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Yugi used his foot to push a bunch of presents underneath his Christmas tree. He flitted around, changing the arrangement of some things, moving stuff in a nervous fashion.

"Yugi, stop the nervous shuffling! It's giving me a headache." The sapphire eyed CEO said. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. I just want my puppy to get here. Seto thought.

"Sorry!" Yugi said. He check his watch. 9:45. The party started 15 minutes ago, and only one person had shown up!

"Seto! Are they coming? Do you think they're all blowing it off? Even Yami?" Yugi asked. Seto Kaiba hadn't just been the only person to arrive on time, he actually got there early. The doorbell had rung at 9, and when Yugi opened it, Seto Kaiba was standing there holding to armfuls of presents.

"They WON'T blow it off, and if they do, they'll face the wrath of Seto Kaiba." He said. Yugi laughed.

"Thanks. What am I forgetting? Oh, champagne!" Yugi said and scurried towards the kitchen. After he didn't come out for a few minutes, Kaiba got up ad went to the kitchen. Yugi was on his tip toes, reaching for a bunch of high up bottles.

"Need help?" Seto asked. Yugi turned to him.

"Please." He said. Seto smirked and went to grab the bottles when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" Yugi said, and ran towards the door. He opened it to Bakura and Ryou. Bakura was carrying Ryou, who was carrying presents.

"Hey Yugi!" Ryou said.

"Hi." Bakura said.

"Ryou! Are you okay!" Yugi asked. Ryou blushed bright red.

"Well, um, you see, um." Ryou started.

"He's a little sore." Bakura said. Ryou blushed even brighter and hit Bakura on the head. Yugi giggled.

"I see." He said, jokingly. "Come on in." Bakura walked in and set Ryou down on the couch. Yugi took their presents and pushed them under the tree. Seto walked out of the kitchen looking at the bottles of champagne he was holding, not at Ryou or Bakura.

"Yugi, you should have had me bring champagne! These aren't nearly old enough!" The brunette looked up to see Bakura and Ryou.

"Hey Ryou." He said. "Bakura."

"Hi Seto." Ryou said. Bakura just nodded. Yugi went up to Ryou and whispered into his ear.

"Don't worry, after my first time with Yami he couldn't walk for a week." Ryou blushed madly and shouted.

"You were seme?!" Everyone else laughed, and Yugi smiled proudly.

"That's me!" He said, jumping up and putting his hand on his hips. "Seme-man!" He pretended he was a superhero. Everyone else was laughing so hard they were literally on the floor, clutching their stomachs. "I prowl the dark , putting all of the uke men in their place! My arch enemy? The struggler for dominance!" He said. The three other men were laughing so hard they were gasping for breath.

"Oh my god! Stop! You're! Killing us!" Bakura said between laughs.
"Yugi, are you making our sex life sound like a comic?" The former Pharaoh growled. Yugi shrieked, and the other three continued laughing. "Yugi, you should have mentioned the fact that the first time we made love was only a few days after I got a body. And that now I'm seme and YOU'RE uke."
"Not always!" Yugi whined, very girly, and Seto Ryou and Bakura launched into another fit of laughter.

"Oh really?" Yami said. "What is there other than seme or uke? Or are you cheating, because whenever we are in bed together I'm seme."

"Okay." Seto said, still laughing. "We're reaching the point of TMI." The other two laughers agreed, and they all took deep breaths.

"I could make them laugh again with one word." Yugi said.

"Really?" Yami said. "Show me." Yugi smiled.

"Sex." Seto, Ryou and Bakura looked at him and then burst out laughing.

"Told you." Yugi smirked. "How did you even get in here?"

"You gave me a key, Yugi." Yami said.

"Oh, yeah. Ha. I need to go grab the champagne glasses!" Yugi said, and rushed towards the kitchen. Then the door bell rang and Yugi ran the other way. Bakura, Seto and Ryou started laughing again, because Yugi looked silly.

"Hey Jou! Come on in." Yugi said. Seto stopped laughing and ran towards Jou who was walking in. Yugi took the presents out of Jou's hands, and Seto grabbed Jou.

"Who are ya?" Jou said as Seto spun Jou into him and they kissed. Everyone whistled and clapped.

"FINALLY!" Yami said. Yugi slapped both of their heads.

"Wait til midnight you idiots!" He said. The two of them sighed and sat down. Jou reached for a glass Yugi set out of hot chocolate. He started to drink it.

"So, which one of YOU is seme?" Bakura asked. Jou spit out his drink, to everyone's amusement.

"Wha?" Jou said, wiping hot chocolate off his face.

"Silly puppy, it's nothing to get worked up over. We al were just talking about Yami and Yugi's sex life. Yugi was insisting he was seme. It was funny." Seto said as he dabbed a napkin all over Jou to clean him up. "Oh, and it's me." Seto added. Jou slapped him on the head.

"Now everyone knows I'm a uke. THANKS!" He said, half jokingly.

"Sorry, puppy." Seto said, and kissed Jou on the cheek.

"Almost everyone is here! I'm so happy, our first Christmas/New Year's together without people trying to kill each other!" Yugi said. "And Malik and Marik should be here any minute now."

"Or not." Seto said. Everyone but Ryou turned to him.
"What do you mean?" Yami asked.

"Well, Mokuba told me Malik was crying in the park on Christmas Eve because Marik stood him up." Seto said.

"Oh, man." Jou said.

"But Marik was helping me!" Bakura said. Once again everyone but Ryou turned to him.

"Why?" Yugi asked.

"I thought I'd lost Ryou, when really he'd just gone for a walk in the park and Malik ended up finding him."
"A walk?" Yugi snickered. "How could you walk? Bakura had to carry you here you were so -air quotes- sore." Ryou blushed bright red.

"Shut up Yugi! Or should I say, Uke-Man?" Now Yugi blushed as everyone laughed. Yugi stuck his tongue out at Ryou, and Ryou stuck his tongue out at Yugi. The doorbell rang, and in walked Marik and Malik, holding hands.

"Speak of the devils!" Jou said. Marik held up a little bell.

"Malik and I are doing a little experiment." He said.

"Raise your hand if you can hear this." Malik said. Marik jingled the bell. Ryou, Yugi, Yami, and Jou all raised their hands.

"Seto and Bakura don't believe in Santa Claus!" Marik said.

"What? How can you tell that with a bell?" Bakura said.

"Well, after parting ways with you two we hitched a ride on Santa's sleigh." Marik said.

"Bull." Seto said. Jou slapped him.

"How don't you believe in Santa!" He said.

"Can we finish?" Marik said. Instead of waiting, Malik continued the story.

"So we rode through the town in the air on the sleigh, and Santa dropped us off at our place and gave us presents and a bell. We rang it in our neighbor's face and she couldn't hear it while we could."

"Wow." Ryou said.

"As I said before, BULL!" Seto said.

"I agree with moneybags." Bakura said. Yugi glanced at his clock.

"It's already eleven!" He said. "Way to show up at 9:30! Let's start watching the Ball!" Everyone sniggered. "Grow up." Yugi stuck his tongue out at them and turned to his television. He flipped it on.

"And now on the Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve we haveā€¦the JONAS BROTHERS!" The man on the television said. Jou and Malik ran up to the screen, where Yugi was already freaking out.


"Ah! Look at Joe!! He's SO HOT!!" Malik swooned.

"KEVIN! KEVIN! KEVIN! PLAY THAT GUITAR!" Jou said, standing up and playing an uncannily good impression on Kevin on air guitar. Malik stood up and held an air microphone to his mouth. Yugi also did an air guitar of Nick. They all started to sing along with the music.

"I woke up on my roof with my brothers

There's a whale in the pool with my mother

And my dad paints the house different colors

Where would we be, if we couldn't dream?" Seto, Marik, Yami, Ryou and Bakura all watched in awe. They were good!

"And I know

We get a little crazy

And I know

We get a little loud

And I know

We're never gonna fake it

We are wild

We are free

We are more than you think

So call us freaks

But that's just the way we roll" Jou and Malik stopped singing so Yugi could take a solo.

"You got moves, I've got shoes, let's go dancing

Pop and lock, battle dance"

"battle dance" Backup vocals from Jou.

"Against Hanson

If we lose, all the girls, they'll be laughing

Where would we be, if we couldn't dream?" Yugi stopped. Yami stared, amazed. Yugi sounded a LOT like Nick Jonas. Malik stepped up for a solo.

"And I know

We get a little crazy

And I know

We get a little loud

And I know

We're never gonna fake it

We are wild

We are free

We are more than you think

So call us freaks" The other two joined in.

"But that's just the way we roll" Jou took the bridge.

"And we're old enough to know

We're never letting go

'Cause that's just the way we roll."

Yugi: "And I know"

Malik: "We get a little crazy."

Yugi: "And I know"

Jou: "We get a little loud"

Yugi: "And I know

We're never gonna fake it."

All: "We are wild

We are free

We are more than you think

So call us freaks

But that's just the way we roll" Ryou snapped out of his daze. He knew this song too. He jumped up, even though he was sore, and took the last solo.

"And I know

We get a little crazy

And I know

We get a little loud

And I know

We're never gonna fake it

We are wild

We are free

We know more than you think

So call us freaks

'Cause that's just the way we roll!" All four sang the last two lines.

"That's just the way we roll

Oh That's just the way we roll!"

"We'll be back with more Jonas Brothers after this commercial break!" The television said. Yugi, Jou and Malik sat down out of breath. Ryou sat down next to them.

"Holy." Yami said.
"Crap." Bakura continued.

"You guys." Marik added.

"Can SING!" Seto finished. The four singers smiled.

"Thanks!" Yugi said.

"We now return to Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve! We are here with the Jonas Brothers!"

"AH!" Yugi, Jou, Ryou and Malik all screamed and turned back to the TV, clawing at each other and grabbing at the screen. Seto, Marik, Yami and Bakura sighed and talked to each other. Seto popped open the champagne and poured it. Each of them downed to glasses.
"This is weak. Here, let me go get my present to everyone." Bakura said. He reached under the tree and pulled out a wrapped bottle. He ripped the wrapping off. It was a very large bottle of vodka.

"Now we're talking!" Marik said and held his cup out for some vodka. Bakura poured out vodka for each guy not watching the Jonas Brothers. Pretty soon three of them were drunk.

"Come on, Seto! Drink it all! You gotta get drunk too!" Yami pressed, drunk out of his mind.

"I've drunk the same amount as you. I can handle alcohol, you can't." Seto said.

"Handle this!" Bakura said, and thrust the half empty bottle into his hand. "Drink it. Drink it ALL!" Seto shook his head.

"Idiots. Fine. Watch." Seto put the bottle to his lips and chugged down the rest of the vodka. When he finished the guys all cheered. The Jonas Brothers had just finished their last song so they turned to see all four of their boyfriends drunk out of their minds.

"I expected this from Bakura and Marik, but Yami and Seto?" Malik said.

"Yeah, Seto. I thought you didn't get drunk." Jou said. Seto laughed drunkenly and fell over onto the ground.

"I had LOTSA VODKA!" He said with a giggle. He was hanging upside down off the chair.

"Jou, control your boyfriend before he breaks something." Yugi said with a laugh. Ryou and Malik were laughing way hard at all of their boyfriends doing strange thing. Bakura was staring intently at the wall, and slowly falling over but still watching the wall. Marik was trying to walk. Note, TRYING. He tripped every two seconds over nothing. Yami was poking Bakura now, but Bakura was still staring at the wall. Yami put his face next to Bakura, and Bakura didn't move. Yami shouted in Bakura's face, then fell over laughing for no reason. Jou was trying to pick Seto up.

"And now we count down to the New Year! In 10, 9!" The TV said. Seto flipped over and pulled Jou into his lap. Jou blushed and giggled.

"I'll never be drunk enough not to kiss you on New Year's." He whispered.

"8, 7!" The two of them shouted. Ryou jumped the coffee table and sat down next to Bakura.

"Can the wall wait?" He said. Bakura turned to him.

"Everything waits for you." He said.

"6, 5!" They shouted, turning to the TV. Malik caught Marik as he fell again.

"Sit for the New Year?" Malik suggested. Marik laughed and sat on the ground. Malik cuddled up next to him.

"4, 3!" They shouted. Yami came up behind Yugi and swooped him into a hug.

"I want my New Year's kiss." Yami purred. Yugi turned to him.

"3, 2!" They shouted.

"1! 0! That's it everyone! It's 2009!" The TV shouted, but no one was paying attention. They were to wrapped up in the lips of their lovers.

Oh, buckets of cheese. That was like, cheese on a stick cheesy! But, whatever. I hope you enjoyed it!

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