Senea: Um...Surprise? A new story that i myself am not sure what I am doing with it. I have a few things floating around about how to make this story but it might not get off the ground XP Anywho, yes this is about Volke, for no reason. In part IV chapter whatever when Volke is fighting Izuka he says that he's under a new contract. So it could mean two things 1. His new contract was chnaged by Bastian to allow him to kill Izuka or 2. He had been under a contract before with Izuka. This story is based off of the second one., because that was what I had always thought, plus I wanted to try and see how well I could write Volke...since I kind of use him now and he is awesome. Yeah. Please enjoy a completely non-Soren related fanfic from me!

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The Eternal Assassin: Prologue

The entire mansion was quiet and dark, with only a few torches lighting the corridors for the guards to see. A gentle summer breeze flowed through the hall, the flames following the wind to wherever it was going to before stilling once more. The guards patrolled along in pairs, while there was a guard posted for every door in the vast building. One door, however, had three guards taking care of it, all of whom looked tired from the evening shift. Guarding only the contents of the room and the person inside was hardly a satisfying job for them.

A shadow appeared and disappeared in an instant, as the person who was the shadow walked silently across the floor, passing the guards with relative ease. The shadow approached the door and hid safely within the shadows of a draped curtain. He watched with calm eyes as another patrol passed the guarded door and waited patiently for them to be out of sight before he made his move. He only had a small amount of time to finish his objective before the other patrol came. He had to act fast. And he did.

Stepping out of the drakness, he leaped into action. Removing his dagger from its sheath, he grabbed the closest guard and sliced his throat before he had time to react. His comrades only then became aware of his presence. One began to shout for reinforcements but the shadow was already upon him, elbowing him in the face for silence before sending his dagger into a space of his armor, silencing him indefinitely. He turned towards the very last guard who seemed to be in shock of the shadows appearance and stood there. With a quick step and move of his arm, the last guard was finished.

The shadow smiled to himself as he wiped the blood off of his dagger with his gloved hand. Guards were probably the easiest to get rid of. Turning his attention back to his mission, he immediately went to the door and picked it with incredible speed, opening it with one full swing. It made a creaking noise but managed to make nothing louder. The shadow then continued into the room where his mission awaited him.

Books lined the walls of the medium sized room. Scrolls, potions and tomes were scattered on the table haphazardly as a small head protruded from one of the many piles rendering from the wooden structure. The man poked his head up at the noise of the door opening and screamed in fright, yelling for his guards to come and protect him. Footsteps were heard in the distance as his help was arriving sooner than the shadow thought that it would. He quickly raised his dagger and lunged at the scholar with deadly accuracy. He never stood a chance.

Flinging the body aside, the shadow looked for what was needed, immediately seeing on one of the corners of the table, where the scholar had been moments before. He placed them delicately but quickly into his bag and made for his escape once they were secure.

He was greeted by several guards, holding spears and swords. All of them were shouting at him to surrender. He ignored it before running straight into the armored crowd. Kicking the first two he shifted his bag on his other shoulder so that he was able to fight more appropriately. Using his dagger once again, ha managed to cut another two soldiers before he had space to make a complete getaway. Running towards the edge of the corridor, he jumped off one of the nearest baloneys and landed safely on the ground, before continuing to run out of the mansion and the scholars grounds. The noise the guards made became more faint as his distance was made from the Begnion mansion. His mission finally complete.

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