Inspired by a picture on DeviantART I just want to make this a one-shot, for now.

I do not own bleach or Harry potter

At the final battleā€¦

Harry and Voldemort circled each other silently.

"It's over now, Lord Moldyshorts, I have a secret weapon!" Harry said breaking the silence.

"Well can it protect you from AVADA KADABRA!" Voldemort yelled, sending a spell of green light at the boy. Suddenly a flash of white came, destroying the killing spell.

"Thanks bro!" Harry yelled to the man who appeared from the rip in the sky. All of the newcomers watched their mouths wide open.

"Nobody hurts my little brother!" the brown haired man yelled and stabbed Voldemort with the bottom of his sword.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Voldemort screamed as he was sent to hell. Aizen Sosuke sheathed his sword, waved to Harry, and left through the rip in the sky.

And that my friends, was the real ending of the war. Yes the power the dark lord knows not, THE POWER OF PROTECTIVE OLDER BROTHERS!!! MWAHAHAHAHA *chough* *chough* *choke* *dies*

Yeah, ph3re the epic cracktacular ending.