even if Emily was only about 2 months along, Leah would still glare over at her stomach like it was disgusting.

Emily watched her go, her face spasming in pain. Emily felt so bad for hurting Leah, and tried not to rub Sam in her face. She made an effort and my sister was still a huge bitch. As much as I loved Leah, I couldn't really feel sorry for her all the time, when people still tried to help.

Thud, thud, thud. A knock came on the front door, which I knew meant it was the big Guests. Nobody ever knocked knocked from the pack. They just burst right in. We all practically lived at each other's houses half the time.

My mom gave a smile, moving toward the door. She opened it, revealing Tylee Summers. Tylee smiled, her arms filled with more dishes of food. The smell of her delicous chips and dip drifted making my stomach growl again. I groaned. Hurry up, get in and eat! I begged mentally. Tylee moved in, followed by a middle aged women in a tight black dress. She smiled widely at my mom, smoothing her out of place dress. Must be Tylee's sister.

Another younger girl, moved past the women, a couple of dishes in her hands. A little girl of six or seven moved in, bouncing with excitement, a little doll clutched to her chest. She followed the girl who stared at Tylee's sister, her mother, impatiently as she laughed with my mom. Her face was obscured by her dark red hair. I took in the rest of her with slight interest. She was taller for a girl at least 5'6 or 5'7", and skinny with nice curves. I could still admire her form, since I could still look at another girl with interest unlike the others who had imprinted and couldn't see anything but their imprints. She didn't dress like most of the girls here either, with a pair of skinny jeans and black flats, with a dark black shirt. She had black streaks through her pretty red hair. From what I could see she was pretty hot.

Tylee caught sight of her annoyed look, because she interrupted my mother and her's, saying "Sue, where do you want the dishes?"

"Oh," my mom smiled, giving an apologetic look, "just over on the table. Thanks Ty."

Tylee moved toward the kitchen, the red head and the little girl following her. They both set down some of the dishes, opening a could as they did, making the scent drift toward me. My stomach gave a loud grumble, making the little girl look over at me and giggle. I gave her a small smile. She was cute, with light blonde curls and bright blue eyes. As my gaze turned toward her, she blushed, ducking her head down pressing her face into the dolls hair. She moved toward the red head, hiding behind her leg. The red head looked down at her, laying a hand on her curls.

"Alisa...." she laughed, as the little girl, Alisa, grabbed her hand. She followed Alisa's gaze toward me, as I caught sight of her face for the first time. She was beautiful, with pale perfect skin, light freckles running across her nose. She had perfectly full lips, that were upturned in a small smile. She had a cute little upturned nose, and I finally looked up into her eyes.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, knocking me breathless. My mouth fell open, my heart thudding against my ribs. Everything in the room, all the noise of the rest of the pack, melted away as the only thing I could see was her bright, beautiful, perfect green eyes. All that mattered to me in the world, my family, the Cullen's, the pack, moved back in my mind, her replacing them as the most important thing in my life. She was all that mattered, all that was in my life from this moment on.

I watched as her eyes filled with confusion and panic as I continued to stare at her. What was wrong? What was upsetting her? I tried to rip my gaze from her, to find what was wrong, but I couldn't. I had waited so long for her, and now here she was. I couldn't even think of looking away.


She looked away first, her cheeks flaming red, as wrapped her arms around herself.


Look back up. I wanted to see those beautiful eyes again.

"Seth!" I blinked furiously as I finally looked away from her toward Nessie. She had a understanding twinkle in her eye, as she glanced over at the beauty that was my imprint, then back at me. "Come with me in here...help out please." she said pointedly. No, I didn't even know her name!

"Come on man." Jacob laughed, his eyes filled with understanding. I looked back over at her, my perfect imprint, before I realized I was freaking her out. I sighed, nodding as I followed him. Nessie lay her hand on my arm. Jolene. The name, and my imprints face flashed before my eyes as I walked toward the back door with Nessie. I sighed, muttering a thank you under my breath.

Jolene...what a beautiful name.

What a beautiful girl.


Jolene POV

The car ride was short, but boring. My mother asked several questions about Sue and who would be at the party. Trying to get a feel about who was there, and how to get them to like her. I snorted, as Alisa glanced up at me from her doll. I shook my head, glancing back out the window. It was sunny, the first time since I had moved here. I was growing used to rain and clowds and then this random burst of sun.

Tylee pulled the car up to a small blue house, with a small poarch in front. I got out the car, grabbing some dishes from back with Tylee. Alisa followed Tylee up the steps already plastering a fake smile on her makeup cracked face. I sighed rolling my eyes. She knocked, straightening out her perfect dress.

"Your dress is wrinkled in the back." I commented, make her smooth it out frantically. She turned around trying to see the invisible wrinkle as a bright eyed middle aged women opened the door with a smile. She was dark like Tylee, with black hair streaked with grey. She opened the door as her and my Aunt Tylee greeted each other. My mother launched herself into happy new friend mode.

"Hi," she smiled widely, "it's so nice to meet you." She stuck out her hand, shaking Sue's gently. "I'm Natalie Summers."

"Nice to meet you." Sue smiled back, her face welcoming. "Tylee has talked about you a lot."

My mother grinned smugly at that, sure that her sister wouldn't say a bad word about her. "You have such a nice-"

"OHHHHH!" Someone cried from the other room, cutting of my mom, as a woop followed. My mother gave a slightly irritated look as Sue turned and yelled at whoever had interupted her. My mom smoothed back over her face, giving an amused smile.

"Sorry," Sue laughed, shaking her head. "Thats what you get with boys and video games."

"It's fine." My mom smiled. "So-

"Sue," Tylee interupted again, making my mom sigh, "Where do you want the dishes?"

"Oh, just over on the table. Thanks Ty." Sue said, waving her hand over at the table in the kitchen. I followed Ty, Alisa right behind me, as we went and set the dishes down on the table. A young girl with dark hair and dark skin, and three long scars running down her cheek and neck turned and smiled over at Ty. They talked a bit as I glanced around the kitchen. A boy was sitting at the table, his long legs stretched out underneath it. He was obviously tall, with muscles wrapped around his arms and torse. He was lanky though, with shaggy black hair, and bright brown eyes. He was...hot. He almost looked like a model.

His stomach grumbled, making Alisa giggle. He glanced over at her, smiling. She blushed pressing her face into Boppy's hair, and moved to hide behind me. I laughed, pressing my hand on top of her head.

"Alisa..." I giggled, glancing over at the boy. He looked over at me, with that kind smile on his face. He looked over me, as his eyes met mine. His mouth dropped open with a pop, his dark eyes going wide. He full out gapped at me, his eyes filling with something that I couldn't identify.

"Seth." A tinkling voice called. Was Seth this guy?

I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks as he continued staring, his lips coming up in a small loving smile. I looked down, wrapping my arms around me, feeling like I had walked in with my pants off.

"Seth." The voice called again, a slight giggle at the end. The boy continued staring at me.

"Seth!" The girl called again. This time he blinked several times, glancing away from me. I glanced over at the girl too, stunned by her beauty. She was no more than 14 or 15, with redish brown curls that went down her back. She was bone pale, with perfect features. It made me feel ugly in comparison. She smiled at the boy, who was obviously Seth. "Come with me in here...help out please." She gave a pointed look, obviously demanding more than asking. She gave a look at me, before returning her gaze to Seth. He gave a pained look before gazing at me again.

"Come on man." Another giant guy moved forward, pulling Seth away. I didn't watch him go, I was too freaked out.

What was his problem? I didn't know what was wrong with me. I didn't smell bad I had just showered. I didn't look that bad did I? I did my hair, and put on some semi nice clothes.

I wasn't extraordinarily good looking. I was pale with red hair and freckles.

Something was wrong with Seth. That I was sure.

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