"Don't ask. Written when I was bored and alone


I HATED school. So much I could have seen myself burning it to the ground.

My life sucked and I'd been to the hospital many times for trying to kill myself.

I'm crazy.

It had been proven by almost all of the doctors in Forks yet I still went to school there.

My name is Bella Swan and I wanted to die.


Because I was betrayed. This was a long time ago but the pain never went away. For 3 years I've waited for thr day I would stop my heart from beating but I always get caught.

Then they rush me to Forks General.

I was betrayed at the age of 14, by my best friend. He told me we'd stick together in high school. That we'd watch out for each other.


I remember that day. I walked into school to see him with the jocks. Seniors and juniors. I walked up to him and he glared at me.

"What the hell do you want?" He had snapped in my face. Everyone laughed. I took off running.

I didn't bother looking at him for the rest of the day. But then rumors flew.

He needed an explanation for why he yelled at me and I cried. So he decided to give them his own.

"We kinda...had some fun last year...she's not understanding the 1 time deal concept."


He told everyone we slept together. My best friend turned on me in one day. But that wasn't enough.

He began to make it as if it really happened. We had one class together 1! I go to ask him about the homework. He screams in my face.

"DO YOU NOT GET IT! We're over never again!" That happened at lunch. Everyone heard and saw my tears. They thought I was crying because i was rejected. NO.

It was because he had completely turned on me.

Soon after I was picked on by him and his friends. Girls threatened me if I were to go near his path. I was alone.

Then finally I cracked.

I began to cut myself on my arms and drink. I would cut gym so no one would see the cuts.

This was my routine for 3 years.

Wake up; get razor; slash wrists; get dressed; go to school; get made fun of; go and cut myself again; cut class; go home.

Then one day it was raining. I have no car and I live far I was surprised to see his car pull up next to me.

"Would you like a ride home Bella?" I shook my head and looked again at him.

"N-not from you" He looked down and back at me.

"Please Bella" He looked...14 again and guilty. I closed my eyes and went into his car. He started down the road.

"Bella..." He started but stopped just as quick. My heart stopped and I glanced at my lost friend.

"What Edward? Tell me." He looked at me and held my gaze.

"I'm sorry Bella. So sorry." He had whispered. Eyes filled with tears mine had too.

"Bella I'm sorry. I've been sorry for 3 years Bella. I never meant to hurt you. I was stupid...so sorry. I just...was so stupid. I didn't think. Hurting you was the biggest mistake I will ever make Bella. Bella I...I love you. I never...I always have. I was scared to admit it then. We were so young. So I hurt you instead. I'm sorry Bella."

My tears brimmed over as did his. Then I looked at ahead at the road.

"Edward watch out!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Edward swerved and it was dark.

It's been a year since that night.

The night I found out the truth.

The night Edward Cullen died.

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