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"You're late." Was the response from his employer as Volke entered the room. He was hunched over a numerous amount of papers, not looking up once to see the person who had entered, he knew already who it was.

"There were more guards than expected." He said simply, placing the bag of collected goods on the table. "The journey itself to travel should have told you it would be long."

The other didn't respond when he heard the clinking of the potions in the bag. He stood up from where he was and shuffled his way towards it, his eyes staring at the bag with an estactic look on his crooked face. He reached out to grabbed it but was stopped when a knife crept up to his throat. "Gurkk!"

The man did not remove his dagger but merely brought his other hand towards the man, his palm upwards. "Twenty thousand gold. Then you can have your precious treasure, Izuka." He stated calmly, looking at the man. His hand with the dagger neither moved towards the man's neck, nor did it falter away. It was a mere border that the man couldn't cross without his payment.

"Grr...Fine." The man, Izuka, snapped at him, shuffling away from his goal to go and grab a large leather pouch not so far away. He tossed it to the other who caught it with relative ease. When he saw the thief move away from the bag, he took the opportunity and went straight for it. Opening it swiftly he removed the potions with a delicate manor and stared at them in awe. He giggled to himself at the accomplishment. "What perfect timing...whee...His potions are nearly completed. Now with just a modification...hee hee...the elixir will be finished in no time at all."

Volke ignored his employers babbling and turned to leave, his mission finally completed. A growl from his now old emplyer made him stop just at the door.

"And where do you think you're going?" Izuka growled at him, glaring at Volke's back with sharp daggers in his eyes.

Volke turned lazily to look at the man and gave him a sly smile. "You need anything more from my skills?"

Izuka took a step back and felt a shiver run through his spine. He hated working with this assassin. But, he was the best and never questioned any of your motives, as long as you paid well.

"Hmph." Izuka huffed, glaring at the man. "That's all for now. I'll call on you again if there are any missing ingrdients."

The assassin said nothing as he opened the door and continued to exit out of Daein Keep. "There aren't any. I made sure of it." he stated simply, and shut the door behind him. Minutes later, he was out of the castle and closing towards the border of Nevassa.

Thinking twice on leaving the city so soon, he slipped into the nearest pub and, nodding his head to the keeper, went into a corner booth with very little lighting. Smoothly taking out his pipe, he lit it with pratcied ease and took a long drag before letting it out in tiny smoke circles. Nodding to the serving girl who give him some ale, he began to listen to the drunken squallings of the soldiers and peasents.

"Gave 'er one hard slap in th' face..."

"...Sold it for double what I had actually paid..."

"...General'll have my head if I come back drunk again. Clean out the stables for a week...Maybe one more..."

"General Gawain left."

His ears perked at that small information and he smirked. This wa going to be interesting. He moved his eyes to lay upon two soldiers, one had silver armor on and the other had the normal black armor that many Daein soldiers wore. He recongnized them to be General Tauroneo and General Herken. The man they were talking about was one of the four riders and a skilled swordsman. Why would someone like that leave Daein? He set his ears on the conversation and listened in some more.

"That's a lie and you know it Tauroneo." Herken spat out, taking a drink from his beer. He glared at the other man, demanding an explaination.

"It's the truth, Herken. He told me so himself, the day before he left. Barely took anything with him. King Daein is not pleased either. Not because of losing a Rider, but something else..." The more intelligent man, Tauroneo spoke more quietly. Volke moved his head to the side to get a better hearing on him.

"Pah. King's always fussin' about something. If Gawain's gone then that leaves room for promotion. Who cares why he left? Bit of a justice know-it-all type any how. Started datin' girls from the chruch and all that. Not nice of a fellow."

"Says one who never won a fight against him and hated him." Tauroneo stated, frowning at the man's poor choice of words. "Something perturbed him and forced him to leave...What could it have been?"

"Who gives two figs over that cow? Better he leave before King decides to get suspicious of him. Left some damn good students under 'im though. That Zelgius guy won't stop beatin' my boys. Hic."

Volke left the conversation then, knowing a bit of a tidbit that he could explore as he kept busy. Nothign was left for the two warriors to talk about now but rumours. And those lost their feel after hearing them for the twentith time.

His thoughts went back to General Gawain. Maybe he would eve meet with the man, learing why one of the Four Riders left his post so early. With that new information, he thanked the serving girl, tucked in his pipe and set off for another town where, he knew, he was going to be needed of his services. There was always some place that did.

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