6 months after Edward left

Emma's Pov

Fuchsia blood. That's what the fresh blood smelled like. I wanted to taste it so bad.

Luckily though I had Adam there to help control me. We found the source of the blood, it was a girl with chestnut brown hair and brown eyes.

There was a large Wolf, who was a werewolf I could tell by the smell he was winning the girl spotted us.

"please" she pleaded "change me I know what you are."

I looked at the wolf who nodded his big head so I leaned down to her throat.

"Adam pull me back after two minutes if I haven't let go." I said he nodded so I bit.

150 years later Forks, Washington

Emma's Pov

"Bella, come on we're going to be late." I yelled after 150 years we were back in Forks, Washington.

Our coven consisted of the leaders Christopher, Emily, Adam, Me, Haley, Jack, And Bella.

Christopher and Emily our the leaders of the coven the rest of us were frozen in our teens ranging from 18-16.

We all pilled into my baby blue BMW and Adam's Black Volvo. When we parked and got out of the car I smelled them five vampires like us.

I scanned the parking lot until I found them I focused on the bronze haired one they were the Cullens.

"Bella, he's the one with bronze hair right?" I asked.

"yeah he is" she said looking hurt and my family gasped.

I stalked off toward them my family following.

"How dare you!" I yelled at the bronze haired boy.