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Chapter Two

Cloud lay in a heap, drained in more ways than one with wet trousers and a smug Sephiroth looming down over him. He was too far out of it to care, his high too great; the world, right now, was fantastic and nobody was at fault. The blonde probably didn't even know he was in the library.

He heard voices, distant, but he didn't care what they were saying, not until he felt himself being hoisted up over a shoulder, sticky trousers cold against bare skin and itchy purple jumper scratched against sensitive skin.

Sephiroth; long luscious locks flailing behind him, long flapping coat lapping at the floor and large suggestive boots stomping forcefully against the ground was a force of nature not to be trifled with. His stern, decisive face, had Cloud seen it, would have snapped him immediately from his happy place and thrown him into fear and curiosity.

It did.

When the two men reached the sanctuary of the General's room and the door slammed shut, the world didn't seem so utterly fantastic. Thrown like a rag doll onto an unmade bed (unusual for such an inhumanly ethereal man…the unmade bed, not the throwing…he probably throws people and things around left, right and centre, but I digress…), Cloud was shaken out of his bliss like a nail polish left for too long in a cupboard. The solution splits and similarly seemed to find him trapped as the bottom, looking for escape.

Sephiroth looked the door quickly and rushed to the bed, although to any one else he would barely have moved, his movements fluid yet deliberate.

Cloud looked up into those emotionless voids, eyes filled with a black soulless vibe that shook his very core yet drew him in. He had never felt brave enough to look the General or any other superior in the eyes before but the man was merely inches from his face, watching him, gauging his reaction before practically ripping the fabric from him.

The jumper was hastily torn from his torso and Sephiroth pinned his arms above the terrified young pups head. He almost clutched at the cold black metal headboard that scuffed against his weak knuckles.

Sephiroth watched his face with utter scrutiny as he slid the boy's trousers down again. It would seem that, with the fear the boy was suffering, there was pleasure. Cloud seemed to be aroused by Sephiroth's embrace and his callous treatment. The Silver haired man grinned.

"Cadet Strife…could you really be utterly disgusting that our previous discussion was unsatisfying?" He drew a finger, slowly, slowly, oh so slowly along the boy's sensitive manhood. The reaction was a soft mew.

"Are you so vulgar and sickening that something as sordid as this could please you?"

The General took barely seconds to spin the Cloud around, the boy's trousers at his ankle and the Generals right arm clutching his wrists and plunged three fingers of his left hand all the way inside his ass.

Cloud let out a loud whine, across between pain and pleasure, the General watched on, finding his own humour and pleasure in watching the boy squirm. The left hand let go of those wrists, grabbing the chin and he kissed the boy, mostly with his teeth ripping at the boys bottom lip.

Cloud whined again, his cock slowly stirring to life with the pain.

Sephiroth drew his lips away again, just as quickly.

"Filthy….foul little slut…." He hissed at him, Cloud's cheeks flamed. He could do nothing to stop the stronger man over-powering him, but he wasn't trying and really didn't want to.

The preparation took seconds and Sephiroth watched him leak onto his bed linen.

"Do you want me Strife?" he asked, "Do you want me to burst inside you? Splattering your insides with my juices?" he spat those words into his ear, and licked and bit at it. Cloud wriggled away from the touch, fit to burst yet again with those words.

"D-do it," he stuttered, too ashamed already to care anymore, too near the edge to really know what he was saying.

"Do what?"

"P-Put your-"

"What's that Cadet?"

"Put your…cock ins-side me..." he wailed.

Sephiroth obliged by unzipping his trousers and entering him with two rough thrusts. Cloud shook with the force, clinging to the bed and piercing a bleeding lip with his incisors and moaned loudly. There was no adjustment time as the "gifted" general pounding inside him, grinding his pelvis against him, bruising him, and filling him.

Tears ran down Cloud's face but he barely noticed, one cool gloved hand tracing the lines of Cloud's hips, pulling him up against him and sliding his hand along that length extra slowly.

Cloud let out soft guttural breaths, his heartbeat thudding in his ears until that twist came again, and Sephiroth clenched him in a tight fist, stopping what should've been an explosive climax.

"Not yet," the General laughed cruelly, slowing down the pace then speeding up again, Cloud groaned; flushed. He wanted to pass out, an ending, anything.

Sephiroth did not yield, arching into what could only be Cloud's "weak spot". The blonde felt the tears this time, dribbling pre-cum and screaming loudly.

Sephiroth was pleased with the reaction and did it again, multiple times. Cloud's body shook and trembled, muscles jerked this way and that, sharp breaths increasing in volume and speed until Sephiroth felt himself explode deep inside him. Cloud only shook in reply, Sephiroth removed his tight gist and rubbed his leaking cock softly.

"Fucking foul, filthy little pig," he growled and Cloud climaxed painfully, his muscles spasming and writhing. His climax lasted longer than it should have and slicked a huge area of Sephiroth's bed with cream. He passed out before he stopped.

Sephiroth chuckled and pulled out, his own sperm seeping out from the boy's aching hole. He peeled off his gloves and throw them somewhere across the room. He looked around carefully before kissing the blondes cheek softly.