This is my first story of Christmas 2008! It's Yami and Yugi. Read on, my little chickadees. On with the fic!


Yugi woke up at 5 am.

"It's Christmas!" He jumped out of bed and ran down the hall into his boyfriend's room. "YAMI! CHRISTMAS!" Yami groaned as Yugi jumped on him. The two of them had been going out since the day Yami decided not to go into the afterlife. That was last year. This is Yami's first Christmas with Yugi. "Come on! IT'S CHRISTMAS!! SANTA WAS HERE LAST NIGHT!" Yami sat up groggily and rubbed his eyes.

"Who was were?" He asked wearily.

"SANTA! IT'S CHRISTMAS! GET UP!" Yami perked up immediately.

"Christmas? Let's go!!" Yami got out of bed and they went into the living room. They gasped at the sheer amount of boxes in the room. There must have been 50!

"Oh!" Yugi said.

"My!" Yami replied.

"RA!" They shouted in unison. Then they went at the boxes with a mad frenzy. Christmas had begun.


"I'm going out! I'll be back soon." Yami called. Yugi rushed out from his bedroom where he was getting dressed. He was buttoning up his black leather pants.

"Wait!" He ran up to Yami and kissed his cheek. "Hurry back."

"Maybe when I get back you'll have a shirt on so I can take you out." Yugi blushed.

"I bet you'd rather I didn't, perv!" Yami laughed.

"You bet right. See you soon." He walked out of the house, and Yugi sighed. Since Grandpa was still asleep (it was 9am. His Christmas present was sleep.) it was lonely and quiet. But not for long. 15 minutes later, after Yugi had gotten dressed in a tight red sweater he'd gotten for Christmas, the phone rang.

"Moshi moshi Yugi Mouto."

"Hey Yuge. It's me, Jou."

"Oh, hey Jou. Merry Christmas! What's up?"
"I've just received instructions from Yami to tell you to come to my house as soon as possible."
"Oh. Weird. Anything else?"

"Yeah, he said bring your bus pass, wear your new red sweater, and leave a note for your grandpa that says 'Yami and I are out celebrating the joys of Christmas.' And not to sign it."
"Did he say why?"

"I'm not allowed to tell." Yugi sighed.

"I'll be right there. Bye Jou."
"Bye Yugi." Yugi hung the phone up and got what Yami requested. He left the note for his grandpa, slipped on his boots, slung his messenger bag over his shoulder and left his house.

"This better be good Yami."


He knocked on the plain wooden door in front of him. Jou opened it, and before Yugi could say hello handed him an envelope and 2 presents and shut the door. Yugi sighed and sat on the stoop. He opened the present that said 'from Jou' first. It was a pack of booster cards for his deck. Yugi smiled and put it in his messenger bag. He knew Jou was on the other side of the door, so he shouted at him.

"Thanks! I'll give you your present at the party tonight!" Then he looked back at the rest of what Jou handed him. The envelope had Yami's neat script across the front.

'Open me first' . So he opened it.


This is probably really annoying you already, but it's necessary. The prize at the end makes it worthwhile. Before reading any more of this note, please open your present.'

Yugi followed it's instructions and pulled the paper off of the small box. He gasped. Inside it was a beautiful snowflake shaped diamond necklace. He picked the letter back up and began to read again.

'I know what you're thinking. "Yami, I can't accept this! I won't be able to repay you, I mean, it's DIAMOND!" No silly, it's not. Do you really think I'd be able to pay for diamond with MY salary? It's a pretty good look alike, huh? Anyways, I want you to put it on. NOT just yet. After you finish reading this, of course. You will put it on, then knock exactly 3 times on the door. Jou will let you in and give you a snack, but he wont tell you anything specific. When you finish your snack, thank him and leave. Get on the bus and go to Ryou and Bakura's house.



Seeing no point in resisting, Yugi pulled the necklace out and placed it around his neck. After clasping it, he turned and knocked on the door 3 times. Jou opened the door.

"Yugi! Come in." Eyeing Jou suspiciously, he walked in the door. "What can I get ya?"

"Um, I could use a hot chocolate." Yugi said warily.

"Coming right up!" Jou skipped into the kitchen and walked right back out with a hot chocolate that had a small handful of mini marshmallows in it.

"How did you-"
"Yami figured."
"Oh. Is there anything you can tell me?" Yugi inquired as he took his mug and sat down on the couch.

"It's taken him FOREVER to fix this up. He's been working on it ever since you told him about Christmas."

"Wow." Yugi took a big drink out of his mug.

"You better hurry up or you'll miss your bus!" Jou said. Yugi placed his cup on the table and got up.

"Your right. Thanks for everything, I'll see you later!"

"Bye." Jou opened the door for Yugi who ran out straight to the bus stop, where the bus was pulling in. He pulled his bus pass out and showed it to the driver. He slid into a seat. What a strange Christmas so far.


Yugi stepped off of the bus and up to the door. He knocked. Ryou opened the door and stuck a present and an envelope out. Yugi grabbed them, and the door slammed shut. He looked at the envelope. 'Open me AFTER your present.' Yugi tore the paper off of the present. It was a beautiful charm bracelet, with 1 charm. It was an eye of horus. He opened the envelope.

'Don't worry, love. I was planning on making this longer, but I know how little your patience is. You are going to look through Ryou and Bakura's house for the other 4 charms to your bracelet. They may or may not drop hints. When you find them all, they will give you the second to last envelope.



Yugi knocked on the door again. Ryou opened it.

"Ryou. I really don't want to search around your house. Can you just give me the charms?"

"Sure!" Ryou stuck out his hand. In it was four silver charms. "I couldn't help myself."
"RYOU! DID YOU JUST RUIN YUGI'S CHRISTMAS PRESENT?" Bakura shouted from another room.

"He didn't! It's fine!" Yugi shouted. "I should probably kill some time here to make it seem like I had to find them, shouldn't I?"
"Yeah, come on we can look at the 3rd envelope!" Yugi walked into the house behind Ryou. "Here, hot chocolate?"
"Sure. I guess Yami told you it's my favorite winter drink."
"He's nothing if not thorough." They sat down at the kitchen table. Yugi pulled out the other letter and placed it on the table. He unclasped the necklace and placed it next to it. Ryou gasped.

"Ra! That is so beautiful!" Yugi smiled.

"I know." Then Yugi put the letter he got from Ryou down on the table, with the charms and bracelet next to it. "So where is the other envelope?"
"KURA!" Ryou shouted. Yugi snickered.

"Kura?" He asked.

"Yeah. He asked me out last night. And so I can call him Kura. Isn't he sweet?" Ryou explained.

"Oh, pet name. Congratulations!" Yugi said as Bakura walked into the room. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of shorts and a bow on the top of his head.

"Here." He gruffly handed Yugi another envelope. Then he wrapped his arms around Ryou and whispered into his ear. "When he leaves, you still haven't opened your last present yet." Ryou's eyes widened as he blushed. Then he giggled.

"Kay, Kura. Be there soon." He kissed Bakura on the cheek, and Bakura ruffled his hair and walked out.

"You guys sure are moving fast." Yugi commented.

"Well, he had a crush on me as long as I've had one on him. Never mind my love life, open the letter!!" Yugi nodded, and slid his fingers under the envelope seal. He pulled the letter out and began to read it aloud.

'So you've found all the charms. Good work! Before you read anymore, look at the charms and figure out their meanings in our relationship.'

Yugi set the letter down.

"Why'd you stop?" Ryou asked.

"It said to. We need to look at the charms." Yugi grabbed them. Other than the eye of horus, the was a heart, a mini millennium puzzle, a kuriboh, and a bow and arrow.

"What do they mean?"
"If I know Yami well enough, which I think I do, the eye is a symbol of our past together. You know, Atemu and Heba."

"Oh! And the millennium puzzle?"
"That is how we met up. I assembled the puzzle and met Yami for the first time. The kuriboh definitely has something to do with how we used to duel all the time, and maybe the ceremonial duel as well."

"Probably! And the other two?"
"The bow and arrow. Well, Yami is always saying I struck his heart, so it probably signifies our first kiss. And the heart is our love now."
"Check the letter! See if your right!!"

"Okay, okay!" Yugi picked the letter back up and began to read it out loud again.

'I want you to know the meanings, so here. The Eye of Horus stands for our past love, Heba.'

"You were right!" Ryou squealed. Yugi smiled and kept reading.

"'The Millennium Puzzle shows how we first met, you assembling the puzzle and releasing my soul.' Ryou don't interrupt me I know I was right." Ryou pouted, and Yugi continued. "'The kuriboh shows how we used to be all about dueling, nothing else. And it is also the ceremonial duel, where I decided not to leave you and we have been in love ever since. The bow and arrow shows how you have snatched my heart from me, as I tell you often. And the heart is our everlasting love. Even when the charm is worn and faded, my love for you will still be stronger than ever. Now the next thing you're going to do is go to Kaiba Corp headquarters and tell Kaiba's secretary that you're there for Kaiba, his 7:05 appointment. She'll send you to Kaiba, who will give you another letter and send you to your final destination.



"Oh my Ra!" Ryou squealed again.

"I want to finish this. I'm going. Thanks a million Ryou."
"Your welcome!"
"Merry Christmas, and have fun with Bakura opening your last…'present'" Ryou blushed.

"I will, and Merry Christmas to you too." Yugi go up and put the letters in his bag. He refastened the necklace, and slid the bracelet on. He snapped the charms on quickly and left Ryou's.

This is getting weirder and weirder.


"I'm here for Seto Kaiba." Yugi told the secretary.

"Do you have an appointment?" She questioned.

"Um, apparently I'm his 7:05." She smiled.

"Go right up." He nodded and went in the elevator. He pushed the 100th floor button. The elevator climbed quickly. He reached the top and the door opened. He stepped out to see Kaiba sitting on hi desk, facing away from Yugi.

"I miss you too Puppy. I just have to finish up this thing for Yami and Yugi. Oh, Yugi's here. I have to go. I love you too. Bye." Seto hung up the phone he was on and held out a little blue envelope.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me anything." He sighed.

"Not until you read the letter." Seto smiled. Yugi sighed and took the letter. He ripped it open, dropping the paper on the ground.

'This will all be over soon, Aibou. Seto has a lot to explain and one last thing to give you. I just wanted to tell you I love you, and Merry Christmas.


Yugi looked up at Seto. He was pulling a small box out from behind his desk.

"For you." Yugi took it and ripped the paper off. It was a small velvet box. He opened it, and inside was a ring. A ring with crimson and amethyst stones on it. Yugi started to hyperventilate.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh my God. Oh my FREAKING God!" Seto laughed.

"Yugi, he's not proposing with this ring." Yugi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ah, okay. Alright. I wasn't sure how I'd respond to him proposing when I'm not even near him."
"It's a promise ring." Yugi slid it on his finger.

"So now what?" Yugi asked.

"I go to Jou's house and you go to the roof."

"Of Kaiba Corp?" Yugi asked, bewildered.

"Yep. Off you go." Seto put his hand on Yugi's back and pushed him to the waiting elevator, pushed the roof button, and waved to him. "Have fun. And Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas to you too!" Yugi shouted as the doors closed. "Thanks!"

What's next? Yugi thought as he leaned against the side of elevator.


Ding! The elevator stopped. The doors slid open, and Yugi gasped. He stepped out into a magical world. There was snow, but also flowers. Garlands of them wrapped all around posts and chairs, as well as twinkling lights. There was a gazebo, wrapped in flowers and twinkling lights. Out of the gazebo stepped out Yami. He was wearing a purple sweater, with a tuxedo jacket on top and leather pants. He smiled at Yugi and beckoned for him to come forwards. Yugi walked in amazement up to his lover.

"Merry Christmas, Yugi."
"Merry Christmas." They shared a kiss under the gazebo, as the stars above twinkled in delight.


Tada! The first story of Christmas. Yay! Next is either Jou/ Seto or Ryou/ Bakura. If you want to know why I call him Jou, it's because I like his Japanese name better than his American name, but I can't spell it so I shortened it to Jou.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! More soon!