Chapter 1


"Pikachu are you alright?!"

"Torterra use Hyper Beam, END THIS NOW" Paul sneered.

Pikachu lay motionless on the battlefield of the Sinnoh League Finals as Torterra fires its
strongest and most devastating attack. Ash could only watch as his best friend was
enveloped in the super powerful attack.

"PIKACHU!!" Ash called.

As the attack fades Ash runs out onto the field to find that his best friend, although unable
to continue, is alright, but very badly damaged.

"I'm so sorry buddy, I shouldn't have let it go this far" Ash pleaded with his pokemon.

"Pika chu chu pi pikapi" Pikachu responded weakly.

"It IS my fault, stop saying that its not" Ash whispered.

"Pika ka chu kachu" Pikachu replied.

"We'll get stronger together, right buddy" Ash whispered back.

"Chaaa" Pikachu replied while nuzzleing Ash's cheek.

By now Ash's friends and his mother had made it onto the field.

"Is Pikachu alright" Dawn asked meekly.

"I'm leaving for a while, and I'm not sure when I'll be back" Ash spoke softly completely
dodging the question.

"What?" Brock, Misty, and Max all exclaimed at once.

"Why? Where are you going to go" May asked a little too fast.

"I'm leaving all my pokemon except Pikachu with you Prof. Oak" Ash said ignoring
the questions directed at him. Prof. Oak just stood there and nodded slowly.

"When are you leaving" Ash's mom asked.

"Tonight. After the awards ceremony" Ash replied before walking away, Pikachu in his

(End Flashback)

May sat by the window of Ash's room staring out the window. She was deep in
thought, trying to figure out, for the millionth time, why Ash left. No matter how
she looked at it only one answer came up. Guilt. Guilt for having pushed his
pokemon so hard.

Its been three years since he left she thought I miss him so much. Since that day
May had been travelling around with Brock, Dawn, and Max. Partially so that Max could
compete in the regional tournaments, but May mostly only travelled with them in
the hopes that she would see Ash. I never got to tell him how I feel about him
she told herself I wish I had.

May, Max, Dawn, and Brock had just finished in the Jhoto League, with Max placing in
the top eight, when they decided to stop for a rest in Pallet Town. May was thrilled
with the idea at first, but after she learned from Prof. Oak that Ash had not returned
yet her mood quickly dropped. However, according to Prof. Oak, Ash had called from
an unknown number requesting his Bulbasaur nearly a year ago, a fact that May's
Venasaur was not very happy about.

"I wonder if he's ever coming back" May questioned.

"He will. Don't worry" Brock told May as he entered the room.

"Even if he does come back, what do I do" she questioned. "My feelings are completely one
sided" she sighed.

"I don't think they're as one sided as you think" Brock stated.

"Yeah right. If he returned my feelings he would have answered me when I tried to talk to him"
she retorted with sadness.


"I still don't understand why you need to leave" May told Ash. They were back in Ash's hotel
room, Ash was preparing his supplies for his extended trip. May was trying to reason with Ash
and convince him not to go.

I wish I didn't have to leave Ash told himself but I need this, not just because I can't stand to
see May and that self-absorbed Drew together, but because I need to figure out what I'm

"I just do" Ash replied.

"But, why?" May insisted.

Ash just stood there for a moment, "I've got a boat to catch" Ash said before he started to
walk out.

"Ash tell me what this is about" May demanded.

"Why don't you go find Drew and you and he can figure it out together" Ash replied harshly.

May stood there, staring at Ash, fighting back tears. "I'm sorry" Ash whispered.

"Goodbye" Ash mumbled before quietly leaving.

What May asked herself aren't you telling me Ash?

"Goodbye, Ash" May whispered as she silently wept.

(End Flashback)

"I miss you Ash" May spoke softly. "Come back soon" she whispered.

"So, Pikachu you ready to see the others again" a certain raven haired teen asked his partner.

"Pika" Pikachu cheered.

"Good" he replied.

Pallet Town here I come Ash told himself as he watched the sunset from the deck of the ship
that would carry him home.