Mar's Maelstrom

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By The Obsidian Blade

Chapter-the chance at the new life

Naruto woke up in the grassy fields. His blue fox like orbs scanned the area. His red and white fox ears twitched. His fox tail swished a little. He rolled himself over and pushed himself up. He looked down at himself. He was no longer the runt of the litter he was when he was twelve. Even though it has been only tow years he has grown tremendously. He was now five foot five. He ditched the orange jumpsuit in favor of some darker clothes. He now wore lose black jeans, a loose dark blue tank top and a pair of ANBU grade sandals. His kunai pouch at his right thigh and his weapons pouch as at his back hip. The massive zanbatou he gained from Zabuza was strapped firmly to his back. 'No wonder my back hurts,' Naruto thought dryly. The entire sword itself was a good five inches taller than him. It had a serrated single edge. The end of it curled slightly with a hole at the end and a half circle on the edge near the hilt.

Naruto smiled slightly as he looked around. He broth in the air and exhaled deeply/ he remembered how he got to the magnificent place as if it was happening right then. To him this was a new chance at life. He remembered the glorious gate guarded by some sort of ghost like clown. He remembered red die with the bone like roman numerals acting as the dots.

Naruto took a closer look at the field he was in. everything was lush. A few trees were planted here and at the edge of it he could see a distinct outline of a forest. The blonde looked up at the sky and found the birds were more humanoid then bird like. The blonde sighed to himself before speaking to himself. "Looks like I better get my bearings on this place before I end up pissing off the wrong person."

With a blur the blonde fox started at a dead sprint to get top a near by town. Unknown to him he was being watched by a person in the sky who saw his arrival. Her eyes skeptically reviewed his body and his actions. While her eyes widened at the speed of the blonde her lips quirked into a smile.

Naruto stopped to catch his breath. He looked around before cracking his neck. He smiled at the sight of where he was. To the right was a small stream and to the left were some rocks. Before he could start running he was stopped by a voice. "How sunny you are! Has something joyous occurred?"

The blonde trailed the voice to the rocks. His eyes widened a bit. there they were. Two rocks with faces and fully capable of talking and other things that a head could do. One was what he assumed older. Under his nose was a block like mustache. The one next to him was what he assumed his child as it looked more child like. "Really joyous?" the child like boulder asked.

Naruto smiled slightly. 'Well what do you know? Talking rocks,' the blonde kitsune thought. "Yeah, joyous is right."

"Quite long since we have seen a human, indeed," the elder rock spoke. "And may we ask you a favor. The suns rays are so harsh today and the waters of the brook would be so soothing…" before he could finished Naruto got up.

"Yeah I'll do it," Naruto answered. Naruto walked over to the stream and scooped up some water before rushing over to the rocks and splashing them in the face. The rocks relished in the cold feeling of the water.

"But what brings you here young one?" the elder rock asked. "Whence came you?"

Naruto smiled. "I come form a place called Konoha," Naruto replied. The rocks gave him a questioning look.

"Oh. Never heard of it."

"Never ever."

Naruto chuckled a little before shaking his head. "Not surprised really. It isn't a well known place."

The rocks looked as if they were going to speak until a loud bang signifying that something heavy landed on the floor behind them. Naruto looked at the object with a quizzical eye. The thing looked like a suit of armor but he could not see any seems. The limbs quivered a little. At the top of the helmet was some sort of spike. The limbs were a little to skinny for someone to fit in it signifying that it was moving on its own. 'Well you don't see that everyday,' Naruto thought to himself. The suit of armor sprinted to wards them at a pace than most ordinary people could match. "Run young one!" the older rock yelled.

But Naruto paid no attention to his pleads for him to run. Naruto simply cocked his fist and slammed it into the armor. 'A human protecting us,' the older rock thought.

Naruto sighed a bit before speaking. "Someone's got a grudge." The blonde then placed his hand on Kubukiri's hilt. His face darkened a bit. "I don't know if you are living or not but I will still kill you make a wrong move."

"Very impressive!" Naruto heard form a tall area. The voice was definitely a female's. The blonde kitsune turned his attention to the voice. There he saw one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen. She had long pink hair tied in two pony tails and kept under a black cap with a black furry ball at the end. She wore a black and white dress that accented her body well. Her curves were sensuous and her ample bust made it hard for the blonde not o think dirty thoughts. Her eyes were a dark blue and she seemed only two years older than him. Under her arm was some sort of metallic broom. Man, his luck was already changing for the better.

She jumped from her perch and next to the crumpled suit of armor. "And you are?" the kitsune asked.

"I am Dorothy," she asked. "Mmm, doesn't seem broken." The suit of armor poofed out of existence and in its place was a ring with a knight's visor on it. "True it was one of my weakest Arms but still! What did you use?"

Naruto looked at the two rocks as they seemed to freeze up and start muttering nonsense before looking at the woman named Dorothy. He blushed as the older teen inspected him and Kubukiri. "That's odd," she commented. "The only Arm you have doesn't seem to amplify my strength.

"Uhm, yeah when you talk about Arms what exactly are you talking about?" Naruto asked innocently. "And last time I checked Kubukiri wasn't an 'arm', it was a zanbatou."

Dorothy looked at the young teen with a surprised look. "'What's an Arm?' what tree did you fall out of exactly?" Naruto looked at her funny for a second.

"I came from Konoha, village hidden in the leaves." Naruto responded.

"Never heard of it," the pink haired teen said off handedly. "Well I suppose that you could call 'magic'. Each Arm is an accessory with unique powers engraved into it mystically."

"Each Arm eh, so if one were to count how many there are how many would there be?" The older teen looked at him as if he grew a second head out of no where.

"Then you really don't know." She kept her gaze on his body or what he was not wearing more specifically. 'Indeed, this bo7y isn't wearing one and the sword on his back doesn't have any magical properties to it. Then he flung it with his own strength?! Not even a full grown man can to do that.' Her face twisted into disappointment. 'Even if he is cute I just assumed that he had one. I know I shouldn't assume.' Her face then twisted into a thoughtful expression before she looked like a Cheshire cat and snapped her finger.

Naruto was watching her face twist into many different expressions before she started to get a look that he did not like. He looked at her as she raised her hand level with her chest. "Weapon Arm 'Dagger Ring'!" The ring on her hand with a dagger wrapped around it shimmered into a real dagger in her hand. Naruto's eye quirked at the usefulness of the hidden weapon as it was hard to detect on a body. As quickly as it came out it vanished back into a ring.

"Wow, that's useful," Naruto muttered. "I bet you castrated a lot of perverts with that thing."

She smiled slightly before talking. "Would you like to have it?" she asked. Naruto nodded slightly. She started to walk away from the field. "Then fallow me."

Naruto shook his head. "Sure, bribe the blonde," he muttered under his breathe. He turned to the rocks and saw the oldest one shaking up. "Well this good bye for now." He turned to Dorothy and started to sprint to her.

"So you decided to come, eh?" Naruto smiled a little.

"What can I say, that dagger ring would come in handy," he replied. What he said next made her blush a deep crimson. "That and I have a soft sot for cute girls." Her blush made a tomato jealous. She shook her blush off before walking ahead of him.

"Let's just go." Naruto smiled a bit before catching up to her.

"So that broom of yours?"

'Yeah what about it?"

"It's an Arm right?"


"What does it do exactly?"

Dorothy smiled. "It allows me to fly."

Naruto smirked. "How fast can it go?"

"If your planning on getting a ride there, forget it, it only seats one."

Naruto smirked. "I was thinking of running there." Dorothy looked at the blonde kitsune before shaking her head.

"If you can keep up then I will give you something." The pink haired girl hopped on her broom and sped off. Naruto soon followed suit and quickly caught up to her.

Dorothy was surprised. The teen caught up to her with ease. She was expecting to go back and walk with the teen. She was not expecting the blonde kitsune to catch up with her and not be winded. She smirked. 'Let's see how fast he really is.' With hat thought in mind she sped up even faster. 'She watched him catch up to her. She heard his breath become a little shallow. 'I guess that you aren't all looks then.'

They made it a bit quicker than Dorothy expected. The trip was almost halved by the speed that they were going at. It was normally a half hour trip was now a fifteen minute trip. They stopped at a cave. The entrance to the cave was a stone path way. Tall pillars with gargoyle like statues perched on top of them. Root guarded the cave entrance, entangling them selves in the action. Many of the pillars were toppled over and broken in half. The stone path had holes, dents, and up lifting varying in sizes from the size of fists to large craters. Naruto looked at the pink haired girl as she looked at a dingy old map.

"Just as I thought, 'The seal of Babbo'," she said braking the silence. "This is where an extremely powerful Arm sleeps."

"So this Babbo you're talking about is in there?" the blonde kitsune asked, pointing at the mouth of the cave.

"Yep, hang on a few though." Dorothy looked at the map moiré carefully. 'Who knows what's been put here to protect it? Even though he doesn't have an Arm his strength and speed could come in handy. Who knows, he might be the one for me.' She looked over at Naruto's direction only to see him walking towards the roots. "I said wait!" Naruto stopped for a few seconds then turned to the girl.

"Relax, I was only going to cut down the roots," the blonde kitsune replied. "Besides you are the one with the map. I don't want to die by getting lost inside some labyrinth of a cave." The girl stood there for a few seconds before walking towards Naruto.

Naruto reached the roots and hefted Kubukiri over his shoulder. With a mighty swing of the massive blade, the roots fell to the floor. He heard Dorothy walk up behind him. The blonde moved out of the way and motioned for her to go first. "Ladies first."

The pink haired teen blushed before walking in front of him. Why was this blonde having this kind of effect on her? The blonde latched Kubukiri on his back and followed her. He looked at the surroundings. The place was pitch-dark. Sure he could see but he was not sure about Dorothy. He wasn't sure if she has ever been in a situation like this. He put a hand on the girl's shoulder and quickly pulled her back.

"Wha-." Before she could say anything else Naruto placed a hand over her mouth.

"Shh-"he quieted. "I have an idea on the sight problem. If this Arm is as good as you say then they would probably have something to guard it. I don't know about you but I would like to see he thing that kills me. Now step behind me." He heard the girl step behind him. He smirked as he ran through some hand seals. He may no have a fire affinity but he was still proficient in it. He stopped doing the hand seals and took a deep breathe. "Katon-Endan-no-justu!" The blonde let out a steady stream of fire, lighting up the torches along the walls. He stopped when he saw all the torches lit. Small embers were still lit along the floor. However he also saw what would have happened if Dorothy walked any more. There were many trip wires. His gaze followed the trip wire to see many wooden spiked walls that could kill if someone wasn't careful. "Now that could have been painful if you kept walking" he looked at the girl who seemed to be examining again.

"Alright, where is it?" she asked.

"Where's what?" He kept his gaze in her eyes, trying not it look down further.

"The fire Arm, where is it?" Naruto shook his head. He knew he should have used explosive notes but no. he had to save recourses and use chakra.

"It wasn't an Arm, it was a jutsu." Dorothy cocked her head to one side, signifying that she was confused. "Huh Alright I am only going to explain this once so listen well. I come form a ninja village called Konoha. There we could use extraordinary powers. The power to fuel them is called chakra. We use hand signs to use such techniques. There are three forms of four forms of these powerful techniques. They are ninjutsu, genjutsu, tiajutsu, and fuuinjutsu. Ninjutsu are the general offense and defense techniques. Genjutsu is generally illusionary techniques that revolve around the mind and senses. Tiajutsu is hand to hand combat. Fuuinjutsu is sealing techniques. There are other branches such as kenjutsu, boujutsu and other things. What I use is Nin, ken, and tiajutsu. Now there are multiple ninja villages with one specific leader called a Kage. There are five main villages with well known Kages. They are Konohagakure no Sato with the Hokage, Kirigakure no Sato with the Mizukage, Kumogakure no Sato with the Raikage, Sunagakure no Sato with the Kazekage, and Iwagakure no Sato with the Tsuchikage. The village's military might is determined by there ninja power. I am or was a ninja with Konoha. The ranks are something to remember easy. The go by genin, chuunin, jounin, ANBU, then Kage. That is the basic overview of where I come form." The girl looked at him funny before looking at him again.

'Hmm, he doesn't semi that old to me,' she thought. 'In fact, he seems about a year or two younger than me.' She looked him in the eye before speaking. "You don't seem that old to me."

"We start our ninja training at the age of eight or nine. There are some clans that start a little earlier but the general idea is to train as early as possible." Naruto sighed before speaking again. "Incase your wondering I am ANBU level." The blonde stared down the hallway. "Look we want to make it out of this place of doom with our heads intact we have to set every trap off. I have a safe way to do it but we might want escape the place first." Dorothy nodded before they walked out of the cave.

Naruto looked around before smiling slightly. His hands went into a single hand. "Kage Bunshin-no-jutsu." In a plume of smoke, several blonde kitsunes appeared in the area. "You guys know what to do, so start cracking."

With a series of 'Hais' they left into the cave.

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