I have been back with the Cullen's for almost a year now and was running. Form Edward dry sobbing.

I fell on to the grass by the tombstones of my family my father Charlie and Jacob and last someone I told no one in the Cullen family about.

My daughter and Edward's she died tragically by Victoria and the volturi to save her family.

I herd Edward come up behind me and pull me to him he kept quite.

"she died saving me and our family almost 50 years ago." I said

"who is she?" he asked

"our daughter Jayden Elizabeth the Volturi and Victoria came after me and killed her instead." I said

"oh I missed her life because I left I screwed up bad din't I?" he said

"yea you did but I forgive you a long time ago when she died she said her last thing she wanted to to was met you but she also believed you left to protect me and I began to think about things that was when I fully forgave you,"

The End