Harry sighed as he set the last box down and stretched. He had been unpacking all day and cursing the fact that he wasn't allowed to use magic to do it. Fleur told him since they were living in a muggle town they would do things the muggle way. Both he and Bill groaned and cursed slightly as they set about moving everything into the modest two level, four bed, three bath house while Fleur and Luna sat to the side and played with Teddy. Three hours later everything was in the house and set up in a semi decent way.

Harry cracked his back as he looked around his new room. It was a decent size, 14' x 14' with a 7' x 7' alcove for his desk and bookcase. He had a queen size bed that was already set up and only had to be made that was pushed up against the wall across from bay window with a built in window seat. Luna's room was exactly the same and Bill and Fleur's room was easily the largest. Teddy's room, which was across from Harry's, was 10' x 12', a decent size for a two month old with a lot of stuff.

Yawning slightly, the seventeen year old fell down onto his bed and closed his eyes tiredly. After the final battle, he had thought a lot about what he wanted to do and what he didn't want to. One of the things he didn't was get back with Ginny. Everybody had expected him to get back with her and eventually get married. And he did, at one point. But the thought of spending his life with her made him shudder and decline her request to become her boyfriend again. That caused an uproar in the Weasley family, excluding Bill and Charlie. Molly couldn't decide between sobbing or yelling, so she settled for both. Arthur looked at him in disappointment, and Ron... Ron raged and yelled and screamed until he was blue in the face, proclaiming that 'now that your a big hero, you don't want to be seen with us' or 'he'd like to see him try to find someone better than his little sister'. Ginny was sobbing into a handkerchief while Hermione tutted and made no move to hide her disapproval. The last straw was when he caught Ginny trying to spike his drink with Amortentia. He had snatched the vial from her and then proceeded to rage at her before storming off and packing his belongings and floo to Shell cottage, where he had an open invite from Bill and Fleur.

He spent the next few weeks with them before they all decided to move somewhere, out of Europe. They spent a fair amount of time looking for the perfect place when, of course, it was Luna, who was over visiting at the time, who found it. Forks, Washington, in the Olympic Peninsula, whatever that was. She had even decided to go with them. Her father was all for it, too. He thought it would do her some good to go someplace new. The found a house within two days and moved the next. Harry and Luna enrolled in the local high school for the next year, coming in as junior and senior, respectively. The American Congress of Magic supplied them with potions that helped them all learn everything they needed to know, and the papers that allowed them to actually go to school and get jobs as well as proclaiming them American citizens.

Groaning, Harry sat up from his bed and stood when he heard Fleur yell for him from downstairs. Stretching again, he trudged out of his room and stumbled slightly down the stairs, yawning as he went. "'Arry, 'ave you finished with your room?"

"If by finished you mean I have all my things in it, then yes, I have."

Bill chuckled from where he was hanging pictures, muggle of course. Luna didn't even bother looking up from where she was playing with Teddy, a look of utmost seriousness on her face. Fleur sighed and looked up from where she was hanging curtains. "Mon dieu, 'Arry. Go and get some sleep. We cannot 'ave you collapsing on us again. Go. Here are your bed sheets," she handed him a pack that contained his sheets and such before shooing him upstairs again. "Go, sleep. Let me know if you need any Dreamless Sleep."

Harry made to protest before Bill cut in, "You had better do as she says. You know how she gets."

The short brunette nodded and trudged back upstairs. He swiftly made his bed before shucking off his clothes, leaving him in boxers and falling into his bed and falling fast asleep.


The first day of school for Harry and Luna came around too soon. They found themselves parked in the school parking lot, sitting in Harry's new car. He had finally splurged on himself for the first time in his life and bought himself a black 2005 Mustang GT. "Come on, Tic, let's get this over with."

Luna nodded, getting out of the car and looked around in her familiar dazed way. "Of course, Harry. Though be prepared for a surprise today."

He gave her a sharp look, but when she didn't elaborate, he shrugged and went with it. She always did that to him and he had gotten used to it. Though many people would have though she was weird, he knew differently. Luna was a seer. Not like that fraud Trelawney, but a real one. Though she rarely made prophecies, she could see definite futures, ones that took into consideration any spur of the moment decisions. "What ever you say, Tic."

He led the way to the main office, ignoring any stares along the way. He was used to them anyway. And two new students would attract a lot of attention in a small school like this one, especially ones that looked like them. Luna with her long dirty blonde hair and large silver eyes. Her fashion didn't change in the least either. She wore her favorite turnip earrings and bottle cap necklace. Her clothes raised a few eyebrows as well. A bright blue turtle neck sweater, rainbow colored, knee length skirt with red leggings and yellow galoshes. When Harry saw her that morning, he looked at her with fond exasperation.

Harry, himself, wore a pair of dark blue jeans, a black tee with a deep green long sleeve button up over top and a pair of black converse. He looked relatively normal next to Luna, if you discount his pale features, almond shaped emerald green eyes that were no longer obstructed by glasses, shoulder length black hair and rather distinctive scar. That and is unimpressive height of 5'5".

They made it to the office without any disturbances and walked in. "Excuse us, miss?"

The secretary looked up rather startled. "Yes, hello. Can I help you?"

"Yes, we're the new students. Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood. It's our first day."

"Oh, of course. How could I forget. Yes, let's see," she turned to her computer and started to type something in, "Yes, a senior and a junior. Well, let's just print out your schedules and get everything set up for you."

They spent the next few minutes getting everything situated before she sent them off with a map of the school. Harry gazed at it and grinned at Luna, "This has nothing on Hogwarts."

Luna let out a chime like giggle, "Of course not, Harry. Nothing does."

They sat down at one of the picnic tables that surrounded the front of the school and studied their schedules. It took them less than five minutes to memorize them and where their classes were located. It seemed that they had the same classed everyday for the rest of the school year. The first class that Harry had was Calculus while Luna had English. "I'll see you after school at the car, then?" asked Harry.

"Of course. Have fun in your first class. And don't mind the person your sitting next to. They don't mean it."

Harry blinked at her as she stood and strolled to her class. He shook his head and went to his. Walking down the hall, most all eyes were trained on him, though they thought it they were being discreet about it. Needless to say, they were failing miserably. An annoyed sigh escaped from parted lips as he slipped into his class. Fortunately, he wasn't the last, nor the first there, so it wasn't all that awkward. He handed the slip that the secretary gave him to his professor. 'Teacher, Harry, teacher. Not professor.' "Ah, Potter is it?"

"Yes, sir."

"I'm Mr. Craven. Why don't you take a seat in the back by the window? It seems to be the only free one."

Nodded, Harry went towards it, ignoring everyone around him and pulling out a notebook to use. People were 'subtly' trying to get his attention, but he pretended not to notice. The only time he did look up from his doodling was when somebody sat next to him. The first he noticed was that the teen was pale. Paler than anyone he had ever seen. The next thing was that he was impossibly beautiful. Almost Veela like. But Veela was ruled out since a majority of them lived in and around Bulgaria and France. Very few, if any, moved anywhere out of Europe. His hair was bronze in color and stylishly disheveled, unlike his own when it was short. He was slender, like Harry, but had more muscle. The last thing that caught his attention was his eyes, which were a rather enticing shade of topaz. He took all this in in the short amount of time that he looked up from his 'artwork'.

Turning back, he took what Luna said to heart when the look on the teens face turn from curious to hostile. He'd find out why that was later. Right now he had to pay attention to what the teacher was saying lest he fall behind on his first day.


By the time lunch rolled around, the green eyed teen found himself wanting to resurrect Voldemort and let him off him. Nixing the idea of eating in the lunch room, he went outside sat against the wall. Feeling the headache that was throbbing at this temples, he reached into his bag and pulled out a vial of dark blue headache potion and downed it with a grimace. Sighing in relief, he pulled out the sandwich Fleur made him, courtesy of Luna, along with a book he had been meaning to start and took a bite. Opening to the first page, he lost himself in the world the Catcher in the Rye.

By the time the bell rang, he had finished three chapters and was well on his way through the fourth. Sighing, he put the bookmark in place and went off towards chemistry. The last few classes of the day were rather boring. Chemistry was so simple he barely paid any attention. Potions applied the same concept and he had been studying it for over six years. After that was art, something he hadn't taken since grade school. Then there was French class. He really didn't have to take it, but he needed something to fill up the free period so he chose something easy. He silently thanked Fleur for teaching him.

Classes ended and Harry headed for his car, finding Luna waiting next it is, staring dazed at the sky. "What's got you so distracted?"

"I think there might be a swarm of Fluttering Flugswigs hiding in the forest. They seem to be thriving in this climate."

"Ah. Do we need to pick up anything to protect against them?" he knew better to brush off what ever she said.

"No. We're safe from them. Let's go home then."

They climbed into the car and drove home.


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