Drunken Stupor

AN: yay! More smut! Geez... this is fun to write... ^^~ helps me clear my head and work on my real stuff! ^^

WARNING: Graphic yaoi smut. If anyone doesn't like that (though I don't know why you would be here if you didn't...) hit the back button and be thankful I have a warning here~


Lavi stumbled out of the pub, barely holding up his even less sober friend as they made their way... somewhere.

"Lavi~ you should have told me how wonderful being drunk is sooner~ I feel so ha-hic- happy~"

"I have told you Allen, you were just too chicken~" the redhead slurred, pausing at a corner, trying to figure out if it was his street or not. Why did all the houses look the same?

"Was nooooot~ you weren't persuasive enough~" Allen hiccupped again, giggling at the sound and he slumped against the already off balance Lavi.

"Was too, you were just too scared!" Lavi finally established that yes, this was his street and yes his house was very close so he steered both himself and the teetering white haired teen towards the general direction Lavi thought his house might be in.

"Where we goin'?" Allen looked around in confusion, both ignoring Lavi's comment and becoming aware of his surroundings at the same time.

"My house. I think. Maybe. Not entirely sure."

"We should do something really stupid."

"What?" Lavi looked down at his also very drunk friend with an amused grin.

"We should do something really, really stupid, like have sex on someone's front lawn or something."

"Have sex with who?"

"With each other stupid."

"I'm not stupid! You're drunk!"

"No, you're drunk!"

"Whatever. We could have sex if you want, but I sure as hell am not doing it outside. Too cold. Plus, I have toys at home."

"Oooh~ kinky..." Allen giggled, eyes glazed with drunkenness and lust.

"That's what she said..."

"You're such an idiot Lavi..."

"A sexy idiot!" Lavi half carried Allen up the stairs of the house his grandfather allowed him to live in while he was off traveling the world and fumbled with his keys.

It was an epic battle of key vs. Drunken man, but in the end, human intelligence, even while watered down by alcohol, won out.

Allen turned the key for him.

"Mmm... maybe..." Allen mumbled, giggling slightly at Lavi's pout as he closed the door with his foot.

"Come on, you can crash on the couch for tonight." Lavi started pulling his inebriated friend toward the living room. Lavi thought Allen was hot sure, but even in his drunken stupor he knew screwing your best friend into the mattress wasn't such a good idea, not matter how appealing...

He didn't expect, however that the drunken 19 year old would wrap his arms around the equally drunken 22 year old and press his lips against the older man's neck.


"I thought you said we were going to have sex..." the air around them suddenly felt hotter and Lavi swallowed as Allen's husky voice brushed against his throat.

"I... Allen you're drunk..."

"So are you... why not just let go and have some fun?"

"I... I don't want to take advantage of you..."

"Seeing as you're being a little girl about it, you're the one being taken advantage of." Allen bit down on the soft flesh beneath his lips, smirking triumphantly as Lavi jumped and started to pant slightly.

"I'm not being a girl..." Lavi breathed, the flimsy restraint he had weakening as his hand slid down Allen's back and cupped his perfectly round little ass, squeezing gently. The younger of the two gasped and shivered as he pressed closer to Lavi, enjoying the feeling of the other man's hands on him.

"Well, then prove it Lavi... make me scream." Lavi groaned as Allen nibbled his ear, still whispering seductively as he slowly started nudging Lavi towards the bedroom.

'Who the hell would have thought Allen was a horny drunk?' Lavi thought fleetingly, finally throwing hesitation to the wind and slamming the slender boy against the wall.

"You asked for it Allen..." Lavi growled, capturing the younger teen's lips in a heated kiss. Allen moaning into the kiss as Lavi pulled the pinned boy's thigh up, pressing Allen harder against the wall. Wrapping his leg around Lavi's waist, Allen was suddenly pushed up, feeling Lavi pull his other leg up to wrap around Lavi as he ground him into the wall.

"Lavi..." Allen moaned as the redhead pulled away from his lips to lick and suck on his neck while grinding their hips together, the growing excitement between the two of them mutual.

"I'm not going to do you out here Allen... I like fucking on a bed." Allen gasped as the older boy staggered away from the wall, wrapping strong arms under Allen's firm ass to keep the boy from falling as he stumbled towards the bedroom. Lavi was having a hard time concentrating on where he was going and walked into several tables and random objects as he tottered down the hallway, Allen keeping his lips occupied with a heated kiss. Allen's back finally met Lavi's door and he groaned as the redhead groped for the door knob. They practically fell into the room and Lavi was glad it was only a few steps to his bed.

Allen started pulling at Lavi's shirt as soon as his back made contact with the bed, their kiss, sloppy from alcohol getting more passionate as they freed themselves of their clothing. Lavi pulled off Allen's pants and boxers at the same time, leaving the aroused boy naked and panting on the bed beneath him.

"Lavi... please don't stop!" Allen groaned, trying to pull the redhead back down as he started to move away.

"Not stopping babe, just getting something." Lavi giggled, reaching to his nightstand and swearing lightly as he rummaged through it. Finally he produced a bottle of lube and a length of rope.

"What are those for?" Allen's glazed eyes stared at the rope in confusion, his lust and alcohol hazed mind not making the connection between the lube the rope and himself.

"You'll see~" Lavi giggles again as he finishes undressing himself and straddled Allen. The boy's cheeks were flushed red from both his drinking and embarrassment at being naked under the man he had a crush on for so long... Lavi took his hands and bound them together with the rope and hooked them over the bedpost.

"Wh-what are you doing Lavi?"

"Making it kinky~" Lavi murmured, grinning as he started to lube up his fingers.

"Kinky huh?" Allen pulled on the ropes experimentally, unsure if he was pleased with the fact he couldn't move much. When fingers suddenly started brushing teasingly against his entrance he tensed, biting his lip as Lavi leaned forward, kissing his neck gently.

"Relax Allen, I'll make it feel really good..." Lavi kissed up his neck and face until their lips met and he started distracting Allen from the feeling of fingers tracing around a place Allen hadn't allowed anyone to touch before.

"Okay..." Allen whimpered as Lavi finally slid his finger past the tight ring of muscle and slowly started exploring. The slightly sober part of the redheads mind screamed at him, saying that he was royally fucking things up but all the rest of Lavi's mind could focus on was stretching Allen so he could fuck him. the second finger slid in and Allen gasped, writhing under Lavi's gentle exploration of his body, arching his back as Lavi scissored him, pumping those slick fingers in and out of him. Allen's breathy moans and the way his hips bucked almost against his will were turning Lavi on like a tap as he placed quick, hot, feather light kisses along his lover's torso. The younger pulled on the ropes holding his arms in place, almost desperate to touch the man who was giving him so much pleasure but his bonds held fast.

"St-stop teasing..." he begged, moaning as Lavi licked his nipple while slowly inserting the third finger.

"But teasing is so fun..." Lavi swirled his tongue around the hardened bud and was rewarded with another cry from Allen as he arched into the hot touch.

"Please Lavi... I can't take it... please..." Allen moaned loudly, his whole body tensing as Lavi brushed against that little bundle of nerves inside him. Lavi grinned at Allen's reaction and aimed for that spot again, enjoying the strangled cry Allen let out as he pressed against it.

"G-god... Lavi please! More!" Allen pulled at the rope, desperately wanting to touch Lavi but getting off at not having the freedom at the same time. The redhead looked up at Allen from where his mouth was still teasing Allen's panting chest with an almost mischievous look in his emerald eye. Without a word, Lavi started kissing downwards, his tongue darting out to lap at the smooth skin randomly and Allen groaned, following Lavi's slow trail down his body.

"I've got a little surprise for you Allen..." Allen panted, biting his lip to keep a moan inside as Lavi's breath ghosted across his flesh.

"A... surpri- AH!" Allen cried out, arching his back off the mattress as Lavi took his aching member into his mouth. Lavi's mouth worked over Allen, and the boy stared up at the ceiling with wide eyes as he panted and moaned at Lavi's ministrations. The older male sucked lightly, his hand moving down to his own neglected erection to relieve some of the pressure. The jolt of pressure from the light touch Lavi gave himself was unexpected and he groaned around his mouthful of Allen. The vibrations set Allen over the edge and he came with a hoarse shout into Lavi's mouth.

Lavi swallowed everything he could and smiled up at Allen who stared at him in lust induced awe.

"You taste so sweet Allen," the boy flushed at the sound of Lavi's voice, his arousal returning as the redhead leaned down to lick the cum he hadn't been able to swallow off of Allen's stomach, "Cute."

"Lavi..." Allen whined as the fingers that had been probing inside of him retracted.

"Don't worry Allen, I'm giving you something better than fingers..." Lavi groaned as he coated his manhood with the lube and lined himself up with Allen's entrance. The younger male shivered as the head of Lavi's cock brushed against him.

"You ready for this?" Lavi breathed, barely able to keep himself from snapping his hips forward and plunging himself into the silky heat that was ghosting over him. Allen's legs came up, wrapped around Lavi's waist and pulled his hips forward, burying Lavi to the hilt of his cock inside Allen's body. They both cried out in pleasure and in pain as Lavi was sheathed inside of Allen's tight heat. Lavi bent over Allen, burying his face in the crook of his shoulder as he panted, trying to keep his hips still so Allen could get used to the intrusion.


"I know... Shhh its okay," Lavi murmured as he brushed away a stray tear running down Allen's pale cheek, "I'll make it feel good..." one of Lavi's hands slid down to Allen's aching member and rubbed it gently, groaning as Allen arched and tightened the muscles around him.



"Move!" Allen pressed against Lavi and the redhead bit his lip to keep the moan in.

"y-you sure?" Lavi breathed, trying to stop the small movements he was making inside of Allen as the younger boy thrust himself against him.

"Now!" Lavi groaned and pulled halfway out before slamming back into Allen, starting a steady rhythm as he moved in and out of Allen's hot body. Allen's wrists pulled at the ropes hard enough to start to bruise those pale wrists so Lavi reached up and pulled at the knot until it came undone so the boy could finally touch Lavi.

"G-god..." Lavi moaned as the boy's dull nails dragged down his back. Allen's sweet voice rang out, his moans and pants getting louder and more frequent as Lavi drove himself deeper into the smaller body beneath him. Lavi could tell Allen wasn't going to last much longer, even if it felt like he hadn't been inside that beautiful, perfect body for any amount of time, so he let all restraint go, hoping the would be able to cum together.

"M'close Allen... real close..." Allen arched up, meeting Lavi's movements and tightening the muscles around Lavi as the red head hit a spot inside him that made him see stars.

"L-Lavi!!" he cried out, coming hard after Lavi struck that spot a couple more times. The redhead groaned as Allen tightened almost painfully around him and with a cry he came after a few more thrusts into Allen. They both collapsed to the bed together, panting in unison as they rode out their post-orgasm high. Allen snuggled close to Lavi as he pulled the blankets over them.

"I love you Lavi..." he mumbled, his voice slurring slightly but whether it was from sleep or alcohol, Lavi didn't know, but he didn't care.

"I love you too Allen..."

He would enjoy this moment, and not worry about the headache and heartbreak he would and could face in the morning.