So I thought this needed one more chapter. And I'm renaming it again. The inspiration and title come from I Corinthians 13, the chapter in the Bible about love. Can you tell who is watching?


I remain on the other side of thought, watching. I see things invisible; there is someone else with her, just as I am with him. Her watcher though, is malevolent, and always present in her thoughts. Without knowing it, she is always aware of him, aware of the blood staining the white shirt he wears, aware of the blood pouring from his arm in a never ceasing stream. However, he can do nothing to her. Just as I can do nothing to the one I watch. I am glad for he would do harm; I would comfort.

The two in the room are still, as if frozen. She sits wrapped in a blanket, newly awoken from sleep. His intent was to wake her, nothing more. But it is now obvious that he cannot draw his hand back. Their eyes are connected, unable to look away. I smile as her watcher curses and does his best to make himself known when in fact the opposite is happening; he will soon be gone. Eventually he will be gone for good. And I will remain.

The man who touches her face is responsible for the watcher's presence weakening. He is telling her with his eyes that he would never hurt her. Asking her if she believes him, if she can trust him, if she will place her faith in him. The sudden disappearance of who they cannot see gives me her answer. Her features soften and in her eyes is something that has been missing for a very long time.

His other hand comes to the other side of her face as hers go to the back of his head, giving him an answer that he does not mistake.

There is no hesitation in the kiss: she is giving unreservedly what he asked for. He had it before the asking but now it is fully his. Without breaking the kiss he gets off his knees and sits on the couch, drawing her into his love and embrace. She wraps him in the blanket, enveloping him with hope. This has been a long time in coming. Neither one had expected it to ever happen. But I knew it would. Shortly after I began my vigil I saw it coming. She had come to comfort him and to give him strength when all he loved had been taken from him. I was instantly glad. I knew she would always be there for him, that she would help him heal. And it seems he has done the same for her.


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